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RGPV Syllabus 2020 Sem Wise CBGS (PhD/B.Tech/BE/M.Tech) Entrance Scheme

RGPV Syllabus

The RGPV Syllabus for all undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses is available now! Download RGPV Syllabus PDF for UG & PG CBGS Sem Wise Exam 2020 from here!! Given RGVP 2020 Syllabus and Scheme can help you to start preparation of B.Tech/ BE/ ME/ M.Tech/ MCA Examination. Go ahead and check Course Wise RGPV Exam Syllabus from here.

RGPV Exam Syllabus 2020

Conducting BodyRajiv Gandhi Prodyogiki Vishwavidyalaya
Courses NamePhD/ B.Tech/ BE/ ME/ M.Tech/ MCA & Others
CategoryUniversity Syllabus

RGPV Syllabus 2020

SyllabusDirect Link
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RGPV 2020 Syllabus PDF’s – Download Here

RGPV Syllabus 7th Sem B.ArchDownload PDF
RGPV 8th Sem Syllabus B.ArchDownload PDF
RGPV Syllabus 3rd Sem – M.E./M.Tech.Download PDF
RGPV New Syllabus M.PharmaDownload PDF
RGPV Syllabus 1st Sem MBA IntegratedDownload PDF
RGPV B. Tech Syllabus 2020 IV SemDownload PDF
BT-1001-Engineering-ChemistryDownload PDF
BT-1002-Mathematics-1Download PDF
BT-1003-EnglishDownload PDF
Download PDF
RGPV BE Syllabus 2020 III semesterDownload PDF
RGPV B. Pharm Syllabus 2020Download PDF
RGPV M. Tech Syllabus 2020Download PDF
RGPV CBGS Schemes and Syllabus
2020 Digital Communication
Download PDF
RGPV Syllabus CBGS 2020 CAD CAMDownload PDF
RGPV MCA Syllabus 1st SemesterDownload PDF
RGPV Syllabus MCA 2nd SemesterDownload PDF
Syllabus Of RGPVCheck Here

Download Here: RGPV PhD Entrance Syllabus 2020

RGPV B.Tech Syllabus

RGPV B.Tech 1st Sem Syllabus

Set (A)
Engineering Chemistry
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Engineering Graphics
Workshop Practice
Set (B)
Engineering Physics
Basic Mechanical Engineering
Basic Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
Basic Computer Engineering
Language Lab

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RGPV B.Tech 2nd Sem Syllabus

Set (A)
Engineering Physics
Basic Mechanical Engineering
Basic Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
Basic Computer Engineering
Language Lab
Set (B)
Engineering Chemistry
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Engineering Graphics
Workshop Practice

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RGPV Syllabus For B.Tech: Engineering Chemistry

Unit I: Water – Analysis, Treatments
And Industrial Applications
Hardness & its units
Determination of hardness by EDTA method
Alkalinity & its determination
Boiler troubles ( Sludge & Scale, Priming &Foaming, Boiler Corrosion, Caustic Embrittlement)
Softening of water by Lime-Soda
Zeolite and Ion Exchange methods
Internal treatment methods of Boilers
Numerical problems based on softeningmethods, hardness and alkalinity
Unit II: Fuels & Combustion
Fossil fuels & classification
Calorific value & its types
Determination of calorific value by Bomb
calorimeter Proximate and Ultimate analysis
of coal and their significance
Calculation of calorific value by Dulong’s formula
Relationship between knocking & structure of
Octane number
Cetane number
Combustion and it related numerical problems
Mechanism of lubrication
Classification of lubricants
Significance & determination of Viscosity
Viscosity Index
Flash & Fire Points
Cloud & Pour Points
Carbon Residue
Aniline Point
Acid Number
Saponification Number
Manufacture of Portland Cement by
wet process
Setting and hardening of cement
Preparation, properties and uses of
Plaster of Paris
Unit IV: Polymers & Polymerisation
Types of polymerisation
Classification of polymers
Natural & Synthetic Rubbers
Vulcanization of Rubber
Preparation, properties & uses of the
following polymers-

  • Polythene
  • PVC
  • PMMA
  • Teflon
  • Poly acrylonitrile
  • PVA
  • Nylon 6
  • Nylon 6:6
  • Phenol formaldehyde
  • Urea – Formaldehyde
  • Buna N
  • Buna S
Unit V(a): Instrumental Techniques
In Chemical Analysis
Lambert’s and Beer’s Law and its applications
Instrumentation and applications of
IR & UV spectroscopy
Gas Chromatography & its applications
Unit V(b): Refractories
Properties of refractories

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RGPV Syllabus For B.Tech: English

