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Physiotherapist Salary India | Job Profile, Annual Income by Exp Level

Physiotherapist Salary India

Average Physiotherapist Salary India is Rs 3,03,647 per year. Skills that associate with high pay are physiotherapist and Orthopedics. After getting experience of 10 years, most of the people move on to higher position. Interested One can check Physiotherapist Starting Salary, Physiotherapist Salary Per Month in India and Annual Income by Experience Level of various job profiles from this page.


Physiotherapist Salary India | Job Profile, Annual Income by Exp Level

Physiotherapist Salary India

What is the Salary of a Physiotherapist in India ?

Physiotherapist Salary in India

Physiotherapy Salary in India per month & yearly details are given here:

Particulars Average Physiotherapist Salary In India
Salary Rs 121,695 – Rs 613,578
Bonus Rs 1,021 – Rs 96,095
Profit Sharing Rs 993 – Rs 254,466
Commission Rs 5.94 – Rs 50,684
Total Pay Rs 122,515 – Rs 808,697

Physiotherapist Salary As Per Level:

Check out Physiotherapist Average Salary in India from here.

Junior Physiotherapist INR 60, 136 – INR 310, 726
Physiotherapist INR 68,400- INR 408,832 (It includes salary, bonus plus profit sharing)
Sports Physiotherapist Salary in India INR 60,820 – INR 378,749
Lead Physiotherapist INR 66,458- INR 943,670
Chief Physical Therapists INR 82,212- INR 531,069

Physiotherapists Jobs Salary by Experience:

Get Physiotherapist Income In India from here.

Category Experience Median Salary
Junior Physiotherapist Less than a year INR 60000-INR 240000
Around 1-4 years INR 60000-INR 305209
Physiotherapist Less than a year INR 51 933-INR 290874
1-4 years INR 60120-INR 310529
5-9 years INR 100671-INR 794634
10-19 years INR 104762-INR 800000
Sports Physiotherapists 1-4 years INR 96000-INR 294791
Lead Physiotherapist 1-4 years INR 66000- INR 750000
5-9 years INR 75000- INR 1083053
Physiotherapy Training Instructor Less than a year INR 72000-INR 330000
Chief Physiotherapists 1-4 years INR 82541 – INR 177021
5-9 years INR 72483 – INR 715171
10-19 years INR 210000 – INR 492605

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Highest Paid Physiotherapist in India:

Know about Income Of Physiotherapist In India:

with less than 1 year experience Rs. 243,330/-
with 1-4 years of experience Rs. 288,918/-
with 5-9 years of experience Rs. 367,025/-
with 10-19 years of experience Rs. 420,000/-
20 years and higher Rs. 610,419/-

Physiotherapy Government Jobs Salary:

Physiotherapist Salary in Government Hospital / Physiotherapist Salary in Hospital is Rs. 0.1 Lakhs to Rs. 51 Lakhs with an average annual salary of Rs. 4.8 Lakhs.

DPT Salary in India:

Physical Therapists helps the patients that have difficulty in moving and performing daily activities. Apart from restoring physical functions, they helps in boosting overall wellness of the patient. They maintains the records of patients and keep a track on their progress level.

Average Physical Therapist (PT) Salary in India is Rs. 275,000/-

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Physiotherapist Earning In India – By Gender:

In this field women’s contribution is more than men approx 73% of the Indian Junior Physiotherapists and 60% of Sports therapists are females. In addition to this, contribution of womenin to other fields of physical therapy is astounding too. However, women’s contribution as Chief Physiotherapists is only 38%. Average Salary of Physiotherapist in India is given here.

Category Gender Median Salary for Physiotherapist In India
Junior Physiotherapist Male Required data not available
Female INR 91563 – INR 196527
Physiotherapist Male INR 90000 – INR 228000
Female INR 83936 – INR 224041
Lead Physiotherapist Male INR 86897 – INR 230649
Female Required data not available
Chief Physiotherapists Male INR 170979 – INR 489290
Female INR 117916 – INR 305209

Physiotherapist Salaries by Cities:

Salary of Physiotherapist in India is given here.

Cities Median Average Salary Of a Physiotherapist In India
Ahmedabad INR 117916 – INR 488335
Chennai INR 69535 – INR 397317
Physiotherapy Salary In Bangalore INR 60608 – INR 340595
Physiotherapist Salary in Delhi INR 55000 – INR 370000
Hyderabad INR 100000 – INR 200000
Mumbai INR 82851 – INR 608205
Physiotherapist Salary in Kerala Rs. 18,159 per month (Physiotherapy Salary in Kerala)

Salary of Physiotherapist based on Industry:

Category Industry Median Salary
Junior Physiotherapist Health clinic INR 60095 – INR 255285
Physical therapy INR 63412 – INR 318492
Hospital INR 62739 – INR 293367
Healthcare INR 63208 – INR 306507
Sports Physiotherapists Healthcare INR 66489 – INR 480774
Physical therapy INR 65910 – INR 490564
Lead Physiotherapist Hospital INR 69547 – INR 493591
Healthcare INR 70479 – INR 532748
Physical therapy INR 70031 – INR 517976
Chief Physiotherapists College University INR 86171 – INR 651976
Healthcare INR 77311 – INR 540905
Hospital INR 76289 – INR 503986

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Career Opportunities for Physical Therapists in India:

Today Indians are extremely health conscious and resort their remedial and preventive measures as well. Thus, demand for physical therapists is ever on the rise and increase the career opportunity into this field in India.Physical therapists are now required in several hospitals, medical centers, orthopaedic units, rehabilitation centers, private clinics, nursing homes, fitness centers across the entire country

To being a Physiotherapists one has to attain a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from any recognized university or colleges such as Lovely Professional University, Sri Ramachandra Medical College Research Institute, Meenakshi College of Physiotherapy etc.

Physiotherapy Jobs Salary In India Details:

Physiotherapist Annual Salary: Even starting Physiotherapist Salary is $81,030 per year. Salary Prospects by Experience Level is higher than fresher’s. Salaries of Physiotherapist start from $56,280 and goes up to $113,340.

What is a Physiotherapist Salary by Experience Level ?

Experience or skills are the main factors which are considered for Physiotherapist salary package. Experience influence higher Physiotherapist Salary structure as compared to less experienced or entry level candidates. Skilled candidates will definitely offered impressive Physiotherapist Salary in India per month.

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Hope you are satisfied with the job profile and Physiotherapist Salary India, Government Physiotherapist Salary in India, Physiotherapist Salary in Private Hospital, Sports Physiotherapist Salary in India. You can check latest Physiotherapy Government Job Exam opportunities by visiting our site that is recruitmentresult.com

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