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Board Exam Preparation Tips | 2022 Strategies to Score More Than 90% In Boards

Board Exam Preparation Tips 2022

Board exams now only review our knowledge but also help us to realize where we stand!! It is the stepping stone for our professional career. To know the Board Exam Preparation Tips 2022 students can scroll down this page.


From here you will get Strategies to Score More Than 90% In Boards. After scoring more than 90% in Board Exams, students can take their education at another level. These marks also help the students in choosing the stream for specialization.

Board Exam Preparation Tips

  • Understand every topic of your book well at the time of reading and if you do not understand then definitely clear your doubt at the same time.
  • Practice your subjects regularly.
  • Give practice test every day, every 7 days, 15 days, 30 days.
  • At least 2 complete exams should be given at the end of the course.
  • Whenever you see any important information, do not forget to underline it and write it in your note book.
  • Do not forget to update your Note Book from time to time, doing this will make it easier for you to revise in the end.

Best Tips for Board Examination

Every study guide will say ‘organize your time’ and ‘make a study timetable’. But how do you do it? So, for all those students who are biting their nails and scared about the upcoming board exams check out the Strategies to Score More Than 90% In Boards here.

  • Start early
  • Don’t Underestimate ENGLISH – Specially CBSE Students
  • The cliché: Planning.
  • Break it down in achievable targets.
  • Be specific.
  • Create a schedule for one subject at a time.
  • Factor in time for BREAKS.
  • Mix it up; don’t make it monotonous.
  • Don’t beat yourself up.

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Do’s for Exam Preparation

Stick With Your Syllabus Book – Mind It!

Follow the systematic way of learning by covering lessons properly according to syllabus.  Revise the regular lessons which taught in the class. In case of confusion, clarify with your teacher the next day.

Keep Separate Note Book for Every Subject

  • Write down the important notes and formulae that you come across during your studies.
  • This will help before the exams as you can just grab the subject notebook and revise the portions you want.

Solving Previous Year Papers Is Not That Boring

  • Last ten years’ papers question will help you to get in touch so practice from them.
  • Take help from teachers and seniors, as needed.

Be Careful With your Weak Points

  • Knowledge of your strengths and weakness is necessary as per the work on the weak section.
  • Concentrate more to improve on them and Take guidance from your teachers.

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Revise Well

  • Do not study anything which make you confused and new book right before exams
  • Make note of vital formulae and keep them to take a look at them as an when you want.
  • Make a weekly revision plan once you have completed the entire syllabus.

On Your Exam Day:

  • On the exam day relax your mind don’t take tension. Get at the venue a little earlier Go there with all essential documents such as admit card, pen, pencil, etc., with you. Locate your seat and settle down comfortably, keeping everything in place.
  • When you get the questions paper read it carefully, as any silly mistake of understanding the question can be harmful.
  • Do not waste time if you get fixed with a question. Move forward with the others. Attempt the easier one first then go for the hard one.
  • Revise the paper carefully, provided time permits.

Don’ts for Exam Preparation

  • Avoid mobile phone and wandering
  • Don’t spend your time in watching T.V.
  • Don’t fight any one just before the exams. It might hurt you a lot
  • Don’t eat much during study hours.

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Toppers’ Study Tips For CBSE Board Exam Preparation

It’s not easy for the student to prepare for board exam without the proper strategy. All you need to have the Best Board Exam Preparation Tips 2022. Dear aspirants you can find all exams preparation tips on our official portal which is recruitmentresult.com

It is very natural to be confuse before the board examination that how to prepare for that.In this page we are trying to tell you about how to face the problems in exams and tackle with them simultaneously.

Final Words:

We hope the above provided stuff in concern of Board Exam Preparation Tips will be beneficial for you. Students can also bookmark our web portal to get latest exam preparation updates.

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