Unit-I: Grammar
Applied Grammar and usage
Parts of Speech
Subject-Verb Agreement
Active and Passive Voice
Reported Speech: Direct and Indirect
Sentence Structure
Vocabulary Development: Using Dictionary
and Thesaurus
Unit-II: Communication
Meaning and Significance
Process of Communication
Oral and Written Communication
7 c’s of Communication
Barriers to Communication and Ways to
overcome them
Importance of Communication for
Technical students
Unit-III: Nonverbal Communication
and listening skills
Nonverbal communication
Cross cultural communication
Communicating through visuals
Listening and its types
Active listening
Barriers to listening
Improving listening skills
Unit-IV: Developing Writing Skills
Planning, Drafting and Editing
Precise Writing
Technical definition and Technical description
Report Writing
Features of writing a good Report
Structure of a Formal Report
Report of Trouble
Laboratory Report
Progress Report
Unit-V: Business Correspondence
Importance of Business Letters
Parts and Layout
Contents of good Resume
Guidelines for writing Resume
Calling/ Sending Quotation

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RGPV Diploma Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering 2020

Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines

Fundamentals of Fluid Flow
Definition of fluid
Compressible and incompressible fluids
Specific weight
Dynamic and kinetic viscosity
Steady and unsteady
Continuity equation
Ideal and practical
Fluid properties density
Specific gravity
Types of flow- laminar and turbulent
Uniform and non-uniform
Simple numerical problems on continuity equation
Pressure and Its Measurement
Concept of pressure
Pascal’s law
Gauge pressure
Absolute pressure
U-tube manometer inclined manometer
Inverted Utube manometer Pressure gauges
Simple numerical problems on differential manometers
Intensity of pressure
Pressure head
Vacuum pressure
Manometers- Piezometer
Differential manometer
Bourdon tube pressure gauge
Basic Equation of Fluid Flow
Various Form Of Energies Applicable To Fluid Flow
Kinetic Energy
Total Energy Of Fluid Flow
Velocity And Total Head Of A Fluid Particle In Motion
Bernaulli’s Theorem
Bernaulli’s Theorem And Derivation Of Bernaulli’s Theorem
Pitot Tube
Working And Limitation
Orifice Meter
Potential Energy
Pressure Energy
Concept Of Datum Pressure
General Steady Flow Energy Equation
Assumptions Made In Deriving
Practical Applications Of Bernaulli’s Equation
Orifice- Meter
Flow Nozzle- Their Construction
Simple Problems On Venturimeter
Pitot Tube
Flow Through Orifices and Mouth Pieces and flow measurement
Definition and types of orifices
Coefficient of contraction
Discharge and resistance
Head loss due to sudden enlargement, contraction and obstruction in pipe
Time of emptying vessel by orifice (cylindrical, conical) Flow from one vessel to another large orifices
Volume flow meter
Vena contracta
Torricell’s theorem experimental determination of Cc, Cv and Cd.
Mouth pieces
Flow measurement by Rota meter
Flow Through Notches and Weirs
Weirs And Notches Definition
Flow Over Rectangular Weir With And Without Velocity Of Approach
Different Formula For Large Rectangular Weir
Advantages Of Triangular Notch Over Rectangular Notch
Broad Crested And Submerged Weirs
Spillway And Siphon Spillway, Guage Weir
Calibration Of Rectangular Weir
Time Required To Empty A Reservoir With Rectangular Weir, V-Notch
Trapezoidal Notch
Practical Application Of Weirs
Flow through Pipes
Laminar and turbulent flow
Differentiation of laminar and turbulent flow on the basis of Reynold’s number
Darcy’s formula and Chezy’s equation
Flow through long pipes
Raynold’s number
Loss of head due to friction in pipes
Hydraulic gradient and total energy line
Pipes in series and parallel simple problems based on above formulae water hammer and its effect surge tank
Impact of Jets
Impact of Jet on flat and curved plates stationary and moving
Velocity triangle
Numerical problems on axial
Work done by Pelton wheel
Radial flow
Water Turbines
Meaning Classification Impulse and reaction turbine
Francis and Kaplan turbines
Comparison description and working of Pelton
Fanlaws specific speed & Selection of turbines
Water Pumps
Centrifugal and reciprocating- principle construction
Comparison of centrifugal and reciprocating pumps
selection of pumps
indicator diagram
Horse power calculation in case of centrifugal pump
working classification and layout
Specific speed
Use of air vessels in reciprocating pump
horse power calculation in case of reciprocating pump
Operating characteristics
Model Analysis
Kinetic and dynamic similarity
Simple Problems
Hydel Power Station
Schematic Diagram
Function Of Various Elements
Advantage Over Other Power Stations

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RGPV Diploma Electrical Syllabus 2020

D.C. Circuits
Concept of charge
Ohm’s law
Series and parallel combination of resistances
Star to delta and delta to star transformation
Star-delta connection
A.C. Fundamentals
Concept of inductance
Inductive and capacitive circuit
Difference between AC and DC quantities
Average and RMS value form factor
Phasor diagram of pure resistive
R, L, C series and parallel combinations and phasor diagram
Sinusoidal waveform
Time Period
Magnetic effect of electric current
Concept of lines of force
Analogy of electric and magnetic circuit
Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction
Lenz’s laws
magnetic flux
magnetic field intensity
self and mutual induction
Fleming’s left and right hand rule
Heating effect of electric current
Heat produced
Work, power and energy, units
Chemical effect of electric current
Faradays laws of electrolysis
Primary and secondary cells
Electrical Engineering materials
Definition of conductors
Intrinsic and extrinsic semi-conductor materials
Semiconducting and insulating materials
B-H curve, soft and hard magnetic materials
Properties and applications
Insulators and Semiconductors
Properties and applications of conducting
Classification of insulating materials on the basis of temperature
Different magnetic materials

