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Cognizant Latest Placement Papers With Answers Download Off Campus

Cognizant Latest Placement Papers

Candidates if you are planning to get job in a leading software company Cognizant Technology Solutions, you should prepare yourself harder. Here we have come up with Cognizant Latest Placement Papers that will really help you a lot in making preparation for both off campus placement and direct recruitment. Contenders may download Cognizant Latest Placement Papers With Answers in the underneath segment of this page of

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CTS latest Placement Paper Pattern:

Below is the well furnished paper pattern of Cognizant Technology Solutions:

Section Marks
Analytical Ability 25
Verbal Ability 25
Reasoning 20
Total 70

How to Prepare for Written Examination

Written Exam Techniques

Cognizant Latest Placement Papers

Q-1. Some numbers of bags were bought at Rs.4992 per dozen and sold at 18 bags for Rs.8208. What is the approximate gain or loss percent?

a) 9.6% gain

b) 10.9% loss

c) 9.6% loss

d) 10.9% gain

Ans: a) 9.6% gain

Q-2. The digits 2,3,8,7 and 6 are arranged to form 5 digit numbers in such a way that the repetition of the digits are not allowed. Then find the exact sum of all such possibilities:

a) 6031214

b) 9031214

c) 6933264

d) 5933264

Ans: c) 6933264

Q-3. The sum of 4 digit numbers that can be formed by using the digits 3, 2 , 4 and 1 such that the digits 2 and 1 always comes together is: (note that the repetition of digits are not allowed)

a) greater than 34000

b) Less than 34000

c) None of these

d) cannot be determined

Ans: a) greater than 34000

Q-4. Find the sum of the 4 digit numbers which are the multiples of 5 and are formed by using the digits 5, 3, 2 and 6.

a) 24450

 b) 22250

c) 23350

d) 26450

Ans: a) 24450

Q-5. A girl bought a bunch of flowers at the rate of 14 for Rs.180 and sold all of them at the rate of 16 for Rs.220. In this transaction, he gained Rs.50. How many flowers did the bunch contain?

a) 48

b) 52

c) 56

d) 50

Ans: c) 56

Q-6. A man sells his articles in such a way that even after allowing 25% discount on cash purchase, he gains 10 5/14 %. If the cost price of the articles is Rs.280 then the labeled price is:

a) Rs.199.25

b) Rs.285.5

c) Rs.315

d) Rs.206

Ans: d) Rs.206

Q-7. The sum of 4 digit numbers that can be formed by using the digits 3, 2 , 4 and 1 such that the digits 2 and 1 always comes together is: (note that the repetition of digits are not allowed)

a) greater than 34000

b) less than 34000

c) none of these

d) cannot be determined

Ans: a) greater than 34000

Q-8. Find the product of distinct prime factors of 34476.

a) 1321

b) 1326

c) 34476

d) 2873

Ans: b) 1326

Q-9. What is the first prime number that enters in the series 12, 21, 30,… ?

a) 67

b) 73

c) 83

d) Cannot be determined

Ans: d) cannot be determined

Q-10. A man saves Rs.16, 500 in 10 years. If he increases savings amount every year by Rs.100 then what will be his savings amount during the first year ?

a) Rs.1200

b) Rs.500

c) Rs.1500

d) Rs.1700

Ans: a) Rs.1200

Q-11. In every hour, a wall clock makes a beep as many as the time it shows. Find how many beeps the clock will make in a day ?

a) 78

b) 156

c) 180

d) 39

Ans: b) 156

Q-12. Find the actual profit percentage of a milk vendor, if he sells milk using a faulty measure which reads 750 ml as 1000 ml.

a) 12%

b) 25%

c) 33%

d) 40%

Ans: c) 33%

Q-13. Two salesmen sales their item for Rs.8000 each. One salesman calculates his profit % on his Cost price and another calculates his Profit % on selling price. If both claim to have a profit of 30% then what is the difference in their profit amount?

a) Rs.564

b) Rs.554

c) Rs.654

d) Rs.614

Ans: b) Rs.554

Q-14. Find a number which exceeds the aggregate of its 72, 81 and 108 parts by 8750/27.

a) 336

b) 128

c) 824

d) 538

Ans: a) 336

Q-15. Sum of 4-times of a number and 5 times of the aggregate of its 12th, 3rd and 10th part is 387 more than thrice of the number. Then find the number.

a) 1244

b) 108

c) 144

d) 1098

Ans: b) 108

Latest Placement Papers

Q-16. If a number is much greater than the sum of its 12th and 8th parts as is less than 258. Then what will be the number?

a) 258

b) 506

c) 144

d) 129

Ans: c) 144

Q-17. A sum of a number and the reciprocal of aggregation of 2nd, 3rd and 4th parts of the number is 1/26 more than the number. Find the number.

a) 26

b) 52

c) 72

d) 24

Ans: d) 24

Q-18. A taxi starts travel from P at morning 8 am to Q which is at a distance of 50 km from P. There is a taxi for every 30 minutes from P and each taxi travels at a speed of 25 km/hr. Two men A and B start at 2 pm from Q at a speed of 12.5 km/hr and 10 km/hr respectively. During their journey, find the number of taxi’s B encounter more than A.

a) 1

b) 4

c) 2

d) 3

Ans: c) 2

Q-19. The straight distance between X and Y is 1000 meters. A taxi starts travelling from X at morning 8 o’clock. There is a taxi for every 30 minutes interval. Each taxi travels at a speed of 25 km/hr. A man travels from Y at a speed of 20 km/hr. If the man starts his journey at 2 pm, find the number of taxi he encounters in his journey.

a)    17

b)    5

c)    12

d)    8

Ans: a) 17

Q-20. Two buses are travelling at 36 kmph and are 120 km apart. There is a fly in one bus which starts to fly at 40 kmph when the bus is started. It flies between two buses until the buses meet each other. Find the distance travelled by the fly.

a)    66.6 km

b)    76.8 km

c)    56.5 km

d)    87.5 km

Ans: a) 66.6 km

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