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100 Vocabulary Words From Letter “A” | English Words List With Meaning

Vocabulary Words From A

The one who understand and speak well in English do not face many problems (as compared to others) in Interview/ Exams/ GD rounds. Vocabulary Words From A and Complete English Words List With Proper Meaning have been listed below, go through and make your speaking skills impressive.

Vocabulary Words from Letter “A”:

The following words has the exact meaning (mentioned in table), you can use them in correct way (where needed) and people will find you and your speaking more attractive than before. You can get the lots of Vocabulary Words from the letter which you want.

Take a look at the underneath section of this web page which is well furnished by the team of and get the list of Vocabulary Words from A. Also download English Words list with Meaning of any Letter by pressing the mentioned links.

Vocabulary Words From A

100 Vocabulary Words From A

Word Meaning
abasecause to feel shame
aberrationa state or condition markedly different from the norm
abhorfind repugnant
abjectmost unfortunate or miserable
abrasivesharply disagreeable, unpleasant, or harsh
abstainrefrain from doing, consuming, or partaking in something
abstractexisting only in the mind
abundantpresent in great quantity
accentuatestress or single out as important
acclimateget used to a certain environment
accomplicea person who joins with another in carrying out some plan
accordconcurrence of opinion
acerbicharsh or corrosive in tone
acmethe highest level or degree attainable
acquiesceagree or express agreement
acquitpronounce not guilty of criminal charges
acrimoniousmarked by strong resentment or cynicism
acuteextremely sharp or intense
adamantimpervious to pleas, persuasion, requests, reason
adepthaving or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude
adherestick to firmly
admonishscold or reprimand; take to task
adornmake more attractive, as by adding ornament or color
adroitquick or skillful or adept in action or thought
adulationexaggerated flattery or praise
adversitya state of misfortune or affliction
advocacyactive support of an idea or cause
aestheticcharacterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste
affablediffusing warmth and friendliness
affinitya close connection marked by community of interests
afflictiona cause of great suffering and distress
affluenthaving an abundant supply of money or possessions of value
aggrandizeembellish; increase the scope, power, or importance of
agilemoving quickly and lightly
agrarianrelating to rural matters
alacrityliveliness and eagerness
alienatearouse hostility or indifference in
allegereport or maintain
allegiancethe act of binding yourself to a course of action
allegorya style that describes a subject by suggestive resemblances
alleviateprovide physical relief, as from pain
alludemake an indirect reference to
aloofremote in manner
altruisticshowing unselfish concern for the welfare of others
ambiguoushaving more than one possible meaning
ambivalentuncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow
amelioratemake better
amiablediffusing warmth and friendliness
amicablecharacterized by friendship and good will
amnestya warrant granting release from punishment for an offense
amorphoushaving no definite form or distinct shape
amplemore than enough in size or scope or capacity
anachronismsomething located at a time when it could not have existed
analogoussimilar or equivalent in some respects
anecdoteshort account of an incident
animositya feeling of ill will arousing active hostility
annihilatekill in large numbers
anomalydeviation from the normal or common order or form or rule
anonymoushaving no known name or identity or known source
antagonisman actively expressed feeling of dislike and hostility
accordconcurrence of opinion
acerbicharsh or corrosive in tone
alleviateprovide physical relief, as from pain
alludemake an indirect reference to
affablediffusing warmth and friendliness
Abandonto leave behind, to give something up, freedom, enthusiasm, impetuosity
Abdicateto reject, renounce, or abandon
Abominateto loathe, to hate
Abrupthappening or ending unexpectedly
Acclaimloud approval, applause
Accruea natural growth, a periodic increase
Allocateset aside, designate, assign
Abridgeto shorten, to limit
Abstemioussparing in use of food or drinks
Abstrusehard to understand, deep, recondite
Acquiesceto agree without protest
Adulationpraise in excess
AffableFriendly, amiable, good-natured
Agrarianof the land
Alchemyany mysterious change of substance or nature
Alleviateto lessen or make easier
Amalgamateto mix, merge, combine
AnalogySimilarity, correlation, parallelism
Anchoragesomething that can be relied on
antecedentsomeone from whom you are descended
anthropomorphicsuggesting human features for animals or inanimate things
anticipatebe excited or anxious about
antipathya feeling of intense dislike
antitheticalsharply contrasted in character or purpose
apathyan absence of emotion or enthusiasm
aptitudeinherent ability
arbitrarybased on or subject to individual discretion or preference
arcanerequiring secret or mysterious knowledge
archaicso extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period
archetypesomething that serves as a model
ardentcharacterized by intense emotion
arduouscharacterized by effort to the point of exhaustion
aristocraticbelonging to or characteristic of the nobility
artificea deceptive maneuver, especially to avoid capture

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