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50 Vocabulary Words With The Letter V and Meaning–Check Complete List

Words With The Letter V

Words With The Letter V have a bit twist. Check Complete List of 50 Vocabulary Words With The Letter V and Meaning provided below and notice that many of them end with the suffix -ous, which means “full of” or “having qualities of.”

A good vocabulary not only helps you in writing and speaking better English, but it also helps you in expressing your thoughts in a better way. It will also help you in scoring better marks in various competitive exams.

“V” Letter Words and Meaning

Words With The Letter V makes the speech or text more enjoyable to read or hear. There are some word with “V” also that describe the favorable and unfavorable qualities of a person, event or place.

Now when you have a list of 50 Vocabulary Words With The Letter V in your pocket from below page well customized by the team members of you can practice these in your daily life.

Words With The Letter V

50 Vocabulary Words With The Letter V


Meaning Example
vacateLeave voluntarily, as a job or positionTheir number diminished sharply after Villaraigosa announced last week that he wanted protesters to vacate the grounds by Monday or be forcibly removed.
vacillatebe undecided about somethingBut the old Napoleon was no more; vacillating almost as if in partial catalepsy, murmuring empty phrases in quick, indistinct utterance, he refused to decide.
vacuousdevoid of intelligenceWhy had his brain and senses lain fallow all these months, a vacuousvegetation, an empty consciousness?
vagaryan unexpected and inexplicable change in somethingNick Campbell, from energy consultancy Inenco, argues that relying more on LNG opens up the UK to the vagaries – and volatility – of global gas demand.
vagranta wanderer with no established residence or means of supportMany of them refused to own houses or any dwelling place, and wandered about as vagrants and beggars.
vaguelacking clarity or distinctnessThe terms are all widely used, but their connotation is vague and uncertain.
vainunproductive of successI entreated, scolded, cursed, but all in vain; she let me go on, and answered not a word
vaingloriousfeeling self-importanceThough vainglorious and arrogant, he conducted the defence of Acre with sound judgment as well as with energy and courage.
valedictoryof or relating to an occasion or expression of farewellHe was graduated in 1828, on which occasion he delivered the valedictoryoration.
valianthaving or showing heroism or courageThe first time, she continued a courageous and valiant fight.
validwell grounded in logic or truth or having legal forceBut the authorities said that license was not valid in New York.
validateshow or confirm the effectiveness of something“If our findings are validated, coffee could represent one modifiable factor that may lower the risk of developing the most harmful form of prostate cancer.”
valorcourage when facing dangerMany had seen and spoken to the young hero, and all related his prodigies of valor.
vanguarda creative group active in the innovation of new conceptsPanicked curators, artistic directors and art critics are warning of London’s potential fall from the vanguard of the global arts scene.
vanitythe trait of being unduly conceitedSlowly I turned to look at Silver Heels, all my vanity, conceit, and condescension vanished.
vanquishdefeat in a competition, race, or conflictThe unconquerable Argonne had been conquered; a ruthless enemy wasvanquished.
vantageplace or situation affording some benefitBut when he pulled out a telephoto lens, he was able to negotiate a better — and closer — vantage point.
vapidlacking significance or liveliness or spirit or zestNo, ladies and gentlemen, do not let us be discouraged or deceived by any fine, vapid, empty words.
variablea quantity that can assume any of a set of valuesHe created a math model of a human being and then plugged in all thevariables — height, weight, food intake, exercise.
variegatedhaving a variety of colorsIn domesticated animals, from causes apparently not as yet traced, the colour is variegated and various.
varyingmarked by diversity or differenceNational central banks do make disclosures, but in varying formats and with differing frequencies and delays.
vassala person holding a fiefSecond, the vassals, who rendered service to those from whom they held their lands.
vastunusually great in size or amount or extent or scopeVast amounts of natural gas in shale rock formations have been unlocked by improved drilling techniques, making the fuel cheap and plentiful across the U.S.
vaulta strongroom or compartment for safekeeping of valuablesBanks also offer investors the opportunity to buy shares of gold bars kept in their vaults.
vauntshow offHe is not so foolish as to be puffed up, nor does he vaunt himself nor boast.
veerturn sharply; change direction abruptlyThe day before Christmas the west wind suddenly veered round northward.
