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VPN Full Form | In Hindi – Types of (VPN) कैसे काम करता है

VPN Full Form

The Full Name or VPN Full Form is Virtual Private Network. This technology was used to develop safe network connection. Tis network is so secure such that you can share files, can do communication and access data without having any risk of hacking. Details such as VPN Full Form in Hindi & English, Types of VPN, its working, usage etc is described below on this page.

VPN Full Form

  • VPN Full Form in English: Virtual Private Network
  • VPN in Hindi: वर्चुअल प्राइवेट नेटवर्क का काम इंटरनेट पर हमारी डाटा को सिक्योर करना होता है|

Candidates must read this page completely for gaining complete knowledge about the VPN service. The details provided by us here on this page are in an easy and understandable language for the visitors of our page.

How does a VPN service work? (VPN कैसे काम करता है ?)

For ensuring the security of the personal data, VPN service works in the following manner:

  • Once, you made the connection with internet with VPN service on, and then the connection is made with VPN server providers.
  • After the connection is made up with the VPN server provider’s, then an IP Address is provided to you of that particular server. Now, instead of using your own IP Address, you will use the address that is given by the VPN provider.
  • The encryption of your internet connection is also done between your device and the connected server.
  • As the IP Address is hidden, so you can access the internet without having any issue of tracing and hacking.

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Why VPN service is used?

This service is mainly used by employees for accessing files and folders as their corporate offices are situated away from the central office. Though this network, they can make use of sensitive and important documents via internet connection in an encrypted manner. VPN service can also help in these purposes:

  • For accessing blocked websites
  • For preventing price discrimination
  • For avoiding censorship
  • For making public Wi-Fi safer
  • For preventing tracking of ISP
  • For viewing of regionally blocked content

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Types of VPN Protocols:

The types of protocols used by VPN are:

1) IPSec : The full name of this protocol is Internet Protocol Security. Secure exchange of packets is done by this protocol at the IP layer. Transport and Tunnel are the two modes that are supported by IPsec.

2) PPTP: This protocol is named as Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol. This is developed jointly by Microsoft, U.S. Robotics and other companies for creating VPNs.

3) L2TP: The full name of this protocol is Layer Two (2) Tunneling Protocol.  This protocol enables ISPs, so that they can operate in Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

4) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS): These both protocols create a VPN connection and it is used in various online shopping sites. The connections that are using SSL have ‘https’ in the starting of URL instead of ‘http’.

5) Open VPN: This protocol is used for making point-to-point connections and it is based on SSL and TLS protocol.

6) SSH: The full name of this protocol is Secure Shell that is used for creating VPN tunnel for transferring of data in an encrypted way.

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Types of VPN:

There are two types of VPN network:

1. Remote Access VPN:

This VPN connects user to a private network and the connection is made up by through Internet. Now, the user can access the service remotely using this network in a secure and private way. This network is mainly for business users and for home users.

In business purposes, when an employee is travelling, he/she can use this VPN service to connect with the company’s private network and can access the files. Home users can make access of blocked websites and other regional restrictions.

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2. Site – to – Site VPN:

This VPN is also known as Router-to-Router VPN for use in corporate offices. Companies whose central offices are located in other locations can use this VPN for connecting the network of one office location to another office location. It helps in connecting multiple offices of same company, so it is also known as Intranet based VPN. When this VPN type is used to connect with another company, then it is known as Extranet based VPN.

We hope that the information provided above the team members of about Virtual Private Network such as VPN Full Form, its types, protocols etc are well written on this page.

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