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MPPSC Question Paper 2018 (Pre-Mains) State Service/Engg Old Papers PDF

MPPSC Question Paper

The Official MPPSC Question Paper has been released by the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission on its official website. MPPSC Sample Question Paper for State Service/Engg (Pre-Mains) 2018 and other Exam is available here to download.

Utilizing MPPSC Question Paper 2018 will help candidates gather a fair idea about the difficulty level of various sections of exam. Candidates must also practice from MPPSC Old Papers in order to get familiar with exam pattern of and its detailed marking scheme.

MPPSC Previous Year Paper PDF-Provided Below!!!

For the assistance of applicants, we have provided the MPPSC Previous Year Question Paper PDF according to exam. MPPSC Solved Paper will help the candidates learn about the trending topics and the most frequently asked questions in the exam.

Further details regarding Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission Previous Question Papers are mentioned below by the team of Have a look  for Madhya Pradesh PSC Question Paper!!!

MPPSC State Service Question Paper 2018:

Name of ExamMPPSC Question Paper PDF

MPPSC Model Paper of State Service Main Examination – 2018

Paper -1

 MPPSC State Service Pre Question Paper 2018:

Name of ExamMPPSC Mains Question Paper PDF
MPPSC Sample Paper of State Service Preliminary Exam 2018Paper 1
Paper 2

 MPPSC State Service Engineering Question Paper for Main Exam 2017:

Name of ExamMPPSC Previous Question Paper DisciplineMPPSC Pre Question Paper  PDF
MPPSC Question Paper of State Engineering Service Mains Exam-2017MPPSC Question Paper of Civil EngineeringPaper1
Mechanical EngineeringPaper1
MPPSC Question Paper of Electrical EngineeringPaper1

 MPPSC Question Paper With Answer

Ques. 1: The relationship between °F and °C temperatures in terms of °C is?

  1. °F = 9/5°C + 32
  2. °C = 5/9(°F-32)
  3. °F = 9/5°C – 32
  4. °C = 5/9(°F+32)

Answer: 2

Ques. 2: Which of the following place is called as ‘Land of midnight sun’?

  1. Norway
  2. Denmark
  3. Japan
  4. Finland

Answer: 1

Ques. 3: The filament of Electric bulb is made of

  1. Chrome
  2. Tungsten
  3. Copper
  4. Aluminium

Answer: 2

Download From Here: MPPSC Syllabus

Ques. 4: Hydrographic surveys deal with the mapping of

  1. large water bodies
  2. heavenly bodies
  3. mountaineous region
  4. canal system
  5. movement of clouds.

Answer: 1

Ques. 5: An ideal vertical curve to join two gradients, is

  1. circular
  2. parabolic
  3. elliptical
  4. hyperbolic
  5. none of these.

Answer: 2

Ques. 6: The friction experienced by a body, when in motion, is known as

  1. rolling friction
  2. dynamic friction
  3. limiting friction
  4. static friction

Answer: 2

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Ques. 7: The coefficient of restitution for elastic bodies is one.

  1. Correct
  2. Incorrect

Answer: 2

Ques. 8: Resistance is measured in

  1. henries
  2. ohms
  3. hertz
  4. watts

Answer: 2

Ques. 9: The number of kilowatts in 135 milliwatts is

  1. 35 × 10–4 kW
  2. 135 × 10–3 kW
  3. 0135 kW
  4. 00135 kW

Answer: 1

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Ques. 10: Materials with lots of free electrons are called

  1. conductors
  2. insulators
  3. semiconductors
  4. filters

Answer: 1

Ques. 11: Production and exchange of goods and services for the satisfaction of wants is called:

  1. productive action
  2. exchange
  3. economic action
  4. rational action

Answer: 1

Ques. 12:  Ego’s wife is his:

  1. primary consanguineal kin
  2. primary affinal kin
  3. secondary kin
  4. tertiary kin

Answer: 2

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Ques. 13: Communist societies are classified as:

  1. First world
  2. Second world
  3. Third world
  4. Fourth world

Answer: 2

Ques. 14: The heat required to raise the temperature of body by 1 K is called

  1. specific heat
  2. thermal capacity
  3. water equivalent
  4. None of the above

Answer: 2

Ques. 15: The octane number of zero is assigned to

  1. 2-methyl octane
  2. n-heptane
  3. iso-octane
  4. 3-methyl octane

Answer: 2

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Ques. 16: The leading state in wheat production in India is—

  1. Punjab
  2. Haryana
  3. Uttar Pradesh
  4. Madhya Pradesh

Answer: 3

Ques. 17: First lady, other than the queen of Britain who had addressed both houses of British Parliament is-

  1. Indira Gandhi
  2. Benazir Bhutto
  3. Sonia Gandhi
  4. Aung San Suukyi

Answer: 4

Ques. 18: Which one of following state does not share boarder with Bhutan?

  1. Sikkim
  2. Meghalaya
  3. Arunachal Pradesh
  4. West bengal

Answer: 2

Download From Here: MPPSC State Service Exam Syllabus

Ques. 19: Which state has instituted the Mallikarjun Mansur award?

  1. Madhya Pradesh
  2. Maharashtra
  3. Odisha
  4. Goa
  5. Karnataka

Answer:  4

Ques. 20: Which amongst the following is general direction for the flow of summer monsoon in India?

  1. South-West to North-West
  2. South-East to South-West
  3. South to north
  4. South-West to South-East

Answer:  1

MPPSC Exam Preparation Books

To score good marks in the MPPSC exam, you are required to read through numerous last years of books. To qualify MPPSC Competitive Examination, main thing you need to do is to collect best MPPSC Study Material.

You can check the list of best books for MPPSC Preliminary Exam & Mains Exam Preparation online from here.As they say, the hard work is the great key to success, so you must not leave any stone unturned to come up to the expectation of people by scoring good marks.

  • Political Theory- Amal Ray, Mohit Bhattacharya
  • Comparative Politics- R. Chilkote
  • Political Theory- Amal Ray & Mohit Bhattachary
  • Introduction to Indian Constitution- D.D. Basu
  • A History of Political thought- J.P. Suda
  • Modern Political Theory- Madan Gandhi
  • Political Theory- O.P. Gauba
  • Indian politics- Lakshmikanth

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MPPSC(Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission) exam is conducted by The State Government of Madhya Pradesh. MPPSC State Service Exam is conducted for recruitment to various posts in government departments and offices of the state of Madhya Pradesh. This exam is conducted in two stages namely the preliminary exam and the main exam.


Applicants, you may open this Official Link to download MPPSC Old Question Papers and remain in touch with us on our web portal to get latest updates about MPPSC Sample Papers.

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