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Important River Valley Projects in India | Multipurpose नदी घाटी परियोजनाएं

River Valley Projects in India

River Valley Projects involves the construction of a very large dam or a series of dams, so as to control the floods, for electricity generation and for fulfilling irrigation. These River Valley Projects in India are also encourages our industrial growth. List of Important River Valley Projects in India is given below in tabular form.

Multipurpose River Valley Projects in India:

Earlier, dams were constructed so as to store rain water but now through the construction of River Valley Projects, their use is becoming multipurpose. Now, dams are constructed for agricultural development, fish breeding and for electricity purpose also.

List of Important River Valley Projects in India:

ProjectRiverRelated State
Bansagar ProjectSonBihar
Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Bargi ProjectBargiMadhya Pradesh
Beas ProjectBeasHaryana
Bhadra ProjectBhadraKarnataka
Bhakhra Nangal ProjectSutlejPunjab,
Himachal Pradesh ,
Bheema ProjectPawanaMaharashtra
Chambal ProjectChambalRajasthan
Madhya Pradesh
Damodar Ghati ProjectDamodarJharkhand
West Bengal
Dulhasti ProjectChinabJammu & Kashmir
Durga Barrage ProjectDamodarWest Bengal
Farakka ProjectGanga, BhagirathiWest Bengal
Gandak ProjectGandakiBihar, Uttar Pradesh
Ganga Sagar ProjectChambalMadhya Pradesh
Ghatprabha ProjectGhatprabhaKarnataka
Girna ProjectGirnaMaharashtra
Hansdev Bango ProjectHansdevMadhya Pradesh
Hidkal ProjectGhatprabhaKarnataka
Hirakud ProjectMahanadiOrissa
Idduki ProjectPeriyarKerala
Indira Gandhi Canal ProjectSatlajRajasthan
Jawahar Sagar ProjectChambalRajasthan
Jayakwadi ProjectGodawariMaharashtra
Kakrapara ProjectTaptiGujrat
Kangsawati ProjectKangsawatiWest Bengal
Kol Dam ProjectSutlajHimachal Pradesh
Kosi ProjectKosiBihar & Nepal
Koyana ProjectKoyana Maharashtra
Krishna ProjectKrishnaKarnataka
Kunda ProjectKundaTamilnadu
Let Bank Ghaghra CanalGanagaUttar Pradesh
Madhya Ganaga CanalGanagaUttar Pradesh
Mahanadi Delta ProjectMahanadiOdisha
Malprabha ProjectMalprabhaKarnataka
Mandi ProjectVyasHimachal Pradesh
Matatilla ProjectBetwaUttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Mayurakshi Project MayurakshiWest Bengal
Minimato Bango Hasdeo ProjectHasdeo Bango riverMadhya Pradesh
Muchkund ProjectMuchkundOdisha
Andhra Pradesh
Nagarjunsagar ProjectKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
Nagpur Power ProjectKoradiMaharashtra
Narmada Sagar ProjectNarmadaMadhya Pradesh
Nathpa Jhakri ProjectSutlajHimachal Pradesh
Panam ProjectPanamGujarat
Panama ProjectPanamaGujarat
Panchet ProjectDamodarJharkhand
West Bengal
Pong ProjectBeasPunjab
Poochampad ProjectGodawariAndhra Pradesh
Purna ProjectPurnaMaharashtra
Rajasthan Canal ProjectSutlej, Vyas, RaviRajasthan
Ramganga ProjectRamgangaUttar Pradesh
Rana Pratap Sagar ProjectChambalRajsthan
Ranjeet Sagar ProjectRaviPunjab
Rihand ProjectRihandUttar Pradesh
Salal ProjectChenabJammu & Kashmir
Sardar Sarovar ProjectNarmadaMadhya Pradesh
Sarhind ProjectSutlajHaryana
Sharawati ProjectSharawatiKarnataka
Sharda ProjectSharda, GomtiUttar Pradesh
Shivsamundram ProjectKaveriKarnataka
Sutlaj ProjectChinabJammu & Kashmir
Tawa ProjectTawaMadhya Pradesh
Tehri Dam ProjectBhagirathiUttarakhand
Tilaiya ProjectBarakarJharkhand
Tulbul ProjectChinabJammu & Kashmir
Tungbhadra ProjectTungbhadraAndhra Pradesh.
Ukai ProjectTaptiGujarat
Upper Penganga ProjectPenangaMaharashtra
Uri Power ProjectJhelumJammu & Kashmir
Vyas ProjectVyasRajasthan
Himachal Pradesh

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नदी घाटी परियोजनाएं:

नदी घाटी परियोजनाएं का उद्देश्य यह है की नदीघाटी के भीतर जितना जल और थल है उसका मानव के हित्त को रखकर सही तरीके से उपयोग करना| नदी घाटी परियोजनाओं के अंतर्गत, नदी की घाटी पर बाँध बना दिए जाते है, जिससे ऊर्जा, सिंचाई की सुविधाएं प्राप्त  होती है|

River Valley Projects in India

Top 10 Multipurpose River Valley Projects in India:

(1) Damodar Valley Project:

Damodar Valley Project was the first development project after the country’s independence i.e. after 1947. The main purpose of development behind this dam is to control the flow of flood, generation of power in Jharkhand and West Bengal.

(2) Bhakra-Nangal Project:

This is one of the largest river valley projects of India and is a joint venture of three states i.e. Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. It is the highest gravity dam on Sutlej river i.e. 225.5 m high.

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(3) The Hirakud Project:

This project is on Mahanadi River which was constructed to overcome drought and flood problems in the affected areas of Orissa. Hirakud, Tekarpada and Niraj dams together comprises this world’s largest dam.

(4) The Tungabhadra Project:

This project is a joint venture of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka government. The main objective of this dam is electricity generation and controlling of floods.

(5) The Kosi Project:

The Kosi passes through Bihar and after that it joins Ganges but the rise of Kosi is through Nepal. Two dams were constructed across Kosi, so as to control heavy flooding.

(6) The Rihand Project:

U.P Government is involved in completion of this dam. This dam is constructed across Rihand River in Mirzapur District having essential broadcasting lines.

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(7) The Chambal Project:

This project is a joint venture of the governments of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. This project is also involved in the construction of two other dams. The first one is Gandhi Sagar Dam in Madhya Pradesh and second one is Jawahar Sagar (Kotah) Dam in Rajasthan.

(8) The Gandak Project:

An agreement was signed on 4th December, 1959 between India and Nepal for this project. The two Indian states involved in this project are Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Also, Nepal takes the benefits of power and irrigation through this project.

(9) The Nagarjun Sagar Project:

The inauguration of this dam was on 4th August, 1967 and is situated near Nalgonda district in Andhra Pradesh, so as to utilize the water of Krishna River. This dam also supplies water to various districts for irrigation purpose.

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(10) The Beas Project:

The Beas Project consists of two units i.e. Beas-Sutlej Link and Beas Dam at Pong. As there is a growing demand of irrigation and increasing need for electricity, so this dam is constructed as a potential source for other multi­purpose projects also. This project is also the extension of Bhakra-Nangal project.

Important River Valley Projects in India complete list is mentioned on this page by the team members of Also read about in brief about the Top 10 Multipurpose River Valley Projects of India.

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