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Gujarat University Syllabus 2020 BA/MA/B.Sc/LLB (First, Second, Third Year)

Gujarat University Syllabus

Download latest Gujarat University Syllabus from here. Contenders who are pursuing under graduate as well as post graduate courses like B.A, M.A, BS.C, LLB & others may begin their study as per topics prescribed in syllabus. You may access syllabus course wise from this page & plan out your studies. Get Gujarat University Syllabus 2020 for First, Second, Third Year of BA, MA, B.Sc & LLB in PDF form.

Gujarat University Syllabus

Download Gujarat University Syllabus PDF

Here we are placing direct links to get Gujarat University 2020 Syllabus. Choose stream for which you want to download syllabus & start your preparation. Aspirants are advised to download this syllabus for better preparation of exam.

BA First Year SyllabusGet PDF
BA Second yearGet PDF
BA Third YearGet PDF
LLB sem 5 year (1 to 2 )Get PDF
BSc BiologyGet PDF
BSc 1st year ChemistryGet PDF
BSc  1st year EnglishGet PDF
BSc  1st year MathematicsGet PDF
BSc 2nd year PhysicsGet PDF
BSc 2nd year MathematicsGet PDF
BSc 2nd year ChemistryGet PDF
BSc 2nd year EnglishGet PDF
BSc 3rd Year EnglishGet PDF
BSc 3rd Year MicrobiologyGet PDF
BSc 3rd Year PhysicsGet PDF

Gujarat University B.A Syllabus

Indian culture – Indology 6th Semester Syllabus:

Unit Topics added in Gujarat University Syllabus
Unit I
  • Importance of Yog in Modern life.
  • Yoga and health
  • Yog and food
Unit II
  • Yog : Definitation and history : Tradition Types of Yog (Karma Yog, Bhakti Yog, Raj Yog, Gyan Yog)
  • Introduction of Astang Yog of Patanjali
Unit III
  • Breathing techniques and pranayam Introduction of Main Aasanas:
  • Head Stand : Sirsasana, Shoulder stand: Sarvangasana,
    Plogh: Halasana, Fish: Matsyasana,
    Forward Bend : Pascimottanasana, Cobra: Bhujanasana, Locust:Salabhasana,
    Bow:Dhanurasana,  Half Spinal Twist: Ardha Matsyendrasana,
    Crow:Kakasana, Standing Forward Bend:
    Padhastasana, Triangle: Trikonasana
  • The Sun Salutation and Corpse pose : Savasana (Note : Theory and Practical)
Unit IV
  • Introduction of Chakras
  • Bandhas and Mudras
  • Shatkriyas

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Gujarat University B.A Psychology  Sem 1 Syllabus:

Topics Sub topics
Psychology As A Science – Introduction
  • Definition of Psychology
  • Psychology as a Behavioral Science
  • Goals of Psychology
  • The Subfields of Psychology
  • Definition and Nature of Motivation (Motivational Cycles)
  • Measurement of Motivation
  • Primary Motives (i) Hunger and Thirst (ii) Sex and Maternal Drive
  • Social Motives (i) Affection and Affiliation (ii) Social approval and Esteem (iii) Achievement, Motivation
  • Definition and Nature of Emotion
  • Psychological changes during Emotion
  • Measurement of Automatic changes
  • Expression of Emotion
Attention And Perception
  • Definition and Nature of Attention
  • Determinants of Attention
  • Meaning of Perception
  • Object Perception
Types And Sources Of Stress
  • Frustration
  • Sources of frustration
  • Common frustration in our Culture
  • Conflict
  • Types of Conflict
  • Common Conflict in our Society
  • Pressure
  • Sources of Pressure (Common Pressure in our Society
Severity Of Stress
  • Characteristics of the Adjustive demand
  • Characteristics of the Individual Other Key Aspects of Stress
  • Stress Pattern are Unique (Stress Patterns may be Unconscious)
  • Adaptation to Stress is Expensive
Pre-Marital Adjustment
  • Changing Pre-marital Patterns
  • Sex Role & Relationship before marriage Exception of Marriage
  • Changing Martial Relationship & Exception
  • Reasons for Marriage
  • Why Some People never Marry
  • New Standards for Assessing Martial Success
  • Selecting a Mate
  • The quest for Romantic Love
  • What do young people look for?
  • Key Aspect in Mate Selection
  • Predicting Martial Success
Marital Adjustment1. Marital Styles & Interaction
2. Factors on good Martial adjustment

