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Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers | ME MCQ (Updated 2021)

Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers

If you are preparing for engineering based examination, then must check updated Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers. ME MCQ are basically based on different topics like physics, engineering, material science. With the help of Mechanical Engineering questions and solutions, any candidates can prepare for ME exam. So, look below at Mechanical Engineering MCQ Online Test.

Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers

Q1: According to principle of conservation of energy, the total momentum of a system of masses in any direction remains constant unless acted upon by an external force in that direction.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer: 2

Q2: The friction experienced by a body, when in motion, is known as

  1. rolling friction
  2. dynamic friction
  3. limiting friction
  4. static friction

Answer: 2

Q3: The term ‘force’ may be defined as an agent which produces or tends to produce, destroys or tends to destroy motion.

  1. Agree
  2. Disagree

Answer: 1

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Q4: The coefficient of restitution for elastic bodies is one.

  1. Correct
  2. Incorrect

Answer: 2

Q5: A vertical column has two moments of inertia (i.e. Ixx and Iyy ). The column will tend to buckle in the direction of the

  1. axis of load
  2. perpendicular to the axis of load
  3. maximum moment of inertia
  4. minimum moment of inertia

Answer: 4

Q6: The neutral axis of the cross-section a beam is that axis at which the bending stress is

  1. zero
  2. minimum
  3. maximum
  4. infinity

Answer: 1

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Q7: Euler’s formula holds good only for

  1. short columns
  2. long columns
  3. both short and long columns
  4. weak columns

Answer: 2

Q8: The object of caulking in a riveted joint is to make the joint

  1. free from corrosion
  2. stronger in tension
  3. free from stresses
  4. leak-proof

Answer: 4

Q9: The value of bulk modulus of a fluid is required to determine

  1. Reynold’s number
  2. Froude’s number
  3. Mach number
  4. Euler’s number

Answer: 3

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Q10: In one dimensional flow, the flow

  1. is steady and uniform
  2. takes place in straight line
  3. takes place in curve
  4. takes place in one direction

Answer: 2

Q11: Power required to drive a centrifugal pump is directly proportional to __________ of its impeller.

  1. diameter
  2. square of diameter
  3. cube of diameter
  4. fourth power of diameter

Answer: 4

Q12: The overshot water wheels are those in which the wheel runs entirely by the __________ of water.

  1. weight
  2. impulse

Answer: 1

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Q13: In a Kaplan turbine runner, the number of blades are generally between

  1. 2 to 4
  2. 4 to 8
  3. 8 to l6
  4. 16 to 24

Answer: 2

Q14: Segmental chips are formed during machining

  1. mild steel
  2. cast iron
  3. high speed steel
  4. high carbon steel

Answer: 2

Q15: If the diameter of the hole is subject to considerable variation, then for locating in jigs and fixtures, the pressure type of locator used is

  1. conical locator
  2. cylindrical locator
  3. diamond pin locator
  4. vee locator

Answer: 1

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Q16: Internal gears can be made by

  1. hobbing
  2. shaping with pinion cutter
  3. shaping with rack cutter
  4. milling

Answer: 2

Q17: The motion of the cam is transferred to the valves through

  1. pistons
  2. rocker arms
  3. camshaft pulley
  4. valve stems

Answer: 2

Q18: Which of the following symptom is caused as a result of brake disc run out ?

  1. Ineffectiveness of the brakes
  2. Judder during braking
  3. Localized wearing of the brake pads
  4. Rapid wearing of the brake pads

Answer: 2

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Q19: A zinc diffusion process is called

  1. galvanising
  2. anodising
  3. parkerising
  4. sherardizing

Answer: 4

Q20: The type of file used for a wood work is

  1. single-cut file
  2. double cut file
  3. rasp-cut file
  4. any one of these

Answer: 3

Q21: The compressed air may be used

  1. in gas turbine plants
  2. for operating pneumatic drills
  3. in starting and supercharging of I.C. engines
  4. all of the above

Answer: 4

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Q22: A rocket works with maximum overall efficiency when air-craft velocity is __________ the jet velocity.

  1. equal to
  2. one-half
  3. double

Answer: 2

Q23: The volumetric efficiency for reciprocating air compressors is about

  1. 10 to 40%
  2. 40 to 60%
  3. 60 to 70%
  4. 70 to 90%

Answer: 4

Q24: The maximum temperature in a gas turbine is

  1. 200°C
  2. 500°C
  3. 700°C
  4. 1000°C

Answer: 3

Q25: The stagnation pressure rise in a centrifugal compressor takes place

  1. in the diffuser only
  2. in the impeller only
  3. in the diffuser and impeller
  4. in the inlet guide vanes only

Answer: 3

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About Mechanical engineering:

Mechanical engineering is one of the foremost professional programme in which emphasize is made on study of working mechanisms of heavy tools and machineries. There are employment opportunities for diploma holders in Mechanical Engineering.

This programme covers aspects like design & testing of machinery etc. To know more about Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers, go through this page modified by team of

Mechanical Engineering MCQs:

Mechanical Engineering MCQ Questions And Answers are well listed on this page. Refer latest Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers & increase your knowledge.  The application of mechanical engineering is visible in archives of various ancient and medieval societies also. In order to score good marks in ME Exam, you may refer these Questions and Answers. Practice online speed test to manage time for this section.

Final words:

This is all about Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers. Aspirants may stay tuned with our portal for getting more updates about recruitment, results & others.

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