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Python Developer Salary (India) 2023| Pay Scale, Average Salaries Structure Details

Python Developer Salary

Python Developer Salary in India ranges between ₹ 2.0 Lakhs to ₹ 8.4 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4.3 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 4.8k salaries received from Python Developers. The pay scale of Python developer depends upon various factors. Well, the job responsibility of Python developer is to harness different tools and strategies for the websites building. Python Developer Salary in India Per Month is very high and they also get additional perks and incentives. Here, the appropriate details are being discussed for Python developer Average Salaries on the basis of experience, location and qualification.

Python Developer Salary (India) 2023| Pay Scale, Average Salaries Structure Details


Highest paying cities in India for Python Developers

Check Python Developer Salary for Freshers here:-

Ahmedabad, Gujarat ₹27,628 per month
Hyderabad, Telangana ₹27,466 per month
Noida, Uttar Pradesh ₹25,694 per month
Delhi, Delhi ₹25,616 per month
New Delhi, Delhi ₹24,575 per month
Mohali, Punjab ₹24,288 per month
Pune, Maharashtra ₹22,967 per month
Chennai, Tamil Nadu ₹22,835 per month

Python Developer Salary

Python is an object-oriented, high level programming language, which is used in tasks such as website building, app development, machine learning, data analysis, web scraping and natural language processing. Python is also called general purpose programming language.

Due to the clear syntax and readability of Python language, it has become the most popular programming language in the world today. Python offers options like dynamic typing and dynamic binding. For this reason, it is well used in the field of Rapid Application development.

Python Developer Annual Salary

Python Developer Salary ₹242k – ₹1m
Bonus ₹10k – ₹288k
Profit Sharing ₹5k – ₹460k
Total Pay ₹246k – ₹2m

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Python Web Developer Salary in India

Interested Ones can check profile wise salary of Python Web Developer from below:

Profile No. Of Years Experience Salary of Python Developer in India Per Annum
Web Developer 1 to 4 years ₹309,161
Entry-Level Web Developer Lesser Than 1 Year ₹225,076
Senior-Level Web Developers 10 to 19 years ₹1,000,000
  • An entry-level Software Developer with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of ₹475,787 based on 244 salaries.
  • An early career Software Developer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹547,586 based on 784 salaries.
  • A mid-career Software Developer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹927,378 based on 133 salaries.
  • An experienced Software Developer with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹1,400,000 based on 14 salaries

Python Developer Salary Based on Location

Location Average Python Developer Salary
Bangalore ₹669,787
Chennai ₹540,131
Mumbai ₹579,728
Delhi ₹600,000
Hyderabad ₹475,000
Pune ₹540,131
Gurgoan ₹700,717

Python Developer Salary Based on Job Role

Software Engineer average annual salary ₹502,609
Web Developer average annual salary ₹307,800
Data Scientist average annual salary ₹708,012
DevOps Engineer average annual salary ₹658,143
Machine Learning Engineer average annual salary ₹671,548

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Python Developer Salary By Company

Company Python Developer Average salary in India
Hr Devi and Associates ₹ 9,57,056 per year
Python Developer Salary In Google ₹ 12,34,492 per year
Soft tech Career Info system Pvt. Ltd ₹ 10,82,675 per year
Cambio Consulting ₹ 10,29,172 per year
SCube Software Square Systems Pvt Ltd ₹ 10,00,000 per year
Future Focus Infotech ₹ 8,77,289 per year
TalentsCrew ₹ 7,70,616 per year
Simplify Reality ₹ 8,37,066 per year
Western Service Providers ₹ 7,04,531 per year
Desprin Enterprises Pvt Ltd ₹ 6,62,125 per year
Shiftu Technology Pvt Ltd ₹ 6,05,286 per year
Countable Web Productions ₹ 5,69,210 per year
T and A HR Solutions ₹ 5,07,120 per year
Talentedge Recruitment ₹ 5,30,620 per year
Vertscend Automation Pvt Ltd ₹ 4,76,678 per year
Surekah Technologies ₹ 4,26,907 per year
Yberry Infosystem ₹ 4,30,045 per year
Beatmy Salary ₹ 4,20,958 per year
Python Developer Salary in TCS ₹ 3,85,154 per year