(i) Pre-marital Background Factors
(ii) Personality Factors
(iii) Sexual Adjustment
(iv) Roles & Mutual Accommodation
(v) Environmental Resources, Limitations & Demands

An Introduction to Psychology of personal Adjustment(1) Meaning and nature of psychology of personal Adjustment
(2) Scope of Psychology of Personal Adjustment
(3) Importance of the study of Psychology of Personal Adjustment
(4) Characteristics of Satisfactory Adjustment
An Introduction to Adjustment
  • Meaning of Adjustment of Adjustment
  • Adjustment Process
  • Importance of Adjustment
Family Adjustment
  • Meaning and Nature of the Family
  • Function of Family
  • The Dynamics of Family Interaction
  • The Husband – Wife Relationship
  • The Parent – Child Relationship Adjusting to Family crises
School Adjustment
  • School as a New Experience
  • The Home – School Relationship
  • The Teacher – Child Relationship
  • The Dynamics of learning

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Gujarat University B.Sc Syllabus

Physics Syllabus:

Unit name Topics added in Gujarat University Syllabus
Unit 1
  • Vector Analysis: Introduction, Applications of Vector Multiplication, Triple Scalar Product, Triple Vector Product
  • Differentiation of Vectors, Fields, Directional Derivative, Gradient, Some other expressions involving
  • Green’s Theorem in the plane, The Divergence and the Divergence theorem. Gauss’s law, The curl and Stoke’s theorem.
Unit 2
  • Waves: Traveling Waves Speed of propagation of waves in a stretched string longitudinal waves in a bar
  • , Plane waves in a fluid, transmission of energy by a traveling wave.
  • Sound waves Introduction, Intensity & intensity level, Loudness & pitch radiation from a piston, diffraction, radiation efficiency of a sound source. Newton’s and Langrang correction
  • Ultrsonics Magneostriction method,Piezo-electric oscillator, Piezo-electric detectors
  • Measurement of velocity of ultrasonic waves, diffraction effect & its application to determine the velocity of the waves, the ultrasonic waves & its use.
Unit 3
  • Optics Farmat’s principle and its applications: Farmat’s principle of least time, laws at reflection, laws of refraction. Interference in thin films: Thin film, Plane parallel film
  • Interference due to transmitted light, Haidinger fringes, variable thickness (wedge-shaped) film
  • Newton’s ring. Matrices: Types of matrices, Inversion of a Matrix, Rank of a Matrix, Diagonalization (3X3 only) . Matrix Method in Optics : Introduction, The matrix method, Unit planes, Nodal point planes, A system of two thin lenses.
Unit 4
  • Introduction, Attenuation of light in an optical medium, Thermal equilibrium, Interaction of light with matter
  •  Einstein coefficients and their relations, Light amplification
  • Meeting the three requirements, Components of Laser, Lasing action, Principal pumping schemes, Type of lasers
  • Semiconductor laser, Laser beam characteristics, Applications

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Important Details About Gujarat University Syllabus

Gujarat University Syllabus is one of the premier study materials as it will help you in knowing which topics are important from preparation point of view. Go through detailed syllabus & lay emphasize on each topic as listed in latest syllabus. Select exam best study material.  Besides this, you may also refer previous year papers and mock tests. It will guide you in knowing which topics are majorly asked in paper.

Get Direct: Gujarat University Syllabus Link

 In addition to this, it’s better to make notes on daily basis of all important chapters. These notes will help in revision also. You may revise all important topics from it. Make a proper plan & allot time to each subject to get more marks in exam.

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This is all about Gujarat University Syllabus 2020. To attain more details about Gujarat University Syllabus, refer its Official Link.

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