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IIT JAM Question Paper, Study from Previous Year Papers (Phy/Chem/Maths)

IIT JAM Question Paper

Are you in searchof IIT JAM Question Paper??  We will provide you Previous Year Papers of (Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics) on this web page.  Candidates, who are going to participate in IIT JAM Exam, can do preparation from previous yeas papers. Indian Institute of Technology Joint Admission paper requires lots of uphill struggle and devotion to qualify exam. Joint Entrance Test is a national level exam, which is conducted jointly by the IISc and IITs.  If students have the good plan and strategy for exam, then they can simply crack the exam.

Applicants who want to appear in the IIT exam may download IIT JAM Question Paper with Solution and start their preparation from it. Previous years question paper of Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Statistics and Physics are available. The complete IIT JAM questions papers with answer are described below by the team of You can download it from the below given link.

IIT JAM Question Paper

IIT JAM Question Paper with Solution:

Year / subject20132014201520162017
Biological Sciences (BL)BLBLBLBLBLBLAK
Mathematical Statistics  (MS)MSMSMSMSMSMSAK

QP- Question Paper

AK- Answer Key

IIT JAM Previous year Question Paper:

Year / Subjects2007 (QP)2006 (QP)2005 (QP)
Physics (PH)PHPHPH
Mathematics (MA)MAMAMA
Chemistry (CH)CHCH

IIT JAM Question Paper:

Q.1 A rabbit and a tortoise are running a race. Rabbit runs at 10 m/s, while tortoise runs at 1 m/s. Because the tortoise is slower, it is placed 100 meters ahead of the rabbit. After the race starts, the time (in seconds) after which the rabbit overtakes the tortoise is __________.

Ans. 10.5 to 11.5

Q.2 The common feature(s) of Rb +, Kr and Br − is/are that they

  1. Have same number of valence electrons
  2. Have same magnitude of effective nuclear charge
  3. Have same magnitude of first ionization potential
  4. Are isoelectronic species

Ans. 1, 4

Q.3Supposeܰ is a normal subgroup of a group G. Which one of the following is true?

  1. If G is an infinite group then G/N is an infinite group
  2. If G is a nonabelian group then G/N is a nonabelian group
  3. If G is a cyclic group then G/N is an abelian group
  4. If G is an abelian group then G/N is a cyclic group

Ans. 3

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Q.4At room temperature, the speed of sound in air is 340 m/sec. An organ pipe with both ends open has a length L= 29 cm. An extra hole is created at the position L/2. The lowest frequency of sound produced is

  1. 293 Hz
  2. 586 Hz
  3. 1172 Hz
  4. 2344 Hz

Ans. 3

Q.5Which amongst the following planets has the highest number of known satellites?

  1. Mars
  2. Uranus
  3. Venus
  4. Mercury

Ans. 2

Q.6In a large wild flower population, assume that no new mutations occur and that no natural selection operates. What factor(s) will affect the frequency of a genotype in this population?

  1. Non-random mating
  2. Gene flow
  3. Out-breeding within the population
  4. Invasion of a new pathogen that kills a large number of individuals in the population

Ans. 1,2,3,4

Q.7An observer is located on a horizontal, circular turntable which rotates about a vertical axis passing through its center, with a uniform angular speed of 2 rad/sec. A mass of 10 grams is sliding without friction on the turntable. At an instant when the mass is at a distance of 8 cm from the axis, it is observed to move towards the center with a speed of 6 cm/sec. The net force on the mass, as seen by the observer at that instant, is

  1. 0024 N
  2. 0032 N
  3. 004 N
  4. 006 N

Ans. 3

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Q.8 The power radiated by sun is 3.8 X 1026 and its radius is 7 X 105 km. The magnitude of the Pointing vector (in W/cm2) at the surface of the sun is ___________.

Ans. 6165 to 6180

Q.9If a particle executes SHM with frequency v, its kinetic energy varies with a frequency

  1. V
  2. 2v
  3. 2 v
  4. 2

Ans. 2

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Q.10 Consider a particle of mass m which is occupying any one of the energy eigenstates of a one-dimensional box of length L. The force exerted by the particle on the boundary walls is proportional to

  1. L
  2. 1 L
  3. 2 1 L
  4. 3 1 L


Q.11 The r.m.s speed of molecules in a sample of helium is 5/7th of that of the molecules of hydrogen. If the temperature of hydrogen sample is 0°C, the temperature of helium sample is – (nearest integer)

  1. 100°C
  2. 278°C
  3. 0°C
  4. 6°C

Ans. 4

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Q.12 A heat pump working on the carnot’s cycle maintains the inside temperature of a house at 22°C by supplying 450 kJ/s. If the outside temperature is 0°C, then heat taken in kJ/s, from the outside air is approximately-

  1. 487
  2. 470
  3. 467
  4. 417

Ans. 4

Q.13 An electron is confined in a 1-D box of 1 nm long. How many energy levels are there with energy less than 10 eV is:

  1. 5
  2. 10
  3. 15
  4. 16

Ans. 1

Q.14 The angle between the angular momentum l = 2 and the z-axis for ml = 2 is:

  1. 3
  2. 9
  3. 1
  4. 7


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Q.15 A particle is in a one-dimensional box with a potential V0 inside the box and infinite outside. An energy state corresponding to n = 0 (n: quantum number) is not allowed because

  1. The total energy becomes zero
  2. The average momentum becomes zero
  3. The wave function becomes zero everywhere
  4. The potential V 0

Ans. 3

Q.16 Let X and Y be independent exponentially distributed random variables with means 1/ 4 and 1/ 6 respectively. Let Z = min {X, Y}. Then E (Z) = __________.

Ans. 0.1 to 0.1

Q.17 Let X be a Geom (0.4) random variable. Then P (X=5|X >= 2) = ________

Ans. 0.086 to 0.087

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Q.18If a sequence {xn} is monotone and bounded, then

  1. There exists a subsequence of {xn} that diverges
  2. There may exist a subsequence of {xn} that is not monotone
  3. All subsequences of {xn} converge to the same limit
  4. There exist at least two subsequences of {xn} which converge to distinct limits

Ans. 2

Q.19 The number of distinct normal subgroups of S3 is ______________

Ans. 3 to 3

Q.20Let A be a nonempty subset of R. Let I (A) denote the set of interior points of A. Then I

  1. can be
  2. Empty
  3. Singleton
  4. A finite set containing more than one element
  5. Countable but not finite

Ans. 1

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Above mentioned question papers are useful in your preparation for Indian Institutes of Technology JAM Exam. So candidates are advised to stay connected with us. You can also join us on Facebook and Google plus to grasp recent information.

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