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IP University Syllabus 2018–19 PDF Latest B.Tech/BBA/Law/MBA/MCA Exam Syllabus

IP University Syllabus

Check out the latest IP University Syllabus now… Soon the semester wise/Annual Examination of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU is going to be start. To prepare well for examination it is must for students to know the exact IPU Syllabus.

To score well in examination students prepare a lot, even put their lot of hours and efforts. Along with efforts if the IPU Syllabus is not right then it all goes to vein. Considering the same and betterment of students here we have structure the detailed IP University Syllabus 2018–19 along with PDF links.

IP University Syllabus 2018–19!!!

With the help of IP University Latest Syllabus students get to know about topics that the important from examination point of view. Further an idea regarding the weightage can also be taken through the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Syllabus/ Syllabus IP University.

Students can also download their IP University Syllabus 2018–19 in PDF format either by visiting the official website of university or can download the IPU Syllabus with the help of links given in below section of this page of

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IP University Syllabus

University is going to organize IPU Undergraduate and post graduate Exam for promoting candidates to the next level for aforesaid course. Candidates who are doing preparation for UG/PG exam with old IPU Syllabus are advised to check out this updated and latest IP University Syllabus 2018 now

IPU Syllabus for Bachelor / Master of Technology (Dual Degree) Information Technology

IPU Syllabus – First Semester

First Semester
Code Paper IDPaperLT/PCredits
Theory Papers
HS10198101Communication Skills-I213
BA10399103Chemistry – I213
IT 10515105Introduction to Computers33
IT 10715107Electrical Science314
BA10999109Mathematics – I314
BA11199111Physics – I213
HS119*98119Impact of Science & Technology on Society – I11
Practical/Viva Voce
BA15199151Chemistry-I Lab21
BA15399153Physics-I Lab21
IT15515155Computer Lab21
IT15715157Engineering Graphics-I21
IT15915159Electrical Science Lab21

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IPU Syllabus – Second Semester

Second Semester
Code Paper IDPaperLT/PCredits
Theory Papers
HS10298102Communication Skills – II123
IT10415104Engineering Mechanics314
BA10899108Mathematics – II314
BA11499114Statistics Theory of Probability and Linear Programming213
HS126*98126Impact of Science & Technology on Society – II11
IT12815128Data Structures303
Practical/Viva Voce
BA15699156Physics –II Lab21
BA16299162Chemistry –II Lab21
IT15215152Data Structure Lab21
IT15415154Engineering Graphics-II lab21

IPU Syllabus – Third Semester

Third Semester
CodePaper IDPaperLT/PC
Theory Papers
IT20115201Computational Methods314
IT20315203Circuits and Systems314
IT20515205Electronic Devices and Circuits314
IT20715207Object Oriented Programming Using C++314
IT20915209Computer Graphics314
IT21115211Database Management Systems314
Practical/Viva Voce
IT25115251Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab.21
IT25315253Computation Lab.21
IT25515255Object Oriented Programming Lab.21
IT25715257Computer Graphics Lab.21
IT25915259DBMS Lab.21

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IPU Syllabus – Fourth Semester

Fourth Semester
CodePaper IDPaperLT/PC
Theory Papers
IT20215202Java Programming314
IT20415204Multimedia Applications314
IT20615206Switching Theory and Logic Design314
MS20839208Organization Behaviour314
IT21015210Foundations of Computer Science314
IT21215212Software Engineering314
IT25215252Java Programming Lab.21
IT25415254Multimedia Lab.21
IT25615256Switching Theory and Logic Design Lab.21
IT25815258Software Engineering Lab.21

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IPU Syllabus – Fifth Semester

Fifth Semester
CodePaper IDPaperLT/PC
IT30515301Computer Architecture314
IT30715307Digital Signal Processing314
IT30915309Object Oriented Software Engineering314
IT31315313Communication Systems314
IT31515315Linux and Win32 Programming314
IT31715317Operating Systems314
IT35315353Digital Signal Processing Lab.21
IT35915359Object Oriented Software Engineering Lab.21
IT36115361Linux and Win32 Programming Lab.21
IT357*15357Summer Training (Conducted at the end of the 4th Semester) Report, Seminar and Viva – Voce1

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IPU Syllabus – Sixth Semester

