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Kanpur University Syllabus 2023 PDF| Get CSJMU BA/MA/BCA/B.SC/B.Com/M.Com

Kanpur University Syllabus

Pursuing Any UG/PG Courses from Kanpur University? Then, check Updated Kanpur University Syllabus 2023 PDF from here. The other name of Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University (CSJMU) is Kanpur University. This University is one of the oldest and leading University of India. Candidates who are studying in BA/MA/BCA/B.SC/B.Com/M.Com and other courses from Kanpur University and looking for the CSJMU Syllabus they can get the details through this page. Candidates can download Kanpur University Syllabus in PDF format through online process and start their preparations accordingly.


Kanpur University Syllabus

Kanpur University Syllabus 2023

Revised Syllabus of Some Courses and Syllabus of 04 new courses ( To be effective from session 2023):

Undergraduate Courses:

Bsc (Biotechnology) Download
Bsc (Human Nutrition) Download
BVoc (Fashion Technology) Download

Postgraduate Courses:

LLM Download
MA (English Language and Litt) Campus Download
MA(Journalism and Mass Communication) Download
MA(Psychology) Download
MA-MSc(Statistics) Download
Msc(Biochemistry) Download
Msc(Bioinformatics) Download
Msc(Biotechnology) Download
Msc(Environmental Science) Download
Msc(Food Technology) Download
Msc(Industrial Chemistry) Download
Msc(Microbiology) Download
Msc(Nutrition-Science) Download

Diploma/Certificate Courses:

Advance Certificate Course(Garbh Sanskar) Download
Advance PG Diploma(Bioinformatics) Download
Certificate Course(Garbh Sanskar) Download
Certificate Course(Happiness) Download
DCA Download
Diploma(Food Production) Download
PG Diploma(Guidance and Counselling) Download
PG Diploma(Journalism and Mass Communication) Download

Integrated Courses:

Integrated MSc(Electronics) Download

Kanpur University (CSJMU Syllabus) Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Syllabus

Subject First Year Second Year Third Year
Practical Botany Press Here Press Here Press Here
Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Sales Management Press Here Press Here Press Here
Office Management Secretarial Practice Press Here Press Here Press Here
Maths Press Here Press Here Press Here
Physics Press Here Press Here Press Here
Chemistry Press Here Press Here Press Here
Zoology Press Here Press Here Press Here
Botany Press Here Press Here Press Here
Information Technology Press Here Press Here Press Here
Physical Education Press Here Press Here Press Here
Agriculture Press Here Press Here Press Here
Electronics Press Here Press Here Press Here
Military Studies Press Here Press Here Press Here
Industrial Chemistry Press Here Press Here Press Here
Geography Press Here Press Here Press Here
Bio-Technology (Single Subject) Press Here Press Here Press Here

Kanpur University (CSJMU) Syllabus of Bachelor of Commerce

Subject First Year Second Year Third Year
Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Sales Management Press Here Press Here Press Here
Office Management Secretarial Practice Press Here Press Here Press Here
Commerce Press Here Press Here Press Here

For better preparation of exams, students can take some help from the Kanpur University previous year question papers and models. Questions available in models have more chances to be asked in the exams. Here check out the PDF files of Syllabus, download and prepare for exams as according to it:

Kanpur University Syllabus for LLB Download
Kanpur University Syllabus for B.Ed Download
Kanpur University B.Com Syllabus Download
Kanpur University M.Ed Syllabus Download
University of Kanpur Syllabus for B.A Download
Kanpur University Exam Syllabus for MBA Download
CSJMU Syllabus of B.Sc. Mathematics Download
CSJMU Syllabus of M.A (Part I, II) Download
CSJM University Syllabus of M.Sc. (Part I, II) Download
Kanpur University M.P.Ed Syllabus Download

Download Kanpur University Syllabus (Revised) Official Link:

Undergraduate Courses Link
B.Com. (Honors) Course Link
Postgraduate Courses Link
Diploma Courses Link

Kanpur University Exam Syllabus 2023

Kanpur University Syllabus for B.Com:

Paper I- Business Communication
Unit I

  • Introducing Business Communication
  • Basic forms of communicating
  • Communication models and processes
  • Effective communication
  • Theories of communication
  • Audience analysis
Unit II

  • Self-Development and Communication
    Development of positive personal
  • SWOT analysis
  • Vote’s model of interdependence
  • Whole communication
Unit III

  • Corporate Communication
  • Formal and informal communication networks
  • Grapevine
  • Miscommunication (Barriers)
  • Improving communication
Unit IV

  • Principles of Effective Communication
Unit V

  • Writing Skills
  • Planning business messages
  • Rewriting and editing
  • The first draft
  • Reconstructing the final draft
  • Business letters and memo formats
  • Appearance request letters
  • Good news and bad news letter’s
  • Persuasive letters
  • Sales letters
  • Collection letters
  • Office memorandum
Unit VI Report Writing:

  • Introduction to a proposal
  • short report and formal report
  • report preparation
  • Oral Presentation:
  • Principles of oral presentation
  • factors affecting presentation
  • sales presentation
  • training presentation
  • conducting surveys
  • speeches to motivate
  • effective presentation skills
Unit VII

