How to Prepare For Written Examination | Tips & Tricks to Crack Written Exam

How to Prepare For Written Examination

Written examination plays a crucial role in qualifying any major / minor competitive or government exam held in India. Written test evaluates your skills and abilities.  An Exam also encourages us to face challenges and to stand-up after failures. You we have to face Written Examination, in school, college, any university Entrance or even when you apply for a job. So, we should know How to Prepare For Written Examination. We have bought some tricks and tips to crack Written Examination. Candidates who are going to appear in Written Examination for any completive exam in 2022 can check How to Prepare For Written Examination from here.

Person is judged by his/her writing skills at many places nowadays. Whether an academic exam or any competitive exam. Many administrations conduct written examination for electing eligible candidates. Many written examinations are conducted to check candidate’s knowledge, abilities and analytical skills. To show our skills and to clear the exam we need to face them. So, now let’s talk about some tips and tricks to crack written examinations.

How to Prepare For Written Examination

Check Your Study and Preparation Material

The things you use for the preparation of any examination are very important. So, this is necessary to choose those things carefully and use your intelligence while choosing, do not go on the saying of others. Choose only those books from which you are able to understand the topics properly, if you had not got the topics clear then there’ll be no use of those books and you will not be able to clear the exam.

Course books, sample question papers, last year question papers and some guides are the most important things you must use in the examination. So, make sure that you are choosing all the material carefully.

Go Through the Exam Pattern

Candidate must make himself/herself from the pattern of exam. Exam pattern includes its sections, number of questions, how many marks does each section or question carry, what is the language medium, its nature whether subjective or objective, is there any method of providing negative marking or not. Knowing all this can help a lot in the preparation of any exam. So, this is also very important to know. Candidate must prefer it at first.

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Make Your Schedule According To the Subject or Topic

Making time table will help you to study the subjects or topics in a proper manner. Planning can make your work go smooth. If you will begin your preparation without any planning, it will become difficult for you to manage your subjects. You will have to face problem in deciding that which subject you are beginning or ending with.

So, if you want to make your preparation journey smooth, then you have to manage your time in a best way and execute your study plan honestly.

Prepare Your Own Short Notes

To study a topic in your way than you must pen down your own notes while studying. Do not make those note too much long; make them in kind of points which are directly taking you to the basic concept of the topic.

These short notes will you on the day before your exam, and then you will have no need to open your heavy text books again. You can just go through your notes and get your topic revised properly.


As we have talked about the revision notes in the previous point, we must also know that why revision is important. When you are preparing for your exam then you does not only have one topic, you have lots of topic to learn. When you are moving on to your next topic, the previous topics you have learnt become old.

To make those topics refresh again in your mind it is necessary to go through them again. This thing is known as revision, which is very important to remember all the things with the spent time.

Try To Improve Your Weakness

Every candidate must know his/her weakness and should also work on it. Knowing your weakness is the greatest thing. It is good to know and to accept it. Now as you are aware of your weakness, start giving it much more time than before and try to improve it.

If weakness is ignored than it can become a reason of your failure. Whether the subject is most important or least important, weakness needs to be improved. You can prepare those subjects by taking tuitions, preferring online tutors or any guide.

Improve Your Speed

Every exam needs to be completed in the given time period. Some candidates may have a good speed, but some may not have. So try to increase your speed by solving problems, sample question papers and give yourself a time limit. Practice this on a regular basis. This will definitely help you in increasing your speed.

Proper Guidance

You must go for the guidance of the subject to your teacher or any other expert who can give you the proper guidance regarding it. Experts know what can come or which the important topic is in upcoming exam. And your preparation according to the guidance will surely help you a lot in cracking an exam.

How to Prepare for Written Examination for a Job / Sarkari Naukri?

Now a day, the questions asked in various examinations are of objective types. In Multiple Choice Questions or objective type questions, you need to choose correct answer from the given list of options or you have to fill up a blank in the given statement.

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These are certain tips that you must follow while going to attempt any written examination:-

Tips to prepare for MCQ Type Paper:

  • Once you got the test booklet ate the examination time, start solving those questions for which the answers are known to you.
  • Time for solving the Multiple Choice Questions is very less, so you need to try to solve each question in 1 minute.
  • Questions that are difficult for you or you are not able to attempt them, don’t try to solve at the beginning of that test, solve that questions at the last.
  • If a problem is taking long time in solving, then leave it and move on to the next question.
  • If negative marking is there in the examination, then don not answer the questions whose solutions are not known to you.
  • If some time is left in the end, then revise the answers of the questions before submitting the answer sheet.

Tips to prepare for Subjective Type Question Paper:

  • In subjective type, the answers are to be written in the long form. No options are available in this test.
  • Guess work can’t be work here, as options are not there.
  • The question paper is lengthy and you need to do time management depending on the number of questions.
  • Attempt questions at the end for which you need time for thinking.
  • As compare to MCQ type paper, revision in subjective type is very important as there are chances of finding mistakes.

At last we will like to conclude with the best wishes to all the candidates who are preparing for any written exam. We hope our tips (How to Prepare For Written Examination) will become useful and beneficial for you. Do not get scare about the written examination. Be confident, you have to overcome with your fear and crack the written examination.

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