Rajasthan University Syllabus 2022 | UNIRAJ UG/PG Annual /Semester SCHEME

Rajasthan University Syllabus

Download Now – Updated Rajasthan University Syllabus 2022! University Of Rajasthan conducts written examination for UG/ PG courses every year. Candidates who are going to appear in annual or semester wise examination can download UNIRAJ Syllabus PDF from this page. Also, check Rajasthan University Scheme Online from here.


Overview Of Rajasthan University

University NameRajasthan University
Course NameUG/PG
CategoryRajasthan University Exam Syllabus
Official Websiteuniraj.ac.in

Rajasthan University Syllabus

Students who are pursing graduated and postgraduated courses from University of Rajasthan, can now check or download Rajasthan University Syllabus 2022 for Faculty of Science, Management, Education, Commerce etc. from below provided direct links-

UNIRAJ B.Sc Syllabus 2022

B.Sc. Part IAnnual2021
B.Sc. PART IIAnnual2021
B.Sc. PART IIIAnnual2021
B.Sc. (Hons.) Part IAnnual2021
B.Sc. (Hons.) Part IIAnnual2021
B.Sc. (Hons.) Part IIAnnual2021
B.Sc. (Home Science) Part IAnnual2021
B.Sc. (Home Science) Part IIAnnual2021
B.Sc. (Home Science) Part IIIAnnual2021
B.Sc. Bio-TechnologyAnnual2021-2023

UNIRAJ BA Syllabus 2022

B.A. (Pass Course) Part-IAnnual2021
B.A. (Pass Course) Part-IIAnnual2021
B.A. (Pass Course) Part-IIIAnnual2021
B.A. (Hons.) Part-IAnnual2021
B.A. (Hons.) Part-IIAnnual2021
B.A. (Hons.) Part-IIIAnnual2021
B.A. (Deaf, Dumb & Blind) (Part-I)Annual2021
B.A. (Deaf, Dumb & Blind) (Part-II)Annual2021
B.A. (Deaf, Dumb & Blind) (Part-III)Annual2021

UNIRAJ B.Des Syllabus 2022

B.Des. in Fashion Design (Part-I to IV)Annual2021-2024
B.Des. in Jewellery Design (Part-I to IV)Annual2021-2024
B.Des. in Interior Design (Part-I to IV)Annual2021-2024
B.Des. in Craft Accessory Design (Part-I to IV)Annual2021-2024

UNIRAJ B.Com Syllabus 2022

B.Com. (Pass course) Part-IAnnual2021
B.Com. (Pass course) Part-IIAnnual2021
B.Com. (Pass course) Part-IIIAnnual2021
B.Com. (Hons.) Part-IAnnual2021
B.Com. (Hons.) Part-IIAnnual2021
B.Com. (Hons.) Part-IIIAnnual2021

UNIRAJ B.Ed Syllabus 2022

B.Sc.& B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4Year Part IAnnual2021
B.Sc.& B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4Year Part IIAnnual2021
B.Sc.& B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4Year Part IIIAnnual2021
B.Sc.& B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4Year Part IVAnnual2021
B.A.& B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4 Year Part IAnnual2021
B.A.& B.Ed. Integrated Programme 3 Year Part IIAnnual2021
B.A.& B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4 Year Part IIIAnnual2021
B.A.& B.Ed. Integrated Programme 4 Year Part IVAnnual Scheme2021
B.Ed.& M.Ed. Integrated Programme 3 YearSemester I to VI2020-2023
B.Ed. Two Year Part I & IIAnnual2020-2021
B.Ed. Special Education (Intellectual Disability)Semester I to IV2020-2022
B.Ed. Special Education (Learning Disability)Semester I to IV2020-2022
B.Ed. Special Education (Mental Retradation)Semester I to IV2020-2022

UNIRAJ LLB Syllabus 2022

L.L.B. Part-I,II,IIIAnnual2021-2023
B.A. L.L.B. Hons. Five Year (Hons.)Semester I to X2020-2025
B.A. L.L.B. Five Year (Integrated Course)Semester I to X2020-2025

UNIRAJ LLM Syllabus 2022

L.L.M. (HR & VE)Semester I to IV2020-2022
L.L.M. (General)Semester I to IV2020-2022
L.L.M. & DiplomaAnnual2021