  • Non-Verbal Aspects to Communicating
  • Body language: Kinesics, Proxemics, Para
  • Effective listening: Principles of effective
  • Listening; Factors affecting listening
    exercises; Oral, written, and video sessions.
  • Interviewing Skills: Appearing in interviews;
    conducting interviews; Writing resume and
    letter of application.
  • Modern Forms of Communicating: Fax; E-mail:
    Video conferencing etc.
  • International Communication: Cultural
    sensitiveness and cultural context. Writing
    and presenting in international situations;
    Inter-cultural factors in interactions; Adapting
    to global business.
Paper II- Business Statistics
Unit II Introductory:

  • Meaning
  • Scope
  • Importance and Limitations of Statistics
Unit II Statistically Envestigation:

  • Planning of statistical investigation
  • census and sampling methods
    Collection of Collection of primary
    and Secondary data
  • Statistical errors and approximation
  • classification and Tabulation of data
  • Frequency distribution
Unit III

  • Diagrammatic And Graphic Presentation:
  • One Dimensional
  • Two dimensional Diagrams Histogram
  • Historigram
  • Frequency polygon
  • Frequency curve and Ogive curves
  • Graphs and Natural and semi-Logarithmic
    scales Graphic location of mode Median
    and quartiles
Unit IV

  • Statistical Average:
  • Arithmetic
  • geometric and Harmonic means
  • Mode Median
  • Qualities and percentiles
  • Simple and weighted averages
  • Uses and Limitations of different
Unit V Dispersion And Skewness:

  • Range, Quartile deviation
  • mean Deviation and their
  • Standards deviation
  • coefficient of variation
  • Skewness and its coefficients
Unit VI Correlation:

  • Kari person’s coefficient of correlation
  • Probable Error and interpretation of
    coefficient of correlation
  • Rank Difference Method and Concurrent
    Deviation method
  • Linear Regression
Unit VIII interpolation & Extrapolation or Forecasting:

  • Newton’s Advance difference
  • Lagranges Formula
  • Parabolic Curve Method
  • Binomial Expansion Method
  • Theory of Probability (Simple Problems)
Unit VIII Index Numbers:

  • Utility of index numbers
  • Problems in the construction of index numbers
  • simple and weighted index number
  • Base shifting fisher’s ideal index
    number and tests of Reversibility.
Unit IX Indian Statistic:

  • Census Price
  • Agriculture and industrial statistics

Kanpur University Syllabus for B.A/ B.Sc /B.Com PART I

Paper I- Marketing Communication
  • Nature and Importance of communication, Types of Communication, Features and objectives of Communication.
  • Communication Process, Elements of the Communication Process, Application of the
  • Communication process in Marketing, Steps to develop effective Marketing Communication.
  • Marketing Concepts and Evolution (Exchange, Production, Product, Selling and Marketing), Difference between Marketing and Selling, Marketing as a Social process, Entities of Marketing, Marketing Myopia, Features and Importance of Marketing and Internet Marketing.
  • Jerome McCarthy’s 4 Ps of Marketing Mix
  • Product- Product Mix, Types of Product, Product Line, New Product Development, Product Life Cycle, Branding and Packaging.
  • Price – Pricing policies, Methods of Pricing and Pricing Decisions.
  • Place – Types of Channel, Channel decisions, Transportations, Warehousing & Inventory.
  • Promotions – Promotion Mix, Promotion decisions, Difference between different elements of Promotion mix and their relative importance.
  • Market Segmentation bases: Geographic, Demographic and Psychographic, Segmentation Strategy (Differentiated Vs Undifferentiated) , Developing a segmentation Strategy.
  • Product Positioning: Strategies and Approaches, Positioning Errors (under Positioning, Over Positioning and Confused Positioning), Repositioning.
  • Marketing Research Process.
  • Integrated marketing Communication: the target audience, determining objectives, designing the message, Selecting Communication Channel, Establishing budget, Promotional Tools, Factors in setting the Marketing Communication Mix and Measuring Results.
  • Definition, Importance and Functions of Advertising.
  • Importance of Advertising in Modern Marketing, Role of Advertising in the National Economy.
  • Types of Advertising: Commercial, Non-commercial, Primary demand and Selective Demand, Classified and Display advertising, Comparative advertising , Co-operative advertising.
  • PACT and DAGMAR Approaches
  • Setting of Advertising Objectives.
  • Advertising Appeals.
  • Advertising message: Preparing an affective advertising Copy: Elements of a Print Copy: Headlines illustration, body copy, slogan, logo, seal, role of colour. Elements of Broadcast copy.
  • Advertising Budget: Affordable Method, Per unit Method, Percentage Method, Competitive parity and Task objective Method. Importance of Budgeting.

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Kanpur University Exam Syllabus 2023

Students can get the entire syllabus of exam as we have provided Kanpur University Syllabus for under graduation and post-graduation courses on this web page. You can download the subject wise Kanpur University Syllabus PDF by hitting the given links.

Press Here: Kanpur University Syllabus Official Link

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Students can go through the direct links to download their syllabus or they can also go through the official portal to download the Kanpur University Syllabus 2023 for respective course.

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