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Sentence Correction Questions – Verbal Ability Competitive Exams Ques

Sentence Correction Questions

In Competitive Exams, various questions based on Sentence Correction topic are asked to know the proficiency level of contenders. Sentence Correction Questions of Verbal Ability section are given here, so that candidates can do preparation before appearing in the actual examination.

These given Sentence Correction Questions and Answers will be helpful for you while doing preparation of entrance/competitive examinations. Candidates need to choose the correct answer from the given list of options. You can also match out your selected options with the answers mentioned at the last section of this page.

Sentence Correction Questions

Answers for these questions are available at the end.

Question 1) Why should the candidates be afraid of English Language is not clear.

  1. the candidates should be
  2. do the candidates be
  3. should be the candidates
  4. are the candidates
  5. No correction required

Question 2) He admired the speed with which he completed the work and appreciating the method adopted by him

  1. appreciate the method being adopted
  2. appreciated the method adopted
  3. appreciate the method of adoption
  4. appreciated the method adopting method
  5. No correction required

Question 3) She cooks, washes dishes, does her homework and then relaxing.

  1. relaxing then
  2. then is relaxing
  3. relaxing is then
  4. then relaxes
  5. No correction required

Question 4) He confidentially asked the crowd if they thought he was right and the crowd shouted that they did.

  1. that he did
  2. that they had
  3. that he is
  4. that he didn’t
  5. No correction required

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Question 5) He found the gold coin as he cleans the floor.

  1. as he had cleaned
  2. while he cleans
  3. which he is cleaning
  4. while cleaning
  5. No correction required

Question 6) Maria unnecessarily picked up a quarrel with Rani and left the party hurried.

  1. has picked up
  2. picked on
  3. picked
  4. picking up
  5. No correction required

Question 7) Acquisition of certain specific skills can be facilitated from general awareness, education to novel situations

  1. can be facilitated by
  2. may facilitate through
  3. can be felicitated with
  4. may be felicitated with
  5. No correction required

Question 8) Technology must use to feed the forces of change.

  1. must be used to feed
  2. must have been using to feed
  3. must use having fed
  4. must be using to feed
  5. No correction required

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Question 9) They are not beware of all the facts

  1. are not aware for
  2. are not aware of
  3. are not to be aware
  4. must not to be aware for
  5. No correction required

Question 10) What does agonise me most is not this criticism, but the trivial reason behind it.

  1. most agonising me
  2. agonises me most
  3. agonising me most
  4. I most agonised
  5. No correction required

Question 11) He never has and ever will take such strong measures.

  1. had taken nor will ever take
  2. had taken and will ever take
  3. has and never will take
  4. had and ever will take
  5. No correction required

Question 12) Anyone interested in the use of computers can learn much if you have access to a personal computer.

  1. they have access
  2. access can be available
  3. he or she has access
  4. one of them have access
  5. No correction required

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Question 13) We cannot always convey ourselves in simple sentences.

  1. cannot always convey
  2. cannot always express
  3. cannot always express
  4. cannot always communicate
  5. No correction required

Question 14) As there was no time, the remaining items were deferred into the next meeting.

  1. are deferred till
  2. were deferred till
  3. were deferred to
  4. had deferred with
  5. No correction required

Question 15) The man who has committed such a serious crime must get the mostly severe punishment.

  1. be getting the mostly severely
  2. get the most severe
  3. have got the most severely
  4. have been getting the severe most
  5. No correction required

Question 16) We don’t know how did the thief made an escape.

  1. how the thief did make
  2. how the thief does make
  3. how the thief made
  4. how was the thief made
  5. No correction required

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Question 17) Their earnings are such that they find it difficult to make both ends to meet.

  1. to makings both ends meet
  2. to make both ends for meeting
  3. to make both ends meet
  4. for making both ends to meet
  5. No correction required

Question 18) Despite of their differences on matters of principles, they all agree on the demand of hike is salary?

  1. Despite their
  2. Despite of the
  3. Despite for their
  4. Despite off their
  5. No correction required

Question 19) For many centuries in Indian History there was no city so famous like the city of Ujjain.

  1. as
  2. such as
  3. likewise
  4. so like
  5. No correction required

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Question 20) He is a singer of repute, but his yesterday’s performance was quite disappointing.

  1. performances of yesterday were
  2. yesterday performance was
  3. yesterday performance were
  4. performances about yesterday were
  5. No correction required


Ans1) 1Ans11) 1
Ans2) 2Ans12) 3
Ans3) 4Ans13) 3
Ans4) 5Ans14) 2
Ans5) 4Ans15) 2
Ans6) 3Ans16) 3
Ans7) 1Ans17) 3
Ans8) 1Ans18) 1
Ans9) 2Ans19) 1
Ans10) 2Ans20) 5

Almost in every examination, Sentence Correction Questions are there in the exam paper. So, prepare well for this topic, as it will help you to get good marks. Individuals can stay in touch with us by bookmarking our web portal and get latest updated exam preparation material.

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