UNIRAJ MA Syllabus 2022

M.A. HINDI Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
M.A. Hindi Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
M.A. History Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
M.A. History Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
M.A. -M.Sc Anthropology Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
M.A. Museology & Conservation Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
M.A. Philosophy Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
M.A. Philosophy Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
M.A. Political Science Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
M.A. Political Science Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
M.A. Public Administration Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
M.A. Public Administration Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
M.A. Economics Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
M.A. Economics Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
M.A. English Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
M.A. English Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
M.A. French Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
M.A. Rajasthani Langu Literature & Culture
Semester Scheme
M.A. Sanskrit Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
M.A. Sanskrit Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
M.A. Sociology Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
M.A. Sociology Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
M.A. Urdu Annual SchemeAnnual2021-2022
M.A. Urdu Semester SchemeSemester2021-2022
M.A. Electronic Media, Journalism & Mass
Communication, Public Relation and Advertising
M.A. in Drawing & painting (Part-I to IV)Semester2020-2022
M.A. in Drawing & PaintingAnnual2021-2022
M.A. in Dramatics (Part-I to IV)Semester2020-2022

UNIRAJ M.Sc Syllabus 2022

M.Sc. BiotechnologyAnnual2021-22
M.Sc. ZoologyAnnual2021-22
M.Sc. BotanyAnnual2021-22
M.Sc. PhysicsAnnual2021-22
M.Sc. GeologyAnnual2021-22
M.Sc. Home Science (Foods and
Human Nutrition)
Semester I to IV2020-22
M.Sc. Home Science (Development
Communication and Extension)
Semester I to IV2020-22
M.Sc. Home Science (Human
Development and Family)
Semester I to IV2020-22
M.Sc. ChemistrySemester2021
Master in Computer Application
(I to IV)
M.Sc. ChemistryAnnual2021-22
M.Sc. ZoologySemester I to IV2020-22
M.Sc. Bio-ChemistryAnnual2021-22
M.Sc. GeographySemester I to IV2020-22
M.Sc. MicrobiologySemester I to IV2020-22
M.Sc. Environmental ScienceSemester I to IV2020-22
M.Sc. PsychologySemester I to IV2020-22
M.Sc. GeologySemester I to IV2020-22
M.Sc. PhysicsSemester I to IV2020-22
M.Sc.(IT)Semester I to IV2020-22
M.Sc. BotanySemester I to IV2020-22

UNIRAJ M.Com Syllabus 2022

M.Com. ABST (Prev. & Final)Annual2022-2022
M.Com. ABST (I to IV)Semester2020-2022
M.Com. Business Admn. (I to IV)Semester2020-2022
M.Com. Business Admn. (Prev. & Final)Annual2021-2022
M.Com in EAFM (I TO IV) SemesterSemester2020-2022
M.Com. EAFM (Prev. & Final)Annual2021-2022
M.Com in Financial Analysis & control (I to IV)Semester2021
M.COM. (Human Resource Management) I to IVSemester2020-2022
M.Com. (Human Resource Management) Previous & FinalAnnual2021
M.COM. (International Business) I to IVAnnual2020-2022
M.COM. (International Business) Previous & FinalAnnual2021

UNIRAJ MBA Syllabus 2022

Master of Business Administration (I to IV)Semester2020-2022
Master of Business Administration-Service Management (I to IV)Semester2020-2022
Master of Business Administration-Executive (I to IV)Semester2020-2022

UNIRAJ M.Phil Syllabus 2022

M.Phil. in Public AdministrationSemester2020-21
M.Phil. in PhilosophySemester2020-21
M.Phil. in SanskritSemester2020-21
M.Phil. in UrduSemester2020-21
M.Phil. in HindiSemester2020-21
M.Phil. in Course in Jain StudiesSemester2020-21
M.Phil. in Gandhian StudiesSemester2020-21
M.Phil. in SociologySemester2020-21
M.Phil. in SociologySemester2020-21
M.Phil. in Gender StudiesSemester2020-21
M.Phil. in EconomicsSemester2020-21
M.Phil. in HistorySemester2020-21
M.Phil. in Political ScienceSemester2020-21
M.Phil. in EnglishSemester2020-21
M.Phil./Ph.D. Course Work in South Asian StudiesSemester2020-21
M.Phlil (E.A.F.M.)Semester2020-2021
M.Phil. & Ph.D. in ABST (I & II)Semester2021
M.Phil. (Business Administration)Semester2021
M.Phil in Physical EducationAnnual2021
M.Phil BotanySemester2020-21
M.Phil. GeographySemester2020-21

