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Important Days in February

Questions related to List of Important Days in February 2023 are asked in various competitive exams (2023 के एग्जाम में पूछे जाने वाले). General Knowledge section plays an important role in government exams such as SSC, banking and other examinations. Sometimes questions asked from important days and dates.

In order to prepare better, students should remember this list of important dates and days of the year. So, candidates who want to know about Occasions in February, Celebration days in February, Special days in February, National days in February, International Days in February, Important dates in February etc need to read this article carefully. You can also download all the important days of the year by pressing below given links.

Important Days in February

Important dates in February

If you don’t know about the important national and international days of February, then from this post check details easily about Important dates in February. All the important days and days that come in the month of February are given in this post. List of Important Days in February are very important for the examinations. In the government job competition examinations to be held this year, the days and days of February are definitely being asked.

Important Days in February with Themes

What are the main days in the month of February? Here we will discuss this subject because students who prepare for any government exam like ssc, bank, railway etc. They should be fully informed about which day is celebrated. So today we have discussed about which main day comes in the month of February.

Important dates in FebruaryDayTheme
2nd FebruaryWorld Wetlands DayWetlands and Biodiversity.
4th FebruaryWorld Cancer Day‘I Am And I Will’
4th FebruaryInternational Day of Human FraternityA Pathway to the Future
6th FebruaryInternational Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital MutilationNo Time for Global Inaction, Unite, Fund, and Act to End Female Genital Mutilation
10th FebruaryWorld Pulses DayNutritious Seeds for a Sustainable Future
11th FebruaryInternational Day of Women and Girls in ScienceWomen Scientists at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19
11th FebruaryWorld Unani Day
13th FebruaryWorld Radio Day‘Radio and Diversity’.
13th FebruaryNational Women’s Day in India –
14th FebruaryValentine’s Day
15th FebruaryWorld Pangolin Day (3rd Saturday)
19th February6th Soil Health Card
20th FebruaryWorld Day of Social JusticeA Call for Social Justice in the Digital Economy
21st FebruaryInternational Mother Language DayFostering multilingualism for inclusion in education and society
22nd FebruaryWorld Thinking DayPeacebuilding
24th FebruaryCentral Excise Day –
27th FebruaryIndia’s first ‘Protein Day’
27th FebruaryWorld NGO Day –
28th FebruaryNational Science Day
29th FebruaryRare Disease Day

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Number of days in February

First of all, let us tell you that according to the Gregorian calendar, February is the second month of the year, which is also the shortest month of the year. There are total Number of days in February are 28 days but after every 4 years there are 29 days in this month.

In this month also there are some main days like World Cancer Day, National Science Day and in addition this month also comes the day which is especially loved by lovers. The person keeps waiting longer and that day is valentine day and 7 days of valentine day are also included in this month.

Important Days in February 2023 FAQs:

Question 1: On which date is World Cancer Day celebrated?

Answer: World Cancer Day is celebrated on 4th Day of February yearly basis.

Question 2: When is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science?

Answer: On February 11 International Day of Women and Girls in Science celebrated.

Question 3: Which day is celebrated on 13th February every year?

Answer: World Radio Day and National Women’s Day in India is celebrated on 13th February every year.

Question 4: When is World Thinking Day?

Answer: World Thinking Day falls on 22nd February every year.

Question 5: When is World NGO Day celebrated?

Answer: World NGO Day is celebrated on 27th February every year. The important fact is India’s first ‘Protein Day’ is also celebrated on 27th February every year.

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