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Tesco Salary (India)| Tesco Bengaluru Salaries 2023 For Freshers, Pay scale

Tesco Salary

Candidates searching for jobs in Tesco HSC (Hindustan Service Center) can acquire complete details of Tesco Salary post wise from here. This reputed organization offers many job openings in various disciplines and provides an attractive pay scale for every post. Fresher’s can check out Tesco Bengaluru Salaries 2023 of software engineer, team leader, assistant manager and various other profiles from this page.


Tesco Salary

Tesco HSC Jobs by Salary

Tesco HSC pays its employees an average of ₹879,657 a year. Salaries at Tesco HSC range from an average of ₹306,204 to ₹2,463,496 a year. Tesco HSC employees with the job title Software Development Engineer (SDE) make the most with an average annual salary of ₹1,280,045.

Job Title Range Average Salary for Tesco
Software Development Engineer (SDE) ₹501k – ₹3m ₹1,280,045
Senior Analyst, Finance ₹322k – ₹1m ₹598,604
Software Developer ₹369k – ₹2m ₹800,655
Software Engineer ₹272k – ₹2m ₹687,971
Quantity Surveyor ₹330k – ₹990k ₹564,320
Payroll Specialist ₹393k – ₹1m ₹759,684
Office Administrator ₹186k – ₹1m ₹419,722
Merchandise Planner ₹185k – ₹637k ₹349,442
Lead Software Development Engineer (SDE) ₹851k – ₹4m ₹2,084,142
Account Executive ₹170k – ₹638k ₹314,907
Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT) ₹286k – ₹2m ₹767,098
Team Lead, Operations ₹370k – ₹1m ₹703,595
Data Analyst ₹271k – ₹1m ₹546,495
Accounting Associate ₹228k – ₹718k ₹361,082
Senior Data Analyst ₹262k – ₹1m ₹512,571
Senior Finance Manager ₹1m – ₹4m ₹2,232,603
Senior Graphic Designer ₹313k – ₹1m ₹611,453
Team Leader, General ₹537k – ₹2m ₹1,153,692
Senior Manager of Infrastructure ₹1m – ₹6m ₹2,797,313
Senior Product Manager ₹1m – ₹5m ₹3,080,038
Senior Project Manager, Engineering ₹2m – ₹5m ₹3,245,220

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Tesco Salary India

Tesco Project Manager Salary:

The Project Managers in an organization are the project incharge of specific projects. Their responsibility is to make a plan, budget and report of the project. They communicates with the upper management for final execution and regularly report about the progress of the project.

Average salaries for Tesco Project Manager is Rs. 8,90830 – Rs. 42,51137/-.

Team Leader Tesco Salary:

The work of team leader is to communicate with the team and inform them about the company goals and deadlines. They helps the management at the time of hiring and training time. They also motivates their team members and keep assess on their performance level.

Average Tesco Team Leader Salary is Rs. 9.63 Lakhs per year.

Tesco Software Engineer Salary India:

The work of software engineer is to make an improvement on the existing codes and review the changes in the codes. They identify the issues in the system and improves their quality. They make an enhancement in the applications by designing and implementing.

The average Tesco Software Engineer Salary is Rs. 6,69,974/- (Rs. 4,50,496 – Rs. 15,09,134).

Tesco Assistant Manager Salary:

The responsibility of an Assistant Manager is to train and hire new employees. They have to optimize the profits by making a control on the costs. They have to ensure the quality and availability of products. Schedule of employees are also organized by them.

The average Tesco Assistant Manager Salary is Rs. 11,68,654- Rs. 13,74,316/-.

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Tesco Bangalore Salary for Freshers:

Tesco Salary Bangalore is given here in tabular form as per the latest Tesco Bangalore Job Openings.

Job Profile Tesco Salaries in India
Tesco Software Engineer Salary Rs. 6,69,646/yr
Senior Software Engineer Rs. 9,92,512/yr
Principal Software Engineer Rs. 15,08,193/yr
Team Lead Rs. 9,52,746/yr
Senior Analyst Rs. 9,08,639/yr
Graduate Software Engineer Rs. 5,89,580/yr
Assistant Manager Rs. 14,69,758/yr
Software Engineer – Monthly Rs. 34,478/mo
Business Analyst Rs. 8,46,237/yr
Officer Rs. 3,62,529/yr
Associate Software Engineer Rs. 6,18,798/yr
Analyst Rs. 4,99,112/yr
Team Leader Rs. 10,71,630/yr
Software Development Engineer Rs. 19,90,845/yr
SSE Rs. 10,03,156/yr
Engineering Manager Rs. 25,71,455/yr
Manager Rs. 24,57,181/yr
Senior Software Engineer – Monthly Rs. 43,554/mo
Senior Manager Rs. 37,08,599/yr
Project Lead Rs. 18,88,096/yr

Tesco Salary for Freshers:

Average Tesco India Salary pays to its employees is Rs. 768,681/- a year.

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Tesco Pay Scale by Designations Names:

Posts Name Salary Bonus
Senior Software Engineer Rs 496,422 – 955,756 Rs 13,998 – 115,536
Software Engineer Rs 206,925 – 772,370 Rs 0.00 – 98,949
Principal Software Engineer Rs 844,424 – 2,598,161 Rs 19,347 – 344,396
Data Analyst Rs 146,156 – 657,905 Rs 1,018 – 100,105
Graduate Software Engineer Rs 149,529 – 468,933 Rs 0.00 – 68,510
Operations Team Leader Rs 239,012 – 727,474 Rs 0.00 – 101,475
Senior Account Executive Rs 192,280 – 595,921 Rs 1,118 – 59,415
Business Analyst Rs 8,51,102
Associate Software Engineer Rs 3,70,333
Assistant Manager Rs 9,50,000
Officer Rs 2,73,667
Team Lead Rs 9,09,667
Senior Analyst Rs 5,98,333
Team Leader Rs 8,00,000
Project Lead Rs 12,68,000
Functional Analyst Rs 7,52,600
SSE Rs 7,57,500
Project Manager Rs 15,72,250

In India, the organization was established in May 2004 to enable consistency and construct centralized capabilities and competencies which can be leveraged diagonally the Tesco Group.

At present we are 6500+ populace physically powerful and are identified as the focal point for improvement across Tesco. The collection of work we do from here covers the whole range of trade like IT, Business, Finance, Commercial & Supply Chain and Property Services etc.

We’re here to build the Tesco occurrence superior for our millions of customers worldwide and simpler for over 500,000 colleagues. A exceptional mixture of a strong retail domain, a traditions of innovation, a truly global and exciting work environment and very strong commercial Values make us what we are.

Tesco Bangalore What They Do:

Tesco Hindustan Service Center is Tesco owned and runs & shares the corporation standards and customer focus. It is the first major global merchant to have a fully-owned support centre in India. Tesco Bengaluru, situated in Bangalore, India that is the only technology and trade operations centre that provides the Tesco’s development and existence globally. Tesco Salary Scale varies as per Tesco Bangalore Openings of different profiles.

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In today’s digital world we recognize the value of a flawless multichannel client experience and support all our contemporaries to innovate in whatever they do. So applicants, you can bookmark this page to get latest updates regarding upcoming Job Openings in Tesco Bangalore.

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