RGPV BE Syllabus 2020 Mining Engineering, III-Semester

Unit –I: Energy- Sources of Energy
Renewable & Non Renewable, Fossil fuel,Biomass Geothermal, Hydrogen, Solar,Wind, hydal, nuclear sources
Unit –II: Ecosystem Segments of Environment
Atmosphere, hydrosphere, Lithosphere, biosphere.
Cycles in Ecosystem – Water, Carbon, Nitrogen.
Biodiversity: Threats and conservation,
Unit –III: Air Pollution & Sound Pollution
Air Pollution:Air pollutants, classification, (Primary &
secondary Pollutants) Adverse effects
of pollutants.Causes of Air pollution chemical, photochemical,
Greenhouse effect, ozone layer depletion, acid Rain.
Sound Pollution: Causes, controlling measures,
measurement of sound pollution (deciblage),
Industrial and non – industrial
Unit –IV(a): Water Pollution
Pollutants in water
Adverse effects
Treatment of Domestic & Industrial water effluent
Unit –IV(b): Soil Pollution
Soil Profile
Pollutants in soil & their adverse effects
controlling measures
Unit –V: Society, Ethics & Human values
Impact of waste on society
Solid waste management (Nuclear, Thermal,
Plastic, medical, Agriculture, domestic and e-waste).
Ethics and moral values,ethical situations,
objectives of ethics and its study.
Preliminary studies regarding Environmental
Protection Acts,
Introduction to value education,
Self-exploration,Sanyam & Swasthya.

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RGPV MCA Syllabus

RGPV Syllabus For 1st Sem
Information Tech.
Mathematical Foundation of Comp. Science
and problem solving in C
Computer organization and Assembly Lang. Prog
Laboratory in C
Assembly Language Prog. Lab
RGPV Syllabus For 2nd Sem
Operating System
Database Mgmt. System
Data Structure
Computer Orient ed Numerical & Statistical Methods
Accounting & Mgmt control
Programming Lab in RDBMS
Data structure prog. lab
RGPV Syllabus For 3rd Sem
Computer Oriented optimization Techniques
Software Engineering Methodologies
Object Oriented Methodology & C++
Theory of Computation
Computer Networks
Programming Lab (Any Two Tools from VB & VC++)
Programming Lab in C++
RGPV 4th Sem Syllabus
Artificial Intelligence & Applications
Information Storage & Management
Computer Graphics & Multimedia
Design & Analysis of Algorithms
Elective 1 (E1)
Minor Project –I
Computer Graphics Lab
RGPV 5th Sem Syllabus
Data ware housing & Mining
Unix & shell prog.
Cloud Computing
Elective II
Elective III
Minor Project –II
Programming Lab in Cloud Computing

Procedure to Download RGPV Syllabus 2020

Aspirants pursuing UG or PG course from Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya can download their syllabus by following below mentioned steps.

Step1: Log on to the official website of University that is

Step2: Move your cursor down the homepage and hit “Academics” link available there.

Step3: After that, press “Schemes/ Syllabus” at the left side on this new page.

Step4: Now you are required to enter the details for downloading the Syllabus of RGVP 2020/CBCS RGPV Syllabus of the intended course.

Step5: Hit the appropriate link of RGPV Exam Syllabus 2020 and download RGPV CBCS Syllabus.

Step6: You may download the RGPV New Syllabus to your system and prepare for the Exam accordingly.

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Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV) Syllabus

Still preparing from old syllabus? Checkout the freshly updated RGPV Syllabus for various Under Graduate and Post Graduate Courses from here. In this page, You can get the Semester-wise syllabus for B.Tech, BE, MCA and Diploma etc. facilitated in the tabular form.

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya Bhopal  is all set to conduct Semester Examinations  for Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Diploma soon.  Appearing candidates must go through the RGPV New Syllabus 1st Sem and also download RGPV Paper Pattern through this page.

RGPV Syllabus 2020 PDF Download Here

Students appearing for the Semester Examination to be conducted by Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya must download the RGPV Syllabus 3rd Sem CSE Branch/ RGPV Syllabus 5th Sem CSE PDF of different courses and subjects through the direct links presented at the top of this page.

For the effective preparation of UG & PG Exams, you must check RGPV Sem-Wise Syllabus. Download RGPV Exam Syllabus PDF/ RGPV Syllabus 3rd Sem Mechanical so that you can access the important topics to be covered for exam preparation whenever required.


Contenders can get additional info regarding the RGVP Syllabus 2020 on the Official Website of Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya Bhopal, the link for which is given above. Also, keep visiting our web portal to get any further updates on RGPV University Syllabus/ RGPV Syllabus 8th Sem CSE.

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