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How To Reduce Negative Marking In Entrance Exam| 7 Tips To Deal With

How To Reduce Negative Marking In Entrance Exam

If there is negative marking in competitive exam, you are going to lose marks if you answer any question wrong. So, if you know How To Reduce Negative Marking In Entrance Exam, you will definitely be able to avoid such situation and will be able to clear any competitive Exam. Here in this page we have given 7 Tips To Deal With Negative Marking to help you to avoid getting negative marking in exam.

In Competitive Exam, there is negative marking to filter out the candidates who do not have the required knowledge and lack confidence. Guessing answers in the exam will not be any help. So, it becomes important for candidates to have the required knowledge for the exam they are appearing for to Reduce Negative Marking In Entrance Exam.

What Is Negative Marking?

When you answer correctly for a question you obtain the marks and if you answer incorrect option, you reduce your marks (usually in a 4 multiple choice query it is 1/3 or 1/4). This procedure of reducing the marks is known as ‘Negative Marking’. However, if you do not answer any question, you neither obtain nor reduce.

Let’s go through some tips concerning How to Deal with Negative Marking in Entrance Exam’..!!

How To Reduce Negative Marking In Entrance Exam

How to Deal with Negative Marking in Entrance Exam

Because of negative marking, a candidate loses his / her marks in competitive examinations. So now the question is that ‘How to deal with negative markings in Entrance Exams?’ you don’t need not to be worried for it, as we are here to tell you how to tackle Negative Marking in Entrance Exam.

  • Avoid Answering The Questions For Which You Are Not Sure: Don’t answer any question with guess because it may be wrong
  • Solve Previous Year Papers
  • Avoid Overwriting
  • Don’t Take Stress
  • Make Concentration
  • Firstly Attempt Easy Questions
  • Read Question Paper At Last

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How do negative marking Calculated?

Suppose, in any entrance Exam, negative marking is there in the ratio of 1:4 and each question is of 1 mark. If you answer question correctly, you will be awarded with +1 point, and for 4 wrong answers, you will lose 1 point (means your score -1). However, you will neither be awarded for or lose any marks for un-attempted question in Exam.

How can negative marking be reduced?

  • Avoid Guessing.
  • Avoid Overwriting.
  • Read the Question Carefully.
  • Make Full Concentration.
  • Calculated Risk Only.
  • Try Avoiding Answering Questions at the Last Minute.
  • Attempt Easier Questions First

7 Tips To Deal With Negative Marking

1. Avoid Answering The Questions For Which You Are Not Sure:

Don’t answer any question with guess because it may be wrong. Solve the questions quietly and mark with pencil. It is recommended that the applicant should read the query properly and prevent tagging solutions without consideration.

2. Solve Previous Year Papers:

Analyzing the Previous Year Papers will help the applicant to get idea of the pattern of the questions. By solving these questions you will be habitual of these questions and chances of error in exam will reduce. It is the most important key to minimize Negative Marking.

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3. Avoid Overwriting:

Prevent overwriting or eliminating solutions as it would be difficult for computer systems to read OMR linens in case of over writing. By overwriting your answer can be calculated as wrong, which will result negative marking. So it’s better to avoid overwriting to Reduce Negative Marking in Entrance Exam.

4. Don’t Take Stress:

Stress can never solve any problem. Even if you are having stress, you can spoil everything. With stress you can’t do as better as you can. So it’s better to be relaxed and calm while exam. By free mind you can solve problems in less time.

5. Make Concentration:

It’s essential to concentrate on your work if you want to avoid error. If you don’t concentrate on your answer exam, chances of error will increase. If you want to get good marks in exam by reducing negative marking, it will be the best way for this.

6. Firstly Attempt Easy Questions:

er to attempt easy question first. For this you have to read complete question paper and mark the easy question, which you can solve correctly. Now solve all marked questions on by one. By solving these questions you can take idea how much more you need to solve to crack this exam. By this you can adjust your risk strategy for the remaining questions.

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7. Read Question Paper At Last:

After solving complete question paper, you should read the answer sheet completely. By this if you have done any mistake, you can correct it while reading the questions paper. Give at least 15 – 20 minutes for reading your question paper.

We hope these Tips to minimize Negative Marking will be help full for you. If you are searching for the career relevant information such as latest career opening vacancies, admissions, admit card, entrance examination, date sheets etc must visit our web portal any time.

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