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IBPS Clerk Mock Test 2022 Practice Now Pre Exam Online Test Series

IBPS Clerk Mock Test

All those who are going to appear in IBPS exam can Practice Now IBPS Clerk Mock Test 2022. We have designed here IBPS clerk pre exam online test series in such a way that will help the candidates to crack the exam with good scores. So, practice now online mock test for IBPS clerk and your speed and accuracy will get improved.


IBPS Clerk Mock Test 2022

Highlights of IBPS Clerk 2022 Exam Dates:

Activity IBPS Clerk Exam Dates
Online Examination – Preliminary
  • August 28, 2022 
  • September 03, 2022
  • September 04, 2022
Online Examination – Main October 08, 2022

IBPS Clerk Exam Mock Test – Mostly Asked Question

Question1. Why to take IBPS Clerk Prelims Mock Test?

Answer: Further the IBPS Clerk Mock Test also has a time limit that helps contenders in boosting their question solving speed. After the completion of IBPS RRB Clerk Mock Test a result also get declared that helps candidates in predicting about the upcoming IBPS Clerk Result with present preparation.

Question2. What is Free IBPS Clerk Mock Test?

Answer: IBPS Mock Test for Clerk usually help out a lot, because the exam used is a either a past paper or a very analogous form of it, which can really give you a clear idea what the exam is like. IBPS Clerk Online Mock Test is a test that gives idea about the type and pattern in which the questions are going to be asked.

If you want to take part in IBPS Clerk Mock Test 2022 and get an estimate about your preparation then do not waste time and go through below section of this page of recruitmentresult.com now. Here we have given all details about Clerk IBPS Mock Test.

IBPS Clerk Mock Test 2022

How to Take Free Online Mock Test for IBPS Clerk?

  • To take the IBPS Mock Test Clerk, first of all you need to visit the official website i.e. www.ibps.in
  • After reaching Homepage go to the left side and hit IBPS Clerk 2022 Free Mock Test Link
  • Thereafter a new page will come out along with Bank Clerk Online Test Series link
  • Hit on Practice Test for IBPS Clerk link and you will be redirected to a new page
  • Hit on Sign In tab and then a new window will come out along with some General Instructions.
  • Read the instructions and hit on Next.
  • Select language and hit on Declaration and then hit on I am Ready to Begin tab to start the IBPS Clerk Mock Test.
  • As a result the Online IBPS Clerk Mock Test Online will get started.
  • Now all you need to do is to answer the question in IBPS Clerk Pre Mock Test / IBPS Clerk Mains Mock Test.
  • After answering the question of IBPS Clerk Mock Test Series hit on Save and Next tab.
  • Once all the questions are answered in Mock Test of IBPS hit on Submit tab.

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IBPS Clerk Free Online Test Series 2022

IBPS Clerk Mock Test Online series

Question 1: 12 ¾ % of 2400 + 23 ½ % of 800 + 452 = 1125 ÷ 25 × 4 + ?

  1. 658
  2. 532
  3. 776
  4. 614

Answer: 4

Question 2: Which of the following is the main Standing Committee of Lok Sabha?

  1. Committee on Public Accounts
  2. Estimates Committee
  3. Committee on Public Undertaking
  4. All the Above

Answer: 4

Question 3: Who among the following appointed the Governor of the states in India?

  1. The Prime Minister
  2. The Parliament
  3. The Chief Ministers
  4. The President

Answer: 4

Question 4: Which of the following Articles contain the right to religious freedom?

  1. 25-28
  2. 29-30
  3. 32-35
  4. 23-24

Answer: 1

Question 5: Which article of the Constitution abolishes Untouchability?

  1. Article 18
  2. Article 15
  3. Article 14
  4. Article 17

Answer: 4

Question 6: Which of the following Supreme Court decisions stated that the Directive Principles of State policy cannot override fundamental rights?

  1. In State of Madras Vs. Champakam Dorairajan
  2. In Keshavananda Bharti vs. UOI
  3. In Minerva Mills vs. UOI
  4. In Unna Krishnan vs. State of Andhra Pradesh

Answer: 1

Question 7: A Directive principle of State Policy is mentioned in …….. of the Indian constitution.