UNIRAJ PG Diploma Syllabus 2022

P.G. Diploma in Indian Culture AnnualAnnual2021-2022
P.G. Diploma in Jain Studies2021
PG Diploma in Women Studies2020-2021
PG Diploma (Financial Analysis & Control)Annual2021
PG Diploma (Banking & Finance)Annual2021
PG Diploma (Co-operation)Annual2021
PG Diploma(Dovlopment & Investment Banking )Annual2021
PG Diploma (Management of small scale & Agro-industries)Annual2021
PG Diploma (Project planning & Infra structure management)Annual2021
P.G. Diploma in Yoga EducationAnnual2021
Post P.G. Diploma in CounsellingSemester2021
Post P.G. Diploma in Environmental StudiesSemester2021
Post P.G. Diploma in Population StudiesSemester2021
Post P.G. Diploma in Human ecologySemester2021
PG Diploma in DramaticsAnnual2021

University Of Rajasthan Syllabus for Other UG & PG Courses

BCA Part I,II & IIIAnnual2021-2023
BBA Part-I,II, IIIAnnual2021
B.V.A (Part-I to IV)Annual2021-2024
Bachelor of Library & Information ScienceSemester2020-21
Bachelor of Physical Education 2 yearSemester I to IV2020-2022
Certificate Course in Jain Studies2021
Certificate Diploma & Post Diploma in European Languages2021
Certificate Course in Yoga EducationAnnual2021
Master of Library & Information ScienceSemester2020-21
M.Ed. Two Year Part I & IISemester I to IV2020-2022
M.Sc./M.A. PsychologyAnnual2021-22
M.Sc./M.A. StatisticsAnnual2021-22
M.Sc./M.A. Environmental ScienceAnnual2021-22
M.Sc./M.A. in Pharmaceutical ChemistryAnnual2021-22
M.Sc./M.A. GeographyAnnual2021-22
M.Sc./M.A. MathematicsAnnual2021-22
M.Sc./M.A. MathematicsSemester I to IV2020-22
M.Sc./M.A. StatisticsSemester I to IV2020-22
M.Sc./M.A./M.Com. in Garment Production & Export ManagementAnnual2021-22
M. Phil./Ph.D. in StatisticsSemester2020-21
M. Phil./Pre Ph.D. in PsychologySemester2021
M. Phil./Ph.D. in MathematicsSemester2021
M. Phil./Ph.D. in MathematicsSemester2021
Master of Physical Education 2 YearSemester I to IV2020-2022
Master of Cost and Mang. Acc. (I to IV)Semester2020-2022
M.V.A. Painting/Sculpture/Applied (Part-I to IV)Semester2020-2022
Pre Ph.D. Course in ChemistrySemester2021
PGDCA (I & II)Semester2020-21
PGDCA (I & II)Semester2020-21

Get Here: University of Rajasthan Syllabus 2022

How to download Rajasthan University Syllabus Online for UG/ PG?

Candidates who are willing to download their Rajasthan University Syllabus 2022 for other UG/ PG courses through online mode they must follow the below given simple steps:

  • First of all, candidates must have to go through the official website of university that is www.uniraj.ac.in
  • On the home page, follow the “Students Corner” tab from the menu bar and then hit on “Syllabus” link from the drop down list.
  • Now hit on the appropriate level of course in which you are studying.
  • After that, press on the link of your academic course.
  • The Rajasthan University Syllabus 2022 will be opened on your screen in the form of pdf.
  • Candidates must check Rajasthan University Syllabus 2022 carefully and it’s print out for future use.

Get Here – University of Rajasthan Official Link

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Rajasthan University Syllabus 2022 for UG/PG

The University of Rajasthan organizes the Annual /Semester Examination for BCA, BBA, MBA, MCA, BA, BSC, BCOM, MA and MCOM and many other courses every year to promote students to next level. Candidates studying in the university must prepare for their UNIRAJ exam according to the Rajasthan University Syllabus in order to secure good marks.

Rajasthan University prescribes the UNIRAJ Syllabus 2022 of various Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. All those candidates who are preparing for coming Annual /Semester Examination must go through the University Of Rajasthan Syllabus before starting their preparation.

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Candidates can download the Rajasthan University Syllabus 2022 by going to the above given links. For more information about Rajasthan University Syllabus 2022, stay connected with us on this page of recruitmentresult.com.

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