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Accenture Placement Papers with Solution | Online Solved Sample Paper PDF

Accenture Placement Papers

Trying to crack recruitment exam of Accenture? Then start preparing with Accenture Placement Papers!!! Candidates who are freshers and have a dream to start their career with Accenture, a top organization they must study through Accenture Placement Papers with Solution which is available on this page. Candidates can prepare well with Online Solved Sample Paper and can crack the recruitment examination in first attempt. Candidates can also obtain the Accenture Placement Papers in the form of Pdf through online mode.

Accenture is a one of the top leading organizations in the world. Candidates who are willing to enhance their career with this company they have to qualify its recruitment process. Candidates can prepare with the Accenture Solved Placement Papers to know the examination level and to get correct answers for the questions. This page is specially designed to provide you Accenture Latest Placement Papers by the unit members of

Accenture Placement Paper Pattern

Accenture Placement Papers Pattern is mentioned here. It consists of various sections:

  • Aptitude & Verbal Reasoning
  • Analytical Section
  • Technical Questions based on Language and Computer Programming

From below segment you can get the Accenture Placement Papers with Solutions. We are providing some questions and answers from the placement exam of Accenture that will help you to crack the Entrance Exam.

Accenture Placement Papers

Directions for Questions 1-3 : Choose the option which will correctly fill the blank.

Ques 1: I am writing to enquire _________the possibility of hiring a conference room at the hotel on the 2nd of September.

  1. A) Of
  2. B) About
  3. C) Into
  4. D) After

Ans: B

Ques 2: _________ having her lunch, she stood ______ the tree and waited _______ him.

A) With, below, for

B) After, under, for

C) Inside, further, to

D) About, across, into


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Ques 3: The microscopic animals are the primary food for larval cod and their decline has meant that fewer fish are making it to adulthood to be caught_________ trawler men.

A) In

B) Into

C) By

Ans: C

Ques 4: A man said to a lady, “Your mother’s husband’s sister is my aunt”. How is the lady related to the man?

A) Daughter

B) Grand daughter

C) Mother

D) Sister


Ques 5: A man is facing northwest. He turns 90 degrees in the clockwise direction and then 135degrees in the  anti-clockwise direction. Which direction is he facing now?

A) East

B) West

C) North

D) South

Ans: B

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Ques 6: In a row of 60, if Ram is standing at 17th from the first, what is his position from the last?

A) 25

B) 43

C) 44

D) 45

Ans: C

Ques 7: A box contains 90 mts each of 100 gms and 100 bolts each of 150 gms. If the entire box weighs 35.5 kg., then the weight of the empty box is :

A) 10 kg

B) 10.5 kg

C) 11 kg

D) 11.5 kg

E) None of the above

Ans : D

Ques 8: If .2t = 2.2 – .6s and .5s = .2t + 1.1, then s =

A) 1

B) 3

C) 10

D) 11

E) 30

Ans : B

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Ques 9: What will Rs.1500 amount to in three years if it is invested in 20% p.a. compound interest, interest being compounded annually?

A) 2400

B) 2592

C) 2678

D) 2540

Ans : B

Ques 10: The proportion of milk and water in 3 samples is 2:1, 3:2 and 5:3. A mixture comprising of equal quantities of all 3 samples is made. The proportion of milk and water in the mixture is

A) 2:1

B) 5:1

C) 99:61

D) 227:133

Ans : D

Ques 11: If the radius of a circle is increased by 20% then the area is increased by :

A) 44%

B) 120%

C) 144%

D) 40%

E) None of the above

Ans : A

Ques 12: If x, y, and z are consecutive negative integers, and if x > y > z, which of the following must be a positive odd integer?

A) xyz

B) (x – y) (y – z)

C) x – yz

D) x(y + z)

E) x + y + z

Ans : B

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Ques 13: on Thursday, Friday and Saturday was 240. If the temperature on Saturday was 270, what was the temperature on Wednesday?

A) 240

B) 210

C) 270

D) 300

Ans : D

Ques 14: The product of two positive numbers is p. If each of the numbers is increased by 2, the new product is how much greater than twice the sum of the two original numbers?

A) p-2

B) p

C) p+2

D) p+4

E) 2p+4

Ans: D

Ques 15: In a group of 8 semifinalists, all but 2 will advance to the final round. If in the final round only the top 3 will be awarded medals, then how many groups of medal winners are possible?

A) 20

B) 56

C) 120

D) 560

E) 720

Ans: B

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Directions for Questions 16-19: Choose the answer option which will correctly fill the blank.

Ques 16: It is the grasping of power-combined ______ the thirst______ fame, which constitutes ambition.

A) with, for

B) An, the

C)with, the

D) No article required

Ans: A

Ques 17: ________ Reserve Bank of India directed banks to closely watch _______spending through International Debit Cards.

  1. A) A,the
  2. B) The, the
  3. C) The, a
  4. D) in, the

Ans : B

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Ques 18: The officer received _____ official letter from _____ Ministry of IT in _____ Central Government.

  1. A) A, the, an
  2. B) An, the, the
  3. C) A, an, the
  4. D) An, an, the

Ans: B

Ques 19: You CANNOT send out ______uneducated man into ______ world of technology and expect him

to perform.

  1. A) An, an
  2. B) A, an

C ) An, the

  1. D) The, an

Ans: C

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Ques 20: A father is three times as old as his son. After fifteen years the father will be twice as old as his son’s age at that time. Hence the father’s present age is

  1. A) 36
  2. B) 42
  3. C) 45
  4. D) 48
  5. E) None of the above

Ans: C

Dear candidates, these above provided question will definitely help you in preparing for Accenture Jobs. To get more relevant question and answers, keep visiting this page time to time because we will update this page with new questions in a short period of time. Till then all the best for your preparations and to get your dream job in Accenture.

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