Sixth Semester
CodePaper IDPaperLT/PC
Theory Papers
IT30415304Computer Networks314
IT30615306Algorithm Analysis and Design314
IT31415314Digital System Design314
IT31615316Digital Communication314
IT35215352Microprocessor Lab.21
IT35415354Algorithm Analysis & Design Lab.21
IT36015360DSD Lab.21
IT36215362Digital Communication Lab.21

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IPU Syllabus – Seventh Semester

Seventh Semester
CodePaper IDPaperLT/PC
Theory Papers
IT40115401Advanced Computer Networks314
IT41315413Front End Design Tools and Web Technologies314
Electives (Choose any two)
IT40315403Software Testing314
IT40515405Distributed Systems314
IT41515415Advanced Java Programming314
IT41715417Embedded System Design314
IT41915419Wireless and Mobile Communication314
IT42115421Data Warehousing and Mining314
IT45115451ACN Lab.21
IT45315453FEDT & Web Technology Lab.21
IT45515455Laboratory work for electives21
IT45715457Minor Project5
IT459*15459Summer Training (Conducted at the end of the 6th Semester)
Report, Seminar and Viva – Voce

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IPU Syllabus – Eighth Semester

Eighth Semester
CodePaper IDPaperLT/PC
HS402*98402Technical Writing22
Electives (Choose any two)
IT40415404Advanced Computer Architecture314
IT40615406Control Systems314
IT40815408Advanced Database Management Systems314
IT41415414Windows .Net Framework and C# Programming314
IT41615416Mobile Computing314
IT41815418Semantic Web314
IT45215452Major Project (Report)8
IT45415454Viva – Voce (On major project)2
IT456*15456Seminar and progress report1
IT45815458Laboratory Assignments1

IP University Syllabus for Bachelor / Master of Technology (Dual Degree):
Paper: Electrical Science

Properties of Conductors and Insulators

  • Basic laws of Electrical Engineering
  • Temperature Resistance Coefficients

D.C. Circuits

  • Network theorems and applications
  • Division of Current
  • Potentiometer
  • Circuit Parameters
  • Energy and Power
  • Superposition
  • Thevenin and Reciprocity theorems
  • Star Delta Formations

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Alternating Currents

  • Peak, Average and RMS values for alternating currents
  • Power and Power factor
  • Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance
  • Resonance
  • Q Factor


  • Magnetic Induction
  • Permeability
  • Hysteresis

Measuring Instruments

  • Moving Coil and Moving Iron Instruments
  • Construction of Instruments
  • Attraction and Repulsion type
  • Permanent Magnet and Eletrodynamics, Dynamometer type

D.C. Generators & Motors

  • Principle of operation of Generators & Motors
  • Speed Control of shunt motors
  • Flux control, Rheostatic control, voltage control
  • Speed control of series motors

A.C. Generators & Motors

  • Principle of operation
  • Removing Magnetic field
  • Squirrel cage and phase wound rotor
  • Starting of Induction motors
  • Direct on line and Star Delta starters
  • Synchronous machines


  • Construction
  • Regulation and efficiency calculations
  • Open and short circuit tests

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IP University Syllabus of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA):
Paper: Business Policy & Strategy

Introduction: Nature, scope and importance of the course on Business Policy;

  • Evolution of this course – Forecasting,
  • Long-range planning,
  • strategic planning
  • strategic management.

II. Strategic Management Process

  • Formulation Phase – vision, mission, environmental scanning,
  • objectives and strategy
  • implementation phase – Strategic Activities, Evaluation and Control.

III. Environmental Analysis

  • Need, Characteristics and categorization of environmental factors
  • Approaches to the environmental scanning process – structural analysis of competitive environment;
  • ETOP a diagnosis tool

IV.  Analysis of Internal Resources

  • Strengths and Weakness; Resource Audit; Strategic Advantage Analysis
  • Value-Chain Approach to Internal Analysis
  • Methods of analysis and diagnosing Corporate Capabilities – Functional Area Profile and Resource Deployment Matrix
  • Strategic Advantage Profile
  • SWOT analysis

