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Mensuration Questions and Answers | Imp SSC/Railways Aptitude Ques

Mensuration Questions

Get Questions based on Mensuration Topic from here, as this topic is counted in one of the important parts of Aptitude section. Mensuration Questions and Answers are available here for preparation of SSC/Railways/Banks and other competitive examinations. Practice from the given Mensuration Questions, as it will help you in increasing the score of numerical ability section at the time of examination.

The topic Mensuration is considered as an essential one, when it comes to preparation for Quantitative Aptitude section. So, individuals must solve out these given Mensuration Questions and know their performance level.

Mensuration Questions

Answers for these questions are available at the end.

Question 1) A wheel can travel 22 km. in 100 rounds. Find the radius of that wheel.

(A) 42 mtr

(B) 28 mtr.

(C) 35 mtr

(D) 49 mtr

Question 2) A rectangular plot has the ratio of 5:3 between length and breath. If the perimeter of the plot is 320 mtr, what’s the area of the plot?

(A) 6000

(B) 12000

(C) 4500

(D) 18000

Question 3) Area of a rectangle is 4 times than that of a square. Breath of rectangle is 12cm. and length of side of square. What is the length of the side of square?

(A) 10 cm

(B) 12 cm

(C) 14 cm

(D) 16 cm

Question 4) Ratio between the length and breadth of a rectangular field is 9:4. Rs.14400 are spent on the implantation of grass on this field. If the rate of implantation is Rs. 4 per meter square. What is the breath of the field?

(A) 38 mtr

(B) 48 mtr

(C) 42 mtr

(D) 40 mtr

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Question 5) A carpet is to be laid in a room of 12m ×8m. measurement. Breath of the carpet is 3m. What should be the length of this carpet?

(A) 34 mtr

(B) 32 mtr

(C) 36 mtr

(D) 40 mtr

Question 6) Base of a right-angle triangle is 9 cm and its area is 81 sq cm. Find its height.

(A) 36 cm

(B) 9 cm

(C) 27 cm

(D) None of these

Question 7) Poles are to be created along the boundary of a rectangular field in such a way that distance between any two adjacent poles is 1.5 metres. The perimeter of the field is 21 metres and length and the breadth are in the ratio of 4:3 respectively. How many poles will be required?

(A) 14

(B) 16

(C) 15

(D) 20

Question 8) The length of a rectangle, which is 25 cm is equal to the length of a square and the area of the rectangle is 125 square cm less than the area of the square. What is the breadth of the rectangle?

(A) 15 cm

(B) 20 cm

(C) 12 cm

(D) 14 cm

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Question 9) If the length of a rectangle is increased by 20% and the breadth is decreased by 10%. What will be the effect on its area?

(A) 8% increase

(B) 8% decrease

(C) 2% increase

(D) 2% decrease

Question 10) If area of a circular jogging track is 3850 sq.metres, What is the circumference of the jogging track?

(A) 225 metres

(B) 214 metres

(C) 220 metres

(D) 235 metres

Question 11) Ratio between areas of two squares is 36:25. What would be the ratio between their perimeter.

(A) 5:4

(B) 6:5

(C) 4:6

(D) 8:7

Question 12) A cow is tied with a 14 ft. long rope in the centre of a field. If the cow can graze the grass of 100 ft2 area per day, what will be the time taken by the cow in grazing the grass of whole field?

(A) 2 Days

(B) 18 Days

(C) 24 Days

(D) 6 Days

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Question 13) Ratio of length, breath and height of a room is 5:4:2. Area of four wall is 144 square meter. Find diagonal of the floor.

(A) 2√41 mtr

(B) 3√41 mtr

(C) 2√42 mtr

(D) 2√41 mtr

Question 14) Diagonal of a square is 12√2. Find the ratio between the area of this square and that of square drawn on diagonal.

(A) 2:1

(B) 1:1

(C) 1:2

(D) 1:3

Question 15) Length and breadth of a rectangular field is 140 m. and respectively. Poles have to be fixed around this field at the distance of 5 m. How many such poles are required?

(A) 88

(B) 40

(C) 92

(D) 41

Question 16) Length of a rectangle is 53 metre, while its breath is 28 metre. Cost of covering it with grass bed is Rs.27 sq meter. Find total expenditure?

(A) Rs. 40,098

(B) Rs. 40,048

(C) Rs. 40,058

(D) None of these

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Question 17) Difference between the circumferences of two circles is 132 cm and radius of the smaller circle is 14 cm. Find the radius of the larger circle?

(A) 14 cm

(B) 21 cm

(C) 30 cm

(D) None of these

Question 18) The ratio of length and breadth of rectangle is 5:2 respectively. The respective ratio of its perimeter and area is 1:3 (irrespective of the unit). What is the length of the rectangle?

(A) 27 units

(B) 32 units

(C) 21 units

(D) None of these

Question 19) The area of a rectangle with 10 cm length is equal to the area of a circle. Find the circumference of the circle.

(A) 36 cm

(B) 34 cm

(C) 26 cm

(D) Cannot be determined

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Question 20) The ratio of length and breadth of a rectangular plot is 71:16 respectively. The area of the plot is 17324 sq.metres. What is the perimeter of the plot?

(A) 284 metres

(B) 528 metres

(C) 264 metres

(D) 614 metres


Ans1) (C)Ans11) (B)
Ans2) (A)Ans12) (D)
Ans3) (B)Ans13) (A)
Ans4) (D)Ans14) (C)
Ans5) (B)Ans15) (C)
Ans6) (D)Ans16) (D)
Ans7) (A)Ans17) (D)
Ans8) (B)Ans18) (C)
Ans9) (A)Ans19) (D)
Ans10) (C)Ans20) (B)

Candidates must solve out these Mensuration Questions and match up their solutions with the given answers. Individuals can remain in touch with us by bookmarking our web portal for more similar updates.

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