Python Developer Pay Difference by Location

Know Location Wise Python Developer Salary Here:

Gurgaon, Haryana 29%
Bangalore, Karnataka 26%
New Delhi, Delhi 3%
Pune, Maharashtra 5%
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 7%
Mumbai, Maharashtra 13%
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 14%

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Highest Paying Cities In India For Python Developers

  • Employees with Software Developer in their job title in Bangalore, Karnataka earn an average of 26.8% more than the national average.
  • These job titles also find higher than average salaries in Gurgaon, Haryana (7.2% more) and New Delhi, Delhi (5.2% more).
  • The lowest salaries can be found in Chennai, Tamil Nadu (12.5% less), Mumbai, Maharashtra (12.0% less) and Pune, Maharashtra (10.1% less).
Name of Cities Python Developer Pay Scale
Bengaluru, Karnataka ₹7,87,546 per year
Hyderabad, Telangana ₹7,50,861per year
Gurgaon, Haryana ₹7,01,502 per year
Chennai, Tamil Nadu ₹6,44,340 per year
Pune, Maharashtra ₹6,13,559 per year
Noida, Uttar Pradesh ₹6,09,212 per year
Kolkata, West Bengal ₹4,14,584 per year
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh ₹3,76,850 per year

Top companies for Python Developers in India

You can check Python Developer Salary Per Month / Python Developer Salaries from below:

Codeclouds IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd ₹41,078 per month
Cogniter Technologies ₹31,625 per month
Om Software ₹30,756 per month
Maven Infotech Pvt Ltd ₹27,643 per month
HEXWHALE Technologies ₹26,792 per month

Python Developer average salary change by experience in India

0 – 2 Years 15,300 INR
2 – 5 Years +42% 21,700 INR
5 – 10 Years +31% 28,600 INR
10 – 15 Years +23% 35,100 INR
15 – 20 Years +6% 37,400 INR
20+ Years +10% 40,900 INR

Related Salaries

Project Manager ₹ 1,125,000
UI Developer ₹ 916,667
Market Manager ₹ 900,000
Developer ₹ 650,000
Territory Manager ₹ 628,125
Web Developer ₹ 600,000
PHP Developer ₹ 500,000
Assistant Manager ₹ 500,000
Web Designer ₹ 350,000
Supervisor ₹ 275,000

Python Developer Salary Based On Skills

Skills Required Avg. Salary
Java ₹539,723
JavaScript ₹489,458
SQL ₹477,616
C# Programming Language ₹443,002
.NET ₹443,533

Educational Qualification Required For Python Developer

Those Candidates who are going to apply for Python Developer Job must have Bachelor’s degree in computer science, management information systems, or a related field to work as a Python developer. Relevant technical knowledge and skills include HTML, SQL, Java, CSS, and .NET. Flexible and able to take on responsibilities outside of their job description, especially on smaller teams.

Python Developer Job Profiles

  • Software Developer/Engineer
  • Python Web Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • AI engineer
  • Automation Testing Engineer

Python Official Website- Link

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Skills That Affect Software Developer Salaries

Different skills can affect your salary. Below are the most popular skills and their effect on salary.

Algorithm Development 100%
OpenStack 88%
Data Warehouse 74%
Windows Programming / API 74%
Ruby 70%
Test Automation 66%
Microservices 54%
PeopleSoft Technical 53%
Git 50%
Subversion (SVN) 50%

There is a lot of programming language available in today’s era, due to which we often have difficulties in choosing one of them. In such a situation, there is a need to compare their features. You have to see whose specialty. So let’s know some features of python such as Easy Programming Language, Interpreted Language, Expressive Language, Cross- Platform Language, Open Source, Embedded, Large Standard Library, Extension, GUI Programming Support.

I Hope that you like this article of Python Developer Salary. We shared all details about Python Developer Average Pay Scale. Candidates can bookmark this page of recruitmentresult.com using Ctrl+D for more regular updates.

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