V. Formulation of Strategy

  • Approaches to Strategy formation
  • major strategy options – Stability, Growth and Expansion, Diversification, Retrenchment, Mixed Strategy;
  • Choice of Strategy – BCG Model
  • Stop-Light Strategy Model
  • Directional Policy Matrix (DPM) Model
  • Product/Market Evolution – Matrix and Profit Impact of Market Strategy (PIMS) Model

VI. Major Issues involved in the Implementation of strategy

  • Organization structure
  • leadership and resource allocation

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Dual Degree / Degree Graduate

Programme NameFile Format
IPU Syllabus B.Tech / IPU Syllabus M.Tech (IT/CSE/ECE) Dual Degree ProgrammesDetails
B.Tech / M.Tech (BT) (w.e.f. June-2004)(Updated: 08.01.07)HTMLPDF
B.Tech / M.Tech (BT)HTML
B.Tech / M.Tech (Dual Degree) &M.Tech.(Full Time) programme in Chemical EngineeringHTML
B.Tech. – IPU Syllabus MBA (Dual Degree) ProgrammeDOCPDF
B.Tech. – MBA (Dual Degree) Programmew.e.f year 2010PDF
IPU Syllabus BBA(B&I)

Post Graduate

Programme NameFile Format
IPU Syllabus MCA (SE) and M. Tech (CSE/IT/VLSI/ DWC) Regular & Weekend ProgrammesDetails
MBA Financial Markets w.e.f 2011-12DOCPDF
MBA w.e.f 2006-2007 onwardsPDF
MBA (Weekend) General 2006-2008 onwardsDOCPDF
MBA (Weekend) Banking and Insurance 2007-2009 onwardsDOCPDF
MBA (Weekend) Real EstateDOCPDF
MBA (Weekend) Enterprise System (old scheme)PDF
IPU Syllabus MBA (Weekend) Enterprise System (new scheme)DOCPDF
IPU Syllabus MBA (General) w.e.f. year 2010PDF
MBA(B&I) w.e.f. year 2010PDF
MBA(RE) w.e.f. year 2010PDF
MBA (Weekend) w.e.f. year 2010PDF
IPU Syllabus LLB (H) upto 2004-05DOCPDF
IPU Syllabus LLB (H) w.e.f 2005-2006HTMLPDF
MBA(Disaster Management)PDF
IPU Syllabus M.Sc.(EM)PDF
M. Sc. (Biodiversity & Conservation)PDF
M.Tech.(Engineering Physics)PDF
MA (English and Communication Studies)ZIP
Master of Mass Media (MMM)
(Uploaded: 11-08-09)
Master of Mass Media (MMM)DOCPDF
PG Diploma in Electronic MediaDOCPDF
M.Tech.(ECE) Weekend ProgrammePDF
M. Tech (Nanoscience& Technology)DOCPDF
IPU Syllabus B.A,. LL.B(H) w.e.f 2008-09DOCPDF
BBA,. LL.B(H) w.e.f 2008-09DOCPDF
IPU Syllabus M.Ed
w.e.f. batch 2012 onwards
w.e.f. batch 2012 onwards
M.A.(English & Communication Studies )
w.e.f. batch 2012 onwards

Affiliated Institutes

Under Graduate

Programme NameFile Format
B.Tech (Ist year Common Syllabi) (Revised from Academic Session 2007-2008)HTM


