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GRE Sample Paper 2022– All Sections Question/Model Paper, Practice Test PDF

GRE Sample Paper

To attend Graduate Record Examinations, students are advised to prepare themselves through GRE Sample Paper 2022 PDF. GRE Model Paper/ Practice Test Papers of All Section carry the same types of questions, asked in the GRE Exam for both the General as well as the Subject Tests.


Access the official sample papers of GRE which gives movement to individual’s preparation. You should also familiarize with the GRE Exam Pattern.

Here on this page we have provided GRE Model Papers PDF and Practice Test of All Sections. You must need to go through this page to download GRE Exam Sample Paper.

Details Regarding GRE 2022 Sample Paper:

  • Conducting Body: Educational Trust Service
  • Exam Name: Graduate Record Examination
  • Category: GRE Sample Paper 2022
  • Official Website: www.ets.org

GRE Sample Paper 2022

GRE 2022 Exam Date:

Events Exam Dates
Application form available February 2022
Deadline to submit the application form March 2022
Admit Card April 2022

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GRE Question Paper PDF

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GRE 2022 Sample Paper PDF:

GRE Model Paper PDF Press Here
Practice Book for the PBT GRE General Test Press Here
GRE Chemistry Test Practice Book Press Here
GRE Mathematics Test Practice Book Press Here
GRE Physics Solution Paper PDF Press Here
GRE  Physics Test Practice Book Press Here
GRE revised General Test, 2nd Edition Press Here

 GRE Previous Year Questions and Answers:

Question 1: The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves

  1. viscosity of ink
  2. capillary action phenomenon
  3. diffusion of ink through the blotting
  4. siphon action

Answer: 2

Question 2: Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named

  1. Fermi
  2. angstrom
  3. newton
  4. tesla

Answer: 1

Question 3: Ordinary table salt is sodium chloride. What is baking soda?

  1. Potassium chloride
  2. Potassium carbonate
  3. Potassium hydroxide
  4. Sodium bicarbonate

Answer: 4

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Question 4: Plants receive their nutrients mainly from

  1. chlorophyll
  2. atmosphere
  3. light
  4. soil

Answer: 4

Question 5: Movement of cell against concentration gradient is called

  1. osmosis
  2. active transport
  3. diffusion
  4. passive transport

Answer: 4

Question 6: The number of moles of solute present in 1 kg of a solvent is called its

  1. molality
  2. molarity
  3. normality
  4. formality

Answer: 1

Question 7: The metal used to recover copper from a solution of copper sulphate is

  1. Na
  2. Ag
  3. Hg
  4. Fe

Answer: 4

Question 8: The metallurgical process in which a metal is obtained in a fused state is called

  1. smelting
  2. roasting
  3. calcinations
  4. froth floatation

Answer: 1

Question 9: The cost price of 20 articles is the same as the selling price of x articles. If the profit is 25%, then the value of x is:

  1. 15
  2. 16
  3. 18
  4. 25

Answer: 2

Question 10: A vendor bought toffees at 6 for a rupee. How many for a rupee must he sell to gain 20%?

  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 5
  4. 6

Answer: 3

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Question 11: The price of 2 sarees and 4 shirts is Rs. 1600. With the same money one can buy 1 saree and 6 shirts. If one wants to buy 12 shirts, how much shall he have to pay ?

  1. 1200
  2. 2400
  3. 4800
  4. Cannot be determined
  5. None of these

Answer: 2

Question 12: CUP: LIP: BIRD:?

  1. BUSH
  2. GRASS
  4. BEAK

Answer: 4

Question 13: Flow : River :: Stagnant : ?

  1. Rain
  2. Stream
  3. Pool
  4. Canal


Question 14: Paw : Cat :: Hoof : ?

  1. Lamb
  2. Elephant
  3. Lion
  4. Horse

Answer: 4

Question 15: Ornithologist : Bird :: Archealogist : ?

  1. Islands
  2. Mediators
  3. Archealogy
  4. Aquatic

Answer: 3

Question 16: Peacock : India :: Bear : ?

  1. Australia
  2. America
  3. Russia
  4. England

Answer: 3

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Question 17: Conference : Chairman :: Newspaper : ?

  1. Reporter
  2. Distributor
  3. Printer
  4. Editor

Answer: 4

Question 18: Safe : Secure :: Protect : ?

  1. Lock
  2. Sure
  3. Guard
  4. Conserve


Question 19: Master : OCUVGT :: LABOUR : ?


Answer: 1

Question 20: Microphone : Loud :: Microscope : ?

  1. Elongate
  2. Investigate
  3. Magnify
  4. Examine

Answer: 3

Press Here For: GRE Sample Paper Official Link

GRE Sample Paper PDF 2022:

With the help of GRE Sample Paper Free 2022, students can easily qualify their Graduate Record Examinations with good marks. GRE is known as Graduate Record Examinations. Educational Testing Services (ETS) is the organizing body of this standardized test.

Various top Graduate Schools accepted ETS GRE scores for master’s degree programs such as Master of Science degree – MS in USA. Some of the countries accept GRE scores which are as given below.

India USA
UK Australia
Canada New Zealand
Singapore Spain
South Africa Thailand

GRE Sample Paper 2022 Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Question 1: Does ETS release official GRE sample papers?

Answer:  ETS releases sample questions for both the Subject and General Tests. That is not all as there are official practice tests that are made available for candidates.

Question 2: What is the benefit of solving GRE sample papers?

Answer: The candidate will learn about types of questions asked, manner of their framing and much more by solving GRE Sample Papers.

Question 3: What are the various subjects one can take the GRE Subject test in?

Answer: The GRE Subject Test 2022 is available for following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology.

Question 4: Is GRE Practice Papers required to prepare for GRE?  

Answer: By the help of GRE practice tests you will get an idea of the test structure, types of questions, real exam environment, time management, and so on.

Question 5: When can I find free online GRE Practice Papers?    

Answer: ETS offers several free GRE Practice Tests, available on the ETS official website.

Question 6: How many GRE Sample Papers should I attempt?  

Answer: Students should try to attempt as many GRE Sample Tests as possible.

Question 7: When should I take GRE practice tests?  

Answer: The ideal time to take GRE practice tests is when you are almost done with your preparation for the test.

Question 8: Do I need to answer all questions asked in GRE?    

Answer: It is not compulsory to answer all questions on the GRE test.

Question 9:  How to access GRE practice tests?    

Answer: You can find GRE practice tests on the official website of ETS.

Question 10: What is the GRE Exam Pattern?

Answer: Check Below

GRE Exam Pattern 2022 Computer based Paper based
Total duration 3 hours 45 Minutes 3 hours 30 minutes
Total no. of sections 07 06
Total no. of questions 82 102

Download Here:

Latest Official GRE Practice Test (PDF)

 Official Practice Test (Previous Year) (PDF)

So, candidates who want to pursue their further studies such as Masters they have to crack Graduate Record Examinations conducting by ETS. Team members of recruitmentresult.com have made this page for the convenience of candidates to provide them GRE Sample Paper 2022 in PDF Form. So, candidates can download GRE Exam Model Question Paper from here.

Important Note:

You can get GRE Sample Paper 2022 through PDF links which is given above. Keep in touch with us through Facebook and Google Plus to get updates regarding GRE 2022 Sample Paper time to time.

If you face any problem regarding GRE Model Question Paper given here, you can leave the comment in comment box. We will try to solve your problem regarding GRE Model Paper 2022 as soon as possible.

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