vegetateengage in passive relaxationOthers vegetated around the hotel, a rare luxury, to rest tired muscles and frayed nerves.
vehementmarked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictionsHe rushed into his arms with an expression of the most vehement joy; the other was delighted, but not astonished, at meeting him so suddenly.
velocitydistance travelled per unit timeHis velocity was fine, hitting 97 mph on the radar gun in the fifth inning.
venalcapable of being corruptedIt was still more creditable to him, that in such venal and corrupt days he maintained his integrity perfectly unsullied
vendettaa blood feud between members of opposing partiesThey are usually engaged in some vendetta between rival factions, or families, and blood is frequently shed.
vendorsomeone who exchanges goods or services for moneyA street vendor sells Senegalese newspapers commemorating the presidential elections.
veneercoating consisting of a thin layer of woodThe inlay used was often oval in shape, sometimes only a line and sometimes panels of different woods or matched veneer.
venerableprofoundly honoredSurely an Evangelical incident attested by so many, such respectable, and such venerable witnesses as these, is clearly above suspicion.
venerateregard with feelings of respect and reverenceAs guests of our highly respected and even venerated host, we were visited by nearly all the magistrates of the city.
venturesomedisposed to take risksBrave, reckless, idealistic chaps—careless of peril, unafraid of death—who deliberately sought danger and the venturesome life as found during the war, over there.
venuethe scene of any event or actionBy tradition Riyadh has no public entertainment – no cinemas, theatres or music – so the only leisure venues are shopping malls and parks.
veracityunwillingness to tell liesProfessionally speaking, lawyers have been called legal liars, but compared to stock manipulators they are walking examples of truth and veracity.
verbalof or relating to or formed from words in generalRecognizable quotes are like verbal shorthand, getting across in one or two sentences what normally takes much longer to explain
verbatimusing exactly the same wordsHence you will need complete sentences taken down verbatim in the exact words of the speaker.
verbiageoverabundance of wordsAn American lawyer sets forth in plain direct language what in England would be concealed beneath a mass of puzzling and almost unintelligibleverbiage.
verboseusing or containing too many wordsThere are also other writings reported to be his, verbose and of great length.
verdantcharacterized by abundance of vegetation and green foliageCombine fresh greenery, fruit, and flowers for a verdant centerpiece that will last throughout the season.
verifyconfirm the truth ofThe activists’ account cannot be independently verified, but twice in the past week UN observers on the ground have corroborated similar claims.
verisimilitudethe appearance of truth; the quality of seeming to be trueIt has every appearance of verisimilitude: you truly believe this woman exists and has been filmed at all these various stages of her life.
veritablenot counterfeit or copiedIn Mr. Bottomley the Georgian era has found an authentic voice—averitable interpreter.
verityan enduring or necessary ethical or aesthetic truthBe investigators of reality that you may attain the verity of truth and life.
vernacularcharacteristic of or appropriate to everyday languageBut being vernacular and popular in origin, these terms cannot obtain the uniformity and currency of literary names employed and recognised by official authority.
vernalsuggestive of youth; vigorous and fresh

They constitute one among many manifestations of spring and autumn physiological disturbance corresponding with fair precision to the vernal and autumnal equinoxes.


competent in many areas and able to adapt with ease

The scheme relies on players being versatile and handling myriad assignments out of myriad personnel packages.

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Words Starting With V Meaning

In the middle Ages, letter “v” was interchanged with the letter “u.” For example, “up” was written “vp” and “have” been written “haue.” Generally, the letter “v” came at the beginning of a word and the letter “u” was used within a word.

But now we are not in the middle age. Now we have a veritable vault of word that start with “v.” Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Significant Words

English is a language that is used all over the world as a official international language. People of all countries use it as a medium of communication. He we are providing some words that start with letter “V”. We hope that it will help you in increasing your vocabulary.

We hope that Words With The Letter V and Meaning List provided on this page might be helpful to you. if you have any query or doubts related to this post then you can ask by typing your comment in below stated comment box. Our experts will try to solve your queries soon.

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