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Mumbai University Question Papers for tybcom With Solution Old Papers

Mumbai University Question Papers – Students searching for the Question Paper of Mumbai University and seeking for the previous year and Mock papers must check this notification for the questions and pattern of the examination. The Pattern under Mumbai University for Ty. B.Com. with the Solution is provided here below –

UPSC Entrance Exam 2013

Mumbai University Question Papers for TY B.Com. With Solution Old Papers

Management and Production Planning –

Describe the means of any 7 of the following terms in not more than 5 lines each

  1. Scalar chain
  2. Queuing theory
  3. Span of control
  4. Linear programming
  5. Decentralization of Authority
  6. Job enrichment
  7. Informal organization
  8. Esteem needs
  9. MBO
  10. Line Organization
Answers any 2 of the following:
  1. Explain management and Describe its significance
  2. Describe the Behavioral approach to management
  3. Critically examine the role of planning in business
  4. What is Decision Making? Explain its characteristics
  5. Bring out the advantages of Delegation of Authority
Describe any 6 of the following terms(not more than 5-6 lines):
  1. Human resource Management
  2. Halo effect
  3. Land productivity
  4. Just in Time Technique
  5. Inventory cost
  6. Job order production
  7. Quality Assurance
  8. Human Resource Accounting
  9. Statistical Quality Control
  10. Refresher Training
Answers any 2 of the following:
  1. Describe Human Resource Planning? What are the steps in the process of Human Resource Planning
  2. State the importance of Training and Development
  3. Explain Performance Appraisal? Bring out the uses of Performance Appraisal
  4. What is production management? State the importance of production management
  5. State all the stages involved in developing a new product

Career in Sports

Marketing Research (October 2009) –

1. Choose any of two from the following and Answer:

(a) Describe marketing research? Explain its scope

(b) Bring out the need for marketing information system

(c) Cause of packaging research undertaken?

2. Answer the following (No choice):

(a) Elaborate the process of marketing research

(b) Briefly describe contents of a good research report

(c) What are the qualities of a good field investigation?

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