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ISRO Previous Year Papers, (CSE/ECE/Mechanical) Scientist/Engineer Paper

ISRO Previous Year Papers

Want to Crack Your ISRO Exam? Then start Your Preparation with ISRO Previous Year Papers… Aspirants, who had applied for ISRO Recruitment 2018 and want to score well, are advised to get ISRO Previous Year Question Paper through this single page.

Applicants, who’ll qualify the ISRO Paper, will be recruited for the Post of Scientist/Engineer SC – CSE/ECE/Mechanical and other relevant disciplines. So, participating aspirants can start their preparation through ISRO Previous Year Question Paper 2018.

Why Practice of ISRO Previous Year Solved Question Paper is must?

Candidates, if you’re practicing through Previous Year Question Paper Of ISRO, then you must be aware about the ISRO Exam Structure and which type of question will be asked. It is only the reason that Practice of ISRO Previous Year Question Paper with Solution is required.

Hence, you’re preparing for ISRO Recruitment Exam, must download ISRO Previous Year Sample Papers from here and prepare well. To collect more details about Previous Year Question Paper of ISRO for CSE / ECE / Mechanical, you need to check this page of

ISRO Previous Year Papers

Download ISRO Previous Year Question Papers PDF Files

Scientist / Engineer ‘SC’ Computer Science2017
Scientist / Engineer ‘SC’ Electronics2017
Scientist / Engineer ‘SC’ Mechanical2017
Admin Officer2011
Accounts Officer2011
Junior Personal Assistant2012
2010 Paper-I
2010 Paper-II
2008 Paper-I
2008 Paper-II
2006 Paper-I
2006 Paper-II
Heavy Vehicle Driver and Staff Car Driver2015
Assistant and Upper Division Clerk2015
2010 Paper-II
2010 Paper-I
2008 Paper-II
2008 Paper-I

Why ISRO Scientist/Engineer Paper is organized?

Indian Space Research Organization organizes various exams to select result oriented and skilled contenders for various posts. Aim of conducting this exam is to select applicants for ISRO Scientist/Engineer Jobs in concerned field.

In this concern, we’re also providing you the ISRO Question and answers on this page. So you are advised to go through below stated ISRO Questions & Answersand ISRO Model Question Papers and start your preparation according to it.

ISRO Questions & Answers

Ques:1 Which of the following are the ingredients of gun metal?

a ) Iron, Zinc, Titanium

b) Iron, tin

c) Iron, Brass, Tin

d) Copper, Tin

Ans: (d)

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Ques:2 What is laughing gas?

a) Nitrous Oxide

b) Carbon monoxide

c) Sulphur dioxide

d) Hydrogen peroxide

Ans: (a)

Ques:3 The high gain codes are

a) Turbo codes

b) BCH codes

c) R-S codes

d) None of the above

Ans: (a)

Ques:4 Which of the following is used as a moderator in nuclear reactor?

a) Thorium

b)  Graphite

c) Radium

d) Ordinary water

Ans: (b)

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Ques:5 With respect to I.C. engine emission, consider the following statements :

1.   Evaporative emissions have no carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen

2. Blow by emission are essentially carbon monoxide and suspended particulate matter

3. Exhaust emissions contain 100% of carbon monoxide , 100 % of oxides of nitrogen and around 50-55% of hydrocarbons emitted by the engine.

4. There are no suspended particulates in the exhaust.

Of these statements

(a) 1 and 4 are correct

(b) 1 and 3 are correct

(c) 2 and 3 are correct

(d) 1,2,3 and 4 are correct

Ans: (c)

Ques:6 Time constant of a series R-L circuit is given by

a) LR

b) L/R

c) L2R

d) LR2

Ans: (b)

Ques:7 In a new temperature scale say op, the boiling and freezing points of water at one atmosphere are 100op and 300op respectively. Correlate this scale with the Centigrade scale. The reading of 0o p on the Centigrade scale is

(a) 0oC

(b) 50oC

(c) 100oC

(d) 150oC

Ans: (d)

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Ques:8 In an atomic explosion, enormous energy is released which is due to

(a) conversion of chemical energy into heat energy

(b) conversion of mechanical energy into nuclear energy

(c) conversion of mass into energy

(d) conversion of neutrons into protons

Ans: (c)

Ques:9 Consider a set of n tasks with known runtimes r1,  r2 ………  rn, to be run on a uniprocessor machine.  Which of the following processor scheduling algorithms will result in the ma throughput ?

(a) Round Robin

(b) Shortest job first

(c) Highest response ratio next

(d) first cum first served

Ans: (b)

Ques:10 The working temperature in the evaporator and condenser coils of a refrigerator are -30oC and 32oC respectively. If the actual refrigerator has a C.O.P of 0.75 of the maximum. the required power input for a refrigerating effect of 5 kW is, nearly,

(a) 1.7 kW

(b) 2.94 kW

(c) 3.92 kW

(d) 4.0 kW

Ans: (a)

Ques:11 The forbidden energy gap for silicon is

a) 0.12 eV

b) 1.12 eV

c) 0.72 eV

d) 0.92 eV

Ans: (c)

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Ques:12 Number of h parameters of a transistors are

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

Ans: (d)

Ques:13 In an atomic nucleus, neutrons and protons are held together by

a) gravitational forces

b) exchange forces

c) coulombic forces

d) magnetic forces

Ans: (b)

Ques:14 For an-conditioned space, RTH = 100 kW; RSHF = 0.75, volume flow rate is equal to 100 m3/minute and indoor design specific humidity is 0.01 kg/(kg of dry air). The specific humidity of supply air is

(a) 0.010

(b) 0.0075

(c) 0.005

(d) 0.0025

Ans: (c)

Ques:15 The critical value of Reynolds number for transition from laminar to turbulent boundary layer in external flows is taken as

(a) 2300

(b) 4000

(c) 5 x 105

(d) 3 X 106

Ans: (a)

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Ques:16 Decibel is the unit for

a) speed of light

b) radio wave frequency

c) intensity of sound

d) intensity of heat

Ans: (c)

Ques:17 Demodulation

a) is performed at the transmitting station

b) removes side bands

c) rectifies modulated signal

d) is opposite of modulation

Ans: (d)

Ques:18 The five items :  A, B, C, D,  and E are pushed in a stack, one after the other starting from A.  The stack is popped four times and each element is inserted in a queue. Then two elements are deleted from the queue and pushed back on the stack. Now one item is popped from the stack.  The popped item is

(a) A

(b) B

(c) C

(d) D

Ans: (d)

Ques:19 In the operation of four-stroke diesel engines, the term ‘squish’ refers to the

(a) injection of fuel ! in the precombustion chamber

(b) discharge of gases from the precombustion chamber

(c) entry of air into the combustion chamber

(d) stripping of fuel from the core

Ans: (a)

Ques:20 Which of the following modulating system is digital ?

a) PPM

b) PWM

c) PCM

d) PEM

Ans: (c)

What is the Advantage of Preparing through ISRO Previous Year Papers?

Candidates, who’re preparing through ISRO Previous Year Question Paper, avails the following benefits as listed below:

  • Provide general idea of the upcoming paper
  • Provide details about topics of a particular subject
  • Provide idea of number of questions
  • Aware about Syllabus of Exam
  • Easily make study plan previously

So, aspirants, if you’re started preparation through ISRO Previous Year 2018 Question Paper, and then you can easily learn From Your Mistakes. Start practicing through ISRO Previous Year Papers.

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Final Note:

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