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USSD Full Form क्या होती है ? USSD – जानिए इनकी पूरी जानकारी

USSD Full Form

USSD is abbreviation of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is a type of protocol that is used for communication of text message from one mobile phone to another. As we all know about, Short Message Service (SMS), USSD is just similar to it. Complete details such as USSD Full Form, its usage, working etc is mentioned on the beneath section of this page.

USSD Full Form

  • USSD Full Form in English: Unstructured Supplementary Service Data
  • USSD फुल फॉर्म क्या होती है इन हिंदी: असंरचनात्मक पूरक सेवा डेटा

USSD Details (जानिए USSD की पूरी जानकारी):

For sending message, USSD uses codes that are on the mobile phone. Upto 182 characters, the USSD message can be send up via a communication network/ server from one mobile phone to another device. As long as the line is open, two-way communication is enabled by USSD.

USSD Working:

Here, with an example USSD working is explained:

Suppose a query or a request is generated by a user from a mobile phone related to bank account balance. Then, after sending the request, USSD gateway forwards this query to the USSD application of that user to which request has been sent.

Now, the response is send by the user. Firstly, the response goes to the USSD Gateway and after that response goes to the USSD application of the user which has sent out the request and displays on the screen. Thus, USSD applications does not work on user’s device but they runs on the network.

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USSD Usage:

The usage of USSD is done in several purposes such as Mobile banking, Marketing surveys, confirmations of orders, Network configuration, Callback services, Coupons and vouchers etc

USSD Service is used when we dial a number that starts with * and ends up dialing with #. For example, the service provider will give you a number that you have to dial from your mobile phone that has the registered number. Through this number, you can check out the balance, statements and other necessary details, as USSD codes are connected to bank server.

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Benefits of USSD:

  • The biggest advantage of using USSD is that it will provide you quick information; you don’t have to wait for the details.
  • You don’t need an internet service for running this code. On the other hand, you need to have a smartphone and an internet connection for using bank services.
  • Low income people have the benefit of using this, as they don’t need to buy a smartphone or having an internet service for running this code.

USSD Money Transfer:

With the help of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), users can use mobile banking services without internet and also this code can works on any mobile device.  Users can dial *99# code for using mobile banking.

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The mobile banking USSD Code is used for transferring of funds, bank statements, balance check etc. In 12 languages, you can find this service such as in Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, English and other languages.

All details about Unstructured Supplementary Service Data such as USSD Full Form in Hindi and English and other important details are well structured by the team members of Stay in touch with us for more updates.

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