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Written Exam Techniques | Best Tips & Tricks for Competitive Exam Writing

Written Exam Techniques

The best way to do well in exams is to make sure you are well prepared and have done your revision. Whether a school or Competitive type of Examinations, all of us got in stress in concern with our preparation or studies

So here we are listing Written Exam Techniques and Best Tips & Tricks for Competitive Exam Writing. Aspirants who are going to appear in any school or competitive exam must check the best writing exam techniques on below page.

Written Exam Techniques

Here you will get the preparation guidelines for written examinations and many of the students are in notion that how one should start preparing for Competitive exams. So, for your convenience we’ve structured some tips which will be useful in your examination.

  • In the exam room; Read the instructions carefully before looking and answering questions, read instructions properly.
  • Work within the timing; don’t go too fast or too slow at starting. Try to manage your time according to the number of questions and divide time accordingly to answer.
  • Read the questions carefully and thoroughly once, and then re-read each question and do not answer if not fully understood it.
  • Choose your best questions in case of MCQs, go for the one for which you have some relevant knowledge, ideas.
  • Plan before you write, just do few of these things; Underline the key words, Identify topic then on that basis choose a few points you can write easily.
  • If in case you are running out of time then please don’t panic. Look at the questions and make a one point that actually supports it and then simply move on to the next point…

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Best Tips & Tricks for Competitive Examinations

1. Time Table is the very first and an essential aspect to start preparing well for written or Competitive exams. So, you have to make or prepare timetable subject or section wise that suits you the best. Keep study only based on a time table and just don’t try to read with predefined time.

2. Making Notes is duty of every student and all should use the self-written notes to prepare well and best for written exam. So, always try to write notes for topics which you have recently read as this will surely help you to improve your writing skills and allow you to remember what you’ve read.

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3. Purchase New Pattern Syllabus but purchase only a new pattern exam syllabus for best result of your preparation. The biggest advantage of new one is that in new pattern syllabus, mostly question changes by the examination authority. So, candidates who prepare the old exam syllabus, it may cause the negative effect on their preparation.

4. Reading News Paper daily offers you a chance to get updated with current affairs and what is happening. In the newspaper we get all the current and upcoming updates and with reading this, candidates can remember this news easily. You should make it a habit of reading the newspaper either English or Hindi.

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5. Read Old Question Papers and by solving these you’ll get an idea of upcoming exam on basis of old questions asked in the recent exam. Seriously, this is beneficial as maximum questions will be asked from 10 years question papers and this may help you to get familiar with the basis format of exam.

6. Keep Practice and keep solving the mathematical problems or complications in other subjects daily. Try to make this habit of practicing hard; it’s important for you to keep in touch with all the technical subjects.

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7. Take a Rest While studying for so long as continuously reading or learning from 2 or 3 hours makes you bore, sleepy and thus you lose concentration. So, you must take a rest for 20 minutes and add up this in your time table too. Your mind will be fresh and you will be able to study and prefer t take tea or a cup of coffee…..

8. Revision is really important factor before appearing for the exam. Whether you believe it or not bur, you should revise the complete exam syllabus r what you’ve read at least before 3 days of exam. Just don’t avoid it because it may happen that you forget a single or imp topic in examination hall due to the shortage of revision.

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9. Cover all topics don’t even leave a single or a ordinary, small topic. What you are required to do it must cover all the official syllabus/subject topics. Every small topic can be providing you good marks. You know very well, each number for you will be costly for you if you need to qualify.

10. Do not leave any Question on question paper and attempt all each and every question….Just don’t give up, try to solve every question according to the time schedule. Do not leave any question if you do nothing. Because of the examiner may give you some numbers on the basic writing skills.

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Top Tips To Write in Exam


The majority of the students take the value of handwriting very lightly. If your handwriting is neat, viable and easy to read then the examiner unconsciously or consciously checks generously and you get a few extra marks by the virtue of your good handwriting.

Quality Content

Many pupils are under the impression that if they write more they will get more marks. However, the marks allotted are mainly for your quality writing and not just quantity. So master the art of content writing (have the knowledge beforehand) and easily score effectively.

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Avoid Grammatical Mistakes

Grammar plays a very significant role in getting higher marks in exam. So as much as possible avoid all the obvious grammar as well as spelling mistakes. One way of achieving this is by reproducing all your answers in very simple and plain language instead of using complex terms.

Draw Attention To Your Answer

Where ever possible emphasize your answer by drawing a diagram. You can draw flow charts and illustrate your knowledge. Also make the diagram effective and not shabby. Next, highlight the main points and words in your answer by underling the important phrase. Present your answer as neat as possible without any cuts and strokes.

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Use “Paragraphing”

In case of long answers where you need to write in paragraphs adapt the method of paragraphing. After every three or four points, a new paragraph should commence.

Balancing Your Writing

If you write too little for questions that requires elongated answers, you will end up missing main points or details of an idea. Invariably, the result will be loss of marks. But at the same time, if you balance it out well you’ll apparently get higher marks in exam.

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Check And Re-Check Your Answer Paper

Try to complete your exam paper at least 20 minutes before time so that you have enough time to check all your written answers. Moreover, you also can see if each and every question has been numbered correctly or not and if by any chance there are any questions left unanswered.

How to write Exam Paper to Get Good Marks

Even though we start preparation earlier still we find difficulty for the same. Here in this article we are helping you to sort out this continuous worry by giving you some Best Tips & Tricks for Competitive Examinations, so let’s go through it.

These tips provided below by the team of will let you know that how you can prepare for exams by just following these tips. It will be even beneficial if really followed for a long period of time.

Final Words:

We hope that above tips will surely help all of you for the preparation of you examination. All the very best, prepare well and do your best. If you found any query regarding this post, then you are free to ask by typing your comment in below comment box.

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