  1. Part I
  2. Part VI
  3. Part VIII
  4. Part IV

Answer: 2

Question 8: Who is empowered to declare National Emergency?

  1. Prime Minister of India
  2. President of India
  3. Governors of State
  4. Parliament

Answer: 2

Question 9. Who amongst the following does not belong to political party which is normally referred as left front?

  1. Prakash Karat
  2. A.B.Bardhan
  3. D.Raju
  4. T.J.Chandrachoodan
  5. M.VeerappaMoily

Answer: 5

Question 10. Sujat and Balsara villages were in news recently as breach in main Narmada Canal made them flooded. Both these villages are in which of the following States?

  1. Maharashtra
  2. Madhya Pradesh
  3. Gujarat
  4. Rajasthan
  5. None of these

Answer: 3

Question 11. As per the estimates given by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) the Indian Economy will grow at which of the following rates in 2008 ?

  1. 7%
  2. 7.5%
  3. 8%
  4. 8.5%
  5. None of these

Answer: 3

Question 12. Which of the following is NOT one of the recommendations of the committee setup on Financial Sector Reforms under the Chairmanship of RaghuramG.Rajan ?

(1) Give more freedoms to banks to setup branches and ATMS anywhere

(2) Setup an office of financial ombudsmen

(3) All deposits taking institutions should be free from the supervision of the RBI

  1. Only 1
  2. only 2
  3. Only 3

Answer: 1

Question 13. The Govt. of which of the following States has formed a Fisherman Debt Commission and Question a moratorium has been placed on proceedings relating to all debts incured by poor fisherman from banks and cooperatives ?

  1. West Bengal
  2. Keral
  3. Orissa
  4. Karnataka
  5. None of these

Answer: 2

Question 14. Federal Reserves is the Central Bank of ___

  1. Britain
  2. U.S.A.
  3. Japan
  4. Canada
  5. China

Answer: 2

Question 15. Which of the following was the issue over which one section of the UPA withdrew its support and Union Govt. headed by Dr. Man Mohan Singh was required to prove its majority in the LokSabha ?

(1) Inflation , which was on a rise consistently for some time

(2) Reservations of Gurjarrs in Govt. jobs

(3) Nuclear deal with USA

  1. Only 1
  2. only 2
  3. Only 3

Answer: 3

Question 16. As a gesture to promote denuclearization and also to end nuclear arms programme the cooling tower of a nuclear complex situated in “Youngbyon” was demolished recently. This nuclear complex is in which of the following countries ?

  1. South Korea
  2. Iran
  3. China
  4. North Korea
  5. None of these

Answer: 4

Question 17. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) keeps on modifying various rates / ratios to keep the flow of liquidity in the market in a balanced situation . Which of the following rates/ratios/indexes is NOT directly controlled by the RBI ?

  1. Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)
  2. Bank Rate
  3. Repo Rate
  4. Reserve Repo Rate
  5. Wholesale Price Index (WPI)

Answer: 5

Question 18. China has signed an agreement with which of the following countries, which will help both the parties to make the East China Sea “a sea of peace, co-operation and friendship” ?

  1. North Korea
  2. South Korea
  3. Japan
  4. Russia
  5. All of these

Answer: 3

Question 19. The former President of which of the following countries has taken over as the Prime Minister of the nation in May 2008 ?

  1. Venezuela
  2. Russia
  3. Uganda
  4. Tanzania
  5. None of these

Answer: 2

Question 20. Which of the following companies of Indian origin has been placed amongst the World’s seven Best Firms in Financial Sector ?

  1. IDBI Bank
  2. HDFC Bank
  3. Bajaj Capitals
  4. ICICI Bank
  5. None of these

Answer: 2

Question 21. Michel Sleiman has taken over as the president of ____

  1. Lebanon
  2. Cuba
  3. Yemen
  4. Zambia
  5. Turkey

Answer: 1

Question 22. Which of the following is/are true about the “PradhanMantriAdarsh Gram Yojana” to be launched in the near future ?

(1) This scheme is to develop those villages where SC/ST population is in prominence

(2) About 70,000 villages are identified for the same

(3) A special fund of Rs.7,000Crore is setup for the scheme

  1. Only 1
  2. only 2
  3. Only 3

Answer: 1

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Question 23. Which of the following countries had decided to come out of the membership of OPEC ?

