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JNU Sample Papers 2022 | JNU Previous Year Question Paper For MA/MCA/M.TECH

JNU Sample Papers 

Enhance your preparation to qualify MA/MCA/M.TECH Examination with good scores with the help of JNU Sample Papers 2022. Regular practice with JNU Previous Year Question Paper will boost up your overall preparation and skills


Jawahar Lal Nehru University has provided JNU Sample Papers PDF for MA/MCA/M.TECH and other exam on its official site. Student can download JNU Previous Year Papers with solution through online mode or from this page.

JNU Sample Papers

JNU Previous Year Question Paper – (Undergraduate Courses)

B.A Honors – First Year (School of Language, Culture, and Literature)
French/German/Spanish and Russian Question Paper JNU Chinese/Korean/Japnese Question Paper
Persian, Arabic, and Pashto Question Paper
B.A Honors (II Year)
Arabic Question Paper B.A Hons Chinese Question Paper pdf
JNU B.A Hons French Question Paper German Question Paper
Japanese Question Paper Korean Question Paper
JNU Pashto Question Paper Persian Question Paper Pdf
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JNU Question Paper For M.A/M.C.A/M.Sc Courses

Course Programs 2018 2017 2016
Molecular Medicine (M.Sc) Download Here Download Here Download Here
Physics (M.Sc) Download Here Download Now Download Here
Chemistry (M.Sc) Download Here Download Here
Life Sciences (M.Sc) Download Here Download Here Download Here
Sociology (M.A) Download Here Download Here Download Here
Political Science (M.A) Download Here Download Here Download Here
History (M.A) Download Here Download Here
Economics (M.A) Download Here Download Here Download Here
Geography (M.A) Download Here Download Here Download Here
Philosophy (M.A) Download Here Download Here Download Here
Arts and Aesthetics (M.A) Download Here Download Here Download Here
Development and Labour Studies (M.A) Download Here Download Here Download Here
Politics with Specialization In International Studies (M.A) Download Here Download Here Download Here
German Literature (M.A) Download Here Download Here Download Here
Persian (M.A) Download Here Download Here Download Here
International Relations and Area Studies (M.A) Download Here Download Here Download Here
Economics with Specialization in World Economy Download Here Download Here Download Here
M.Sc in Environmental Studies Download Here Download Here Download Here

Benefits of JNU Sample Paper 2022

  • Through JNU Sample Questions Papers you can get an idea about exam pattern, types of questions asked, number of questions, duration of exam and sections for each subject.
  • Solving JNU Question Papers 2022 will help candidates to prepare much better and scoring high possible marks
  • Sample Papers of JNU 2022 will help candidates where they need to manage their time to solve the exam on time.
  • JNU Previous Sample Paper helps you to analyze your preparation

JNU Question and Answers

Question 1:  Who is selected as the 14th President of India?

  1. Ram Nath Kovind
  2. Suresh Kumar
  3. Rajesh kumar
  4. Meira kumar

Answer: 1

Question 2:  Euler’s formula holds good only for

  1. Short columns
  2. Long columns
  3. Both short and long columns
  4. Weak columns

Answer: 2

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Question 3:  Which of the following is a pressure filter?

  1. Leaf filter (Moore filter)
  2. Plate and flame filter
  3. Rotary drum filter
  4. Sand filter

Answer: 2

Question 4:  In a four stroke cycle, the minimum temperature inside the engine cylinder occurs at the

  1. Beginning Of Suction Stroke
  2. End Of Suction Stroke
  3. Beginning Of Exhaust Stroke
  4. End Of Exhaust Stroke

Answer: 1

Question 5: Which of the following is not valid in case of bipolars?

  1. It has a low input impedance
  2. It has high voltage gain
  3. It is a current controlled device
  4. It is difficult to bias

Answer: 4

Question 6: Negative feedback in amplifier

  1. Reduces Gain
  2. Increases Frequency And Phase Distortion
  3. Reduces Bandwidth
  4. Increases Noise

Answer: 1

Question 7:  The object of caulking in a riveted joint is to make the joint

  1. Free from corrosion
  2. Stronger in tension
  3. Free from stresses
  4. Leak-proof

Answer: 4

Question 8:  For sizing of fine materials, the most suitable equipment is a

  1. Trommel
  2. grizzly
  3. shaking screen
  4. vibrating screen

Answer: 4

Question 9: Which of the following is not categorised as a “mechanical operation”?

  1. Agitation
  2. Filtration
  3. Size enlargement
  4. Humidification

Answer: 4

Question 10: The noise generated by a resistor depends upon

  1. Its Resistance Value
  2. Its Operating Temperature
  3. Both Its Resistance Value And Operating Temperature
  4. None Of The Above

Answer: 2   

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Question 11: The neutral axis of the cross-section a beam is that axis at which the bending stress is

  1. Zero
  2. Minimum
  3. Maximum
  4. Infinity

Answer: 1

Question 12:  Which of the following should be used in order to prevent overloading or the last IF amplifier in a receiver?

  1. Variable selectivity
  2. Variable sensitivity
  3. Double conversion
  4. Squelch

Answer: 2

Question 13:  The thermal efficiency of a standard Otto cycle for a compression ratio of 5.5 will be:

  1. 25%
  2. 50%
  3. 70%
  4. 100%

Answer: 2

Question 14: Most popular IF for receivers tuning to 540 to 1650 kHz is

  1. 433 kHz
  2. 455 kHz
  3. 545 kHz
  4. 555 kHz

Answer: 2

Question 15: The friction experienced by a body, when in motion, is known as

  1. Rolling friction
  2. Dynamic friction
  3. Limiting friction
  4. Static friction

Answer: 2

Question 16: The function of an AM detector circuit is to

  1. Rectify The Input Signal
  2. Discard The Carrier
  3. Provide Audio Signal
  4. All Of The Above

Answer: 4

Question 17:  Out of the following, the depreciation calculated by the __________ method is the maximum.

  1. Diminishing Balance
  2. Straight Line
  3. Sum Of The Years Digit
  4. Sinking Fund

Answer: 1

Question 18: Utilities cost in the operation of chemical process plant comes under the

  1. Plant Overhead Cost
  2. Fixed Charges
  3. Direct Production Cost
  4. General Expenses

Answer: 3

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Question 19: Direct costs component of the fixed capital consists of

  1. Contingencies
  2. Onsite And Offsite Costs
  3. Labour Costs
  4. Raw Material Costs

Answer: 2

Question 20: A famous person, David Douglas Duncan was passed away in France. He belongs to the profession of;

  1. Lyricist
  2. Animation
  3. Photography
  4. Writer

Answer: 3

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How To Download JNU Sample Papers 2022?

  • First of all visit the official website that is www.jnu.ac.in to Download JNU Previous Sample Papers
  • Now, go for “Admission” link available at the menu bar
  • Further JNU Previous Question Papers link from the next page
  • Now fill details in space for which you want to get JNU Exam Question Papers
  • Thereafter JawaharLal Nehru University Sample Papers 2022 PDF will open on screen
  • Lastly, save JNU MA/MCA/M.TECH Sample Papers and download the same for future use.

JNU Sample Papers With Solutions  

Jawahar Lal Nehru University Question Papers will help you to familiarize with actual RRB Examination. So solving daily JNU Sample Papers 2022 will help you to take up preparation to the next level.

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