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Accenture Placement Papers, Prepare From Latest Solved Sample Paper PDF

Accenture Placement Papers

Don’t miss the opportunity to get hired by Accenture!!! Crack its placement exam by preparing with Accenture Placement Papers… Candidates who have a dream to join Accenture, a top leading company, they must prepare for its exam at its best. Candidates can prepare from latest Accenture Sample Paper which is available on this page in the solved format. Candidates can also download the PDF of placement papers through online process.

Accenture is a one of the top leading organizations in the world. Candidates who are willing to enhance their career with this company they have to qualify its recruitment process. Candidates can prepare with the Accenture Solved Placement Papers to know the examination level and to get correct answers for the questions. This page is specially designed to provide you Accenture Latest Placement Papers by the unit members of recruitmentresult.com.

Accenture Placement Paper Pattern

Accenture Placement Papers Pattern is mentioned here. It consists of various sections:

  • Aptitude & Verbal Reasoning
  • Analytical Section
  • Technical Questions based on Language and Computer Programming

From below segment you can get the Accenture Placement Papers with Solutions. We are providing some questions and answers from the placement exam of Accenture that will help you to crack the Entrance Exam.

Accenture Placement Papers

Ques1. We stood at the back ______ the theater.

  1. of
  2. on
  3. in
  4. for

Ans: A

Ques2. This train travels from London ______ Paris.

  1. at
  2. to
  3. over
  4. below

Ans: B

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Ques3. The word ‘palpably’ most nearly means

  1. empirically
  2. obviously
  3. tentatively
  4. markedly

Ans: B

Ques4. The word ‘patristic’ in the first paragraph is used to mean:

  1. patriotic
  2. superstitious
  3. folk
  4. relating to the Christian Fathers

Ans: D

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Ques5. If f(x) = (x² – 50), what is the value of f(-5) ?

  1. 75
  2. 25
  3. 0
  4. -25

Ans: B

Ques6. If V = 12R / (r + R) , then R =

  1. Vr / (12 – V)
  2. Vr + V /12
  3. Vr – 12
  4. V / r – 12

Ans: A

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Ques7. (3x + 2) (2x – 5) = ax² + kx + n .What is the value of a – n + k ?

  1. 5
  2. 8
  3. 9
  4. 10
  5. 11

Ans: A

Ques8 101100110.0101, 101100110.0101, 101100100.0101

A)   A

B)   B

C)   C

D)   D

Ans: B.

Ques 9. 80 370 ? 1550 2440 3530

  1. 900
  2. 840
  3. 750
  4. 860

Ans: D

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Ques 10. If four members are boys, which of the following cannot constitute the team?


Ans: C

Ques.11 We were not the wiser for all this effort to explain the case to us.

  1. none
  2. neither
  3. nevertheless
  4. No improvement

Ans. A

Ques12. Window is to pane as book is to

  1. novel
  2. glass
  3. cover
  4. page

Ans. (D)

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Ques13. He was fined for careless driving.

  1. got fined
  2. fined
  3. was to be fined
  4. No improvement

Ans. (D)


  1. accountant : meticulous
  2. furrier : rambunctious
  3. lawyer : ironic
  4. shepherd : garrulous
  5. astronaut : opulent

Ans. (A)

Ques15. What is (void*)0?

  1. Representation of NULL pointer
  2. Representation of void pointer
  3. Error
  4. None of above

Ans. (A)

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Ques16. If a variable is a pointer to a structure, then which of the following operator is used to access data members of the structure through the pointer variable?

  1. .
  2. &
  3. *
  4. ->

Ans. (D)

Ques17. A certain amount earns simple interest of Rs. 1750 after 7 years. Had the interest been 2% more, how much more interest would it have earned?

  1. Rs. 35
  2. Rs. 245
  3. Rs. 350
  4. Cannot be determined
  5. None of these

Ans. (D)

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Ques18. In one hour, a boat goes 11 km/hr along the stream and 5 km/hr against the stream. The speed of the boat in still water (in km/hr) is:

  1. 3 km/hr
  2. 5 km/hr
  3. 8 km/hr
  4. 9 km/hr

Ans. (C)

Ques19. From a point P on a level ground, the angle of elevation of the top tower is 30º. If the tower is 100 m high, the distance of point P from the foot of the tower is:

  1. 149 m
  2. 156 m
  3. 173 m
  4. 200 m

Ans. (C)

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Ques20. Tea worth Rs. 126 per kg and Rs. 135 per kg is mixed with a third variety in the ratio 1: 1: 2. If the mixture is worth Rs. 153 per kg, the price of the third variety per kg will be:

  1. Rs. 169.50
  2. Rs. 170
  3. Rs. 175.50
  4. Rs. 180

Ans. (C)

Dear candidates, these above provided question will definitely help you in preparing for Accenture Jobs. To get more relevant question and answers, keep visiting this page time to time because we will update this page with new questions in a short period of time. Till then all the best for your preparations and to get your dream job in Accenture.

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