  1. Iran
  2. Indonesia
  3. Kuwait
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. None Of these

Answer: 2

Question 24. Many Banks have adopted / launched “Core Banking Solution (CBS)” .Core Banking Solution is _______

  1. a marketing strategy adopted by the Banks
  2. a new type of ATM useful for rural population
  3. a delivery channel for quick and fast delivery
  4. a new product launched to help senior citizens only as they are not able to visit branches / ATMs frequently
  5. None of these

Answer: 3

Question 25. As per the figures released recently, the rate of growth of agriculture during 2007-08 has been at the level of approximately ______

  1. 2.5 %
  2. 3 %
  3. 4.5 %
  4. 5 %
  5. 6.33 %

Answer: 3

Question 26. The import of which of the following has raised the Current Account Deficit of India by about 77 % ?

  1. Oil
  2. Gas
  3. Sugar
  4. Foodgrain
  5. None of these

Answer: 1

Question 27. The National e- Governance plan was launched by the Govt. of India in the year 2006 with which of the following intentions/objectives ?

(1) To provide qualitative service of Govt. business to the citizens of India

(2) To promote IT sector in India so that trained IT personnel do not go out of the country for jobs

(3) To keep a vigil on the business transaction of Indian population to avoid illegal transactions

  1. Only 1
  2. only 2
  3. Only 3

Answer: 1

Question 28. As per the figure released recently what was the per capita income at Current Price in the year 2007-08 in India? About ____

  1. Rs. 20,000/-
  2. Rs. 25,000/-
  3. Rs. 23,000/-
  4. Rs. 33,000/-
  5. Rs. 48,000/-

Answer: 4

Question 29. Ana Ivanovic won the “French Open Women’s Singles” of Lawn Tennis after defeating _______

  1. Katrina Srebtnik
  2. DinaraSafina
  3. Virginia RuanoPascual
  4. Victoria Azarenka
  5. None of these

Answer: 2

Question 30. The World Environment Day is celebrated on which of the following days?

  1. 5TH October
  2. 5TH August
  3. 5TH July
  4. 5TH June
  5. None of these

Answer: 4

Question 31. Who amongst the following is included in the list of “Biggest Brains in Business”?

  1. L. N. Mittal
  2. Anil Ambani
  3. Kumar Mangalam Birla
  4. MukeshAmbani
  5. Ratan Tata

Answer: 1

Question 32. Which of the following cannot be called as a value Added service offered by a Bank?

  1. Special accounts for poor sections of the society
  2. Accident insurance cover
  3. Instant Credits of Outstation Cheques
  4. Free cheque book
  5. All are value Added services

Answer: 4

Question 33. Which of the following is the total amount Government of India has earmarked for Agriculture Debt Waiver and Debt Relief Scheme 2008 ?

  1. Rs.10,000Crore
  2. Rs.25,000Crore
  3. Rs.45,000Crore
  4. Rs.72,000Crore
  5. Rs.83,000Crore

Answer: 4

IBPS Important Links

Important Links Related to IBPS Clerk Recruitment Process:

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IBPS Clerk Mock Test Pattern 2022

IBPS Clerk 2022 Exam Pattern Prelims:

Subject No. Of Questions Marks Duration
English Language 30 30 20 Minutes
Numerical Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
Reasoning Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
Total 100 100 60 Minutes

IBPS Clerk  Exam Pattern Mains:

Subjects No. Of Ques Marks Duration
Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude 50 60 45 Minutes
English Language 40 40 35 Minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 50 50 45 Minutes
General/Financial Awareness 50 50 35 Minutes
Total 190 200 160 Minutes

IBPS Clerk Mock Test Series

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) organizes IBPS Clerk 2022 paper. This IBPS Clerk Mock Test will help you in preparing for exam. Set a proper schedule & allot time to all topics as asked in paper. Candidates have to secure minimum marks to qualify the exam.

The IBPS Clerk Mock Test 2022 given in above section of this page will definitely help you in taking your preparation to next level.

Final words:

Individuals need to practice more & more IBPS Clerk Mock Test 2022 to score good marks in IBPS Clerk Paper. You may follow its Official Link to attain more updates about IBPS Clerk Mock Test.

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