Gondwana University Syllabus 2022- Get B.Sc/MA/MBA/B.Ed Courses Syllabus PDF

Gondwana University Syllabus

Latest Update: Gondwana University Syllabus 2022 PDF is available here to download. Those candidates who are ready to appear in Gondwana University Exams for UG & PG courses such as B.Sc, MA, MBA, B.Ed & other courses, can get Gondwana University Syllabus PDF from here.

Through Updated Gondwana University Syllabus and exam pattern, candidates can start their preparation.


Gondwana University Details:

Name of the OrganizationGondwana University
LocationGadchiroli, Maharashtra, India
CoursesUG, PG, Diploma & PG Diploma Courses
CategoryGondwana University Syllabus
Contact Number07132-223352,07132-223320
official Websiteunigug.ac.in

Courses & Duration:

B.Sc. Courses3 years
BCA Courses3 years
M.Sc. Courses2 years
MCA2 years
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences4 years
B.E.4 years
M.Tech.2 years
B.FD.3 years
M.FD.2 years
Diploma1 year
Diploma in Food Technology3 years
PG Diploma1 year
B.Com.3 years
M.Com.2 years
M.B.A.2 years
Master of Industrial Relation and Personnel Mgt.2 years
M.C.M.2 years
M.Phil.1 year
LL.B.5 years
B.A. LL.B.5 years
LL.M.2 years
Master of Human Rights Duties Education2 years
Master of Cyber Law & Information Technology2 years
B.A3 years
M.A.2 years
B.Ed.1 year
B.P.Ed.1 year
M.Ed.1 year
B.F.A.4 years
BLIS1 year
Bachelor of Journalism1 year
BSW3 years
MLIS2 years
MSW2 years
MMC2 years
Certificate6 months

Gondwana University Syllabus

Gondwana University B.Sc Syllabus

B.Sc.(I.T.) Semester 1:

Paper CodePapers/Practicals
1BIT2Supplementary English / Hindi/Marathi
1BIT3Trends in Information Technology
1BIT4Developing Programming Logic and Techniques.
1BIT5Digital Electronics and Microprocessor
1BIT6System Analysis and Design
1BIT7Practical – I based on IT, Office Automation (MS-Word, MS-Power Point, MS-Excel) and Paper 4
1BIT8Practical – II based on Paper 5

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B.Sc.(I.T.) Semester 2:

Paper CodePapers/Practicals
2BIT2Supplementary English / Hindi/Marathi
2BIT3Structured Programming with C
2BIT4Database Management System
2BIT5Fundamentals of Web Designing and Internet
2BIT6Discrete Mathematics
2BIT7Practical – I based on paper 3 and 4
2BIT8Practical – II based on Paper 5

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B.Sc. Computer science syllabus:

Paper –I: Information And Communication Technology:

Unit Topics added in Gondwana University Syllabus
UNIT – I: Introduction to IT and Computers
  • Block Diagram of Computer, Functioning of Computer,
  • Characteristics Computer Memory: Primary & Secondary
  • Types of Primary Memory. Number System: Decimal, Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal number systems and their Intercoversion, ASCII codes
UNIT – II: I/O and Storage Device
  • Input Devices: Keyboard Locator Device: Mouse, Joy Stick Pick Device: Light Pen, Touch Screen
  • Scanning: MICR, OCR, OMR, Barcode Reader. Vision Capturing: Webcam, Digital Camera Output Devices: VDU, Printer : Dot Matrix, Laser
  • Projector. Storage Device: Hard Disk, Optical Disk, Blu Ray Disk and Pen Drive
UNIT – III: Windows
  • Operating System, Classification of Operating System on the basis of task (Single User Single Task, Single User Multiple Task, and Multi-User Multiple Task), Features of Windows
  • Desktop and Windows Explorer. Control Panel: Administrative Tools – Date and Time, Display, Mouse, Programs and Features. Usage of Recycle Bin Windows Accessories: Calculator, Notepad, Paint, Disk Cleanup
UNIT – IV: Network & Internet
  • Computer Communication, Need for Networks, Communication Device, Types of NetworkLAN, WAN, MAN, Concept of Network Topology
  • Types of Topologies and its Advantages and Limitations Internet: Basic Internet terms, Internet Addressing, Detail about E-mail, Search Engine
  • Social and Ethical Issues, E-learning. Open Source Terminologies: Open Source Software, Freeware, Shareware, Proprietary Software