B.Tech (Ist year Common Syllabi) (upto May 2007)HTMPDF
B.Tech (Instrumentation and Control Engineering)HTMPDF
B.Tech (Instrumentation and Control Engineering)  w.e.f. 2004-2005HTMPDF
B.Tech (Environmental Engineering)  w.e.f. 2004-2005HTMPDF
B.Tech (Electrical Engineering).HTMPDF
B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)  w.e.f. 2005-2006HTM
B.Tech (IT)HTM
B.Tech (IT)  w.e.f. 2005-2006HTM
B.Tech (CSE)  w.e.f. 2005-2006HTM
B.Tech (ECE).HTM
B.Tech (ECE)  w.e.f. 2005-2006HTM
B.Tech (MAE)  w.e.f. 2004-2005HTMPDF
BBA General [w.e.f.2005-2006]HTMPDF
BBA (Banking & Insurance ) [w.e.f. 2005 – 2006]PDF
BBA (CAM) [ w.e.f. 2005-2006]HTM
BBA (Travel & Tourism Management 2005 – 2006)PDF
BBA (Travel & Tourism Management 2004 – 2005)HTM
BBA (2004 – 2005)HTM
Bachelor of Information Systems (Hons) (B.I.S)HTM
Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A)  w.e.f. 2005-2006HTMPDF
Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A)  w.e.f. 2011-2012DOCPDF
Syllabus for DBA VIthsemHTM
Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (B.H.M.C.T) w.e.f 2008-09DOCPDF
Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery (B.H.M.S) (III Year )PDF
Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery (B.H.M.S) (w.e..f 2005-2006)PDF
Bachelor of Journalism Mass Communcation (B.J.M.C)HTM
BJ(MC) [w.e.f 2009-10]PDFDOC
BJ(MC) [w.e.f 2005-06]HTMPDF
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.T)HTM
B. Pharma (Session: 2006-2007)DOCPDF
Bachelor in Prosthetics & Orthotics (w.e.f 2008-2009 )DOCPDF
BPT (w.e.f 2006-2007 )DOCPDF
B. Sc. Medical (Radiotherapy)
(w.e.f 2006-2007 )
B. Arch (w.e.f 2009-2010 )DOCPDF
B. Arch (w.e.f 2005-2006)HTM
BHMS (w.e.f 2005-2006)HTM
B. Sc (Nursing) (w.e.f 2005-2006)ZIP
w.e.f batch 2012 onwards

Post Graduate

M.Tech (CSE / IT / VLSI ) Regular ProgrammesDetails
MCA  w.e.f. 2004-2005HTMPDF
MCA  w.e.f. 2010-11DOCPDF
MBA (SEM) w.e.f 2008-2009PDF
MBA 2006-2007 onwardsPDF
M.Sc. Criminology [w.e.f. 2005-06]HTMPDF
M.Sc. Forensic Science [w.e.f. 2005-06]PDF
PG Diploma Course in Disaster Preparedness & Rehabilitation (w.e.f. 2007-2008)DOCPDF
MPO (w.e.f 2006-2007)DOCPDF
MPT (Musculoskeletal) [w.e.f 2008-09]DOCPDF
MPT (Neurology) [w.e.f 2008-09]DOCPDF
MPT (Sports) [w.e.f 2008-09]DOCPDF
MOT (Musculoskeletal Disorders)DOCPDF
MOT (Neurological Disorders)DOCPDF
Master in Archaeology and Heritage Management (MAHM)DOCPDF
Master in Conservation, Preservation and Heritage Management (MCPHM)DOCPDF
Bachelor Of Medical Technology (Radiotherapy) [w.e.f August 2008]DOCPDF
Bachelor in Rehabilitation Therapy [w.e.f. 2003]PDF
M.Tech (VLSI Design ( VLSI))
(w.e.f Batch 2009 onwards)


M.Tech (VLSI Design ( VLSI))
(Applicable for Batches 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)


w.e.f batch 2012 onwards

How to get IP University Syllabus?

  • First of all log on to the official website i.e. for IPU Syllabus
  • Go to the Academics section and then hit on the Scheme/Syllabus link available in the below section for IPU exam Syllabus
  • A new page will come out along with various course IPU University Syllabus links
  • Now select the appropriate link for IP University Exam Syllabus according to the pursuing course
  • Now a new page will come out along with the list of courses related to that branch’
  • Select the discipline and then a PDF will appear in front of you along with the IP University Syllabus
  • Check out the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University syllabus and then download it
  • At last take a print out of the IPU Syllabus 2018 and keep IPU Syllabus safe for further usage

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Requirement of IPU Syllabus:

Through latest IPU Exam Syllabus, you can get complete details such as which topics are added in syllabus? Which topics are removed from old IP University Exam Syllabus? What is the paper pattern? And marking scheme etc…To score well in UG/PG exam you must know about new IPU syllabus.

The candidates can get the Detailed Syllabus of the IP University for, BBA, Law, MBA, MCA Entrance Exam from this Official Link. You can bookmark this page using CTRL+D or follow us on facebook to acquire updated information in this concern.

Dear students, if you have any query about IP University Syllabus 2018 then you may write your questions in comment box that is well mentioned below. Applicants may also Subscribe Our Free Email Service that is absolutely free to fetch latest updates about recruitments, application form etc direct to your mailbox.

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