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Air Traffic Controller Salary in India 2022 | Job Details, In Hand Average Pay Scale Monthly

Air Traffic Controller Salary

Air Traffic Controller Salary 2022:- A team of dedicated professionals works to take care that you can reach your destination safely by flying from the airport. These professionals are called Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs), who play an important role in protecting the lives of hundreds of people as well as the fleet of expensive aircraft and aircraft.

Those who are interested in this field can check Air Traffic Controller Salary in India from this page. You can also get details of Air Traffic Controller Job Salary, Air Traffic Controller Salary in Hand, Air Traffic Controller Average Salary, Air Traffic Controller Monthly Pay Scale from here.


Air Traffic Controller Salary

The salary of an air traffic controller is influenced by a variety of factors, including a person’s educational credentials, work experience, job location, and specific responsibilities. In most countries, air traffic controllers are government employees and some of these individuals are employed by branches of the military. Although specific responsibilities may vary, air traffic controllers are ultimately responsible for ensuring that aircraft are able to safely take-off and land, especially at airports, or other locations.

“The average salary for an Air Traffic Controller in India is ₹715,000.”

Air Traffic Controller Salary In India

Interested Ones can check details of Air Traffic Controller Salary, Bonus, Profit Sharing and others from below:

Salary ₹160k – ₹3m
Bonus ₹10k – ₹294k
Profit Sharing ₹30k – ₹275k
Total Pay ₹254k – ₹3m

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Air Traffic Controller Salary Based On Skills

Safety Compliance ₹1,099,268
Problem Solving ₹163,600
Operations Management ₹925,000

Air Traffic Controller Salary Structure

You can check profile wise Salary of Air Traffic Controller

Job Profile Starting Salary per annum (in INR) Mid- Level Salary per annum (in INR) Senior-Level Salary per annum (in INR)
Air Traffic Controller Rs 4,00,000- Rs 6,00,000 Rs. 6,00,000- Rs.9,00,000 Rs.9,00,000 and above
Approach and Departure Controller Rs 3,00,000- Rs. 4,50,000 Rs. 5,00,000- Rs 7,00,000 Rs.7,00,000 and above 
En Route Controller Rs 3,00,000- Rs.4,00,000 Rs.4,00,000- Rs.6,00,000 NA

Air Traffic Controller Pay By Experience Level

Job Description No. of Year’s Experience Pay Scale
Entry-Level Air Traffic Controller Less Than 1 Year ₹549,999 Based On 7 Salaries
Early Career Air Traffic Controller 1-4 Years ₹650,000 Based On 13 Salaries
Mid-Career Air Traffic Controller 5-9 Years ₹1,124,444 Based On 6 Salaries

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Air Traffic Controller Salary On The Basis of Location

Candidates can check location wise Air Traffic Controller Salary from here.

Air Traffic Controller Salary in New Delhi, Delhi ▲292%
Air Traffic Controller Salary inMumbai, Maharashtra ▲68%
Air Traffic Controller Salary inChennai, Tamil Nadu ▲51%
Air Traffic Controller Salary inBangalore, Karnataka ▼44%

Air Traffic Controller Salaries By Companies

Company Average Base Salaries in (INR)
Deloitte ₹ 10,08,108/yr
Capgemini ₹ 9,08,654/yr
KPMG ₹ 9,41,919/yr
Airports Authority of India ₹ 13,34,030/yr
EY ₹ 10,37,175/yr
Accenture ₹ 15,27,436/yr
Capgemini ₹ 50,915/mo
HCL Technologies ₹ 9,23,811/yr
Bharti Airtel ₹ 28,68,601/yr
Airports Authority of India ₹46K – ₹72K
Infosys ₹968K – ₹1,088K
EXL Service ₹838K – ₹1,012K
Philips ₹1,458K – ₹1,584K
Grant Thornton ₹531K – ₹665K
Airports Authority of India ₹921K – ₹1,316K
Keywordio ₹298K – ₹322K
Government of India, Department of Space, Indian Space Research Organisation ₹46K – ₹89K
HCL Technologies ₹775K – ₹845K
Indian Air Force ₹71K – ₹76K

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Employment Opportunities for Air Traffic Controllers

Some of the popular employment opportunities for air traffic controllers are listed below:

  • Aviation Industry
  • Air Force Industry
  • Armed Forces
  • Domestic Airports
  • International Airports

Top Recruiting Companies for Air Traffic Controllers:

The companies that recruit air traffic controllers are as follows:

  • Bengaluru International Airport
  • Octamec Group
  • Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Limited
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
  • Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport
  • Air Works

Educational Qualification Required for Air Traffic Controllers:

Aspirants must have a bachelor’s degree (B.Sc in Science) with physics and mathematics as mandatory subjects or B.Tech/B.E. degree in any field can apply for the post of Junior Executive Controller (ATC). The minimum pass percentage to apply for ATC is 60%.

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Types of Job Roles Air Traffic Controller

Tower Controllers – These professionals direct the movement of vehicles along runways and taxiways. Most usually operate from control towers, given the traffic they control. In addition, tower controllers manage traffic from the airport up to 30 miles from a radius of 3.

Approach And Departure Controllers These people ensure that aircraft traveling in the airport’s airspace maintain a minimum separation for safety. Therefore, they approve entering controlled airspace and delegating control of the aircraft to the route controllers.

En-Route Controllers These people control aircrafts when they leave the airport airspace. They have control centers across the country. So, their duties include avoiding aircraft collisions and directing the aircraft almost throughout the flight.

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Qualities For An Effective Air Traffic Controller

There are some qualities that make you stand out in air traffic control. They are:

Concentration skills: You should be able to keep your focus even when there are multiple conversations going on in the office simultaneously.

Decision making skills: You should be able to make split-second decisions. Time is everything.

Maths skills: You must be quite good at maths and solve complex patterns accurately.

Problem solving skills: You must understand complex situations and find a way out of it. For example, directing traffic while weighing the changing weather.

Organizational skills: You should also know how many flights are coordinated. Therefore, controllers must learn how to prioritize tasks in the control center.

Above all, you must have effective communication skills to listen carefully to pilots’ requests as well as to provide clear and concise information. I hope that this article of Air Traffic Controller Salary is helpful to you. You can stay connected with us to get more latest and important information related to this.

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