Paper – II: Programming Techniques & Introduction To ‘C’:


Topics added in Gondwana University Syllabus

UNIT – I : Language Evolution
  • Machine Language, Assembly Language, High Level Language. Translators: Compiler, Interpreter and Assembler
  • The Compilation Process, Linker, Loader, Study of HLL, Characteristics of Good Language
UNIT – II : Programming Construction Tools
  • Problem Analysis, Process Analysis, Conceptual Development of Solution. Development Tools
  • Algorithm: Advantage and Disadvantage of Algorithm, Complexity of Algorithm Flowcharts: Advantage and Disadvantage of Flowchart.
UNIT – III : Introduction to C

C-Character Set and Keyboards, Constants and Variables, Data types, Type Casting, Operators and Expressions – Arithmetic, Relational, Logical Assignment, Increment and Decrement Operator, Updating Assignment, Conditional Operator, Hierarchy of Operators, Input and Output statements in C.

  • Conditional and Looping Statements Conditional Statement: if-else, nested if, else-if ladder, switch
  • ternary Operator Looping Statement: for loop, while and do- while loop, Comma Operator and Use of break, continue and goto statements

Gondwana University MA Syllabus

English syllabus for Semester 1:

Paper Topics
Paper-IChaucer to Milton (A)
Paper -IIRestoration and Augustan Age
Paper-IIIRomantic Age (A)
Paper-IVVictorian Age

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Paper 1 Chaucer to Milton (A)
Unit Topics added in Gondwana University Syllabus
Unit I:-Background Study
  • The Tudor Monarchy, The End of Feudalism, The Renaissance- Humanism, Individualism, Exploration and Discovery, The Reformation, The Rise of English Drama
  • Miracle and Morality Plays, Interludes, Classical Influences on Drama, The First Experiments, Origin of the English Theatre, The University Wits, Sonnets and Lyrics in the 16th century, Aphoristic Essays
Unit II: -Texts for Close Study
  • Geoffrey Chaucer: Prologue to “The Canterbury Tales”
  • Francis Bacon: Of Death, Of Revenge, Of Friendship, Of Marriage and Single Life
Unit III:-Text for Close Study

William Shakespeare: Hamlet

Unit IV:-Texts for Non- Detail StudyEdmund Spenser: Faerie Queene- Book I

John Webster : The Duchess of Malfi

Paper-II Restoration and Augustan Age
Unit I:-Background Study
  • The Restoration of the Monarchy and the Restoration of the Public Theatre in England; Restoration Comedy, Comedy of Manners; Restoration Tragedy; Satire in Verse; The Mock Heroic
  • Satire in Prose; Glorious Revolution; Neo-Classicism and Enlightenment; The Periodical Essays; Critical Essays; The Art of Biography; The Transition Poets, The Rise of the English Novel, The Epistolary Novel, The Picaresque Novel,
  • The Novel of Sentiment; The Gothic Novel.
Unit II:-Texts for Close Study
  • John Dryden: Absalom and Achitophel
  • Alexander Pope: The Rape of the Lock
Unit III:-Text for Close Study
  • William Congreve: The Way of the World
  • Thomas Gray : Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
Unit IV:-Texts for Non- Detail Study
  • Jonathan Swift: The Battle of the Books
  • Henry Fielding: Tom Jones
Paper-III Romantic Age (A)
Unit I:-Background Study
  • Romantic Movement: Precursors of the movement; concepts of nature, reason and imagination
  • factors influencing the movement, the writing of the Lyrical Ballads; French Revolution
  • reactions to French Revolution- enthusiasm and revulsion; reaction to the 18th century literary tradition; the growth of literary criticism; the theory of poetic diction; Pantheism; Willing suspension of disbelief, Personal Essay
Unit II :- Texts for Close StudyWilliam Wordsworth: Tintern Abbey, Ode on Intimations of Immortality, The Prelude, Book I
Unit III :- Texts for Close StudyS. T. Coleridge: The Ancient Mariner, Christabel : Kubla Khan
Unit IV :- Texts for Non- Detail StudyCharles Lamb: Christ’s Hospital, Old and New School Master, Dissertation Upon a Roast Pig, A Bachelor’s Complaint

Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice

Paper-IV Victorian Age
Unit I:-Background
  • The Victorian Temper; the establishment of the empire; the theory of evolution; Industrial Revolution
  • Realism, Naturalism, Conflict between Science and Religion; faith and doubt; Spirit of Compromise; the Oxford Movement, Evangelicalism, Factory Acts, Urbanisation; the Utilitarianism
  • Chartism, the belief in progress; the growth of socialist movement; the Working Class Movement; the Suffragette Movement; Pre-Raphaelite Movement; Art for Art’s sake; Women Writings.
Unit II :- Texts for Close Study
  • Alfred Tennyson: The Lotus Eaters, Ulysses
  • Robert Browning: A Grammarian’s Funeral, Andrea Del Sarto
  • Matthew Arnold: Thyrsis
Unit III :- Texts for Close Study
  • Thomas Carlyle: Hero as a Poet
  • John Ruskin: Sesame and Lilies
Unit IV :- Texts for Non -Detail Study
  • Charles Dickens: David Copperfield
  • Thomas Hardy: Tess of the D’Urbervilles

English syllabus for Semester 2:

Paper Topics
Paper-VChaucer to Milton (B)
Paper-VIRomantic Age (B)
Paper-VIIModern Age
Paper-VIIIPost-modern Age

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Gondwana University M.B.A Syllabus

M.B.A Syllabus for Semester 1:

Unique Subject Code (USC)Topics added in syllabus
PCB1C01Principles of Management
PCB1C02Managerial Economics
PCB1C03Found. Course in Marketing & Sales Management
PCB1C04Found. Course in HRM
PCB1C05Financial Accounting
PCB1C06Quantitative Techniques
PCB1F07Business Legislation
PCB1F08Computers for Managers

M.B.A Syllabus for Semester 2:

Unique Subject Code (USC)Topics added in syllabus
PCB2C01Organizational Behavior & development
PCB2C02Environment Management
PCB2C03Cost & Management Accounting
PCB2C04Entrepreneurial Development
PCB2C05Business Research
PCB2C06Financial Management
PCB2F07Strategic Management
PCB2F08Technology & R&D Management

Question Pattern and Marking Scheme for all Course Programs:

Four Short answer questions out of six from Unit- I, II, III, IV16 marks
One Long answer question out of two from Unit-I16 marks
One Long answer question out of two from Unit-II16 marks
One Long answer question out of two from Unit-III16 marks
One Long answer question out of two from Unit-IV16 marks
Total Marks80 marks

Gondwana University Syllabus:

Every year this institute conducts UG & PG Courses exam. Students pursuing various courses like B.tech, MA, B.Sc, MBA, B.Ed & others may take assistance from this syllabus. Here is unit wise detailed syllabus from which question paper is set. We, team of recruitmentresult.com have listed detailed Gondwana University Syllabus 2022 on this page so that you may plan your studies.

Make use of best study material to score well in university exam. You may do more and more practice to be specialized and efficient in all topics as per syllabus. All you need is to make a schedule & cover all topics. Those having insight knowledge and skills of all topics will get good marks. So, aspirants are suggested to make a command on all important topics as prescribed in syllabus.

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