Air India Pilot Salary 2022 | Pay Scale Per Month, Salary Structure & Perks

Air India Pilot Salary

Air India is the flag carrier airline of India. Candidates who want to flourish their career in this field must check Air India Pilot Salary Structure In India. Along with this, ensure Pay Scale Per Month, Perks & other benefits for pilot from here.

Average Air India Salary in India is Rs. 429k

To work as pilot is one of most exciting profession. Commercial pilots are paid handsomely. One of the India’s biggest airline i.e Air India has hiked salaries of its pilots by 8%. Here we are discussing Air India Pilot Salary and Perks details.

Air India Pilot Salary In India (Updated List)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)Rs.677,613
Aircraft Maintenance TechnicianRs.306,316
Customer Service AgentRs.255,404
Commercial PilotRs.423k – Rs.11m
Security GuardRs.144k – Rs.790k
Airline CaptainRs.2m – Rs.9m
Airline Pilot, Copilot, or Flight EngineerRs.166k – Rs.29m
First Officer (Aircraft)Rs.550k – Rs.5m
Data Entry OperatorRs.98k – Rs.326k
Security OfficerRs.176k – Rs.547k
Flight AttendantRs.267k – Rs.1m
Flight AttendantRs.267k – Rs.1m
Crew LeaderRs.263k – Rs.2m
Maintenance EngineerRs.166k – Rs.463k
Logistics SupervisorRs.351k – Rs.2m
Maintenance TechnicianRs.331k – Rs.1m
Office Clerk, GeneralRs.77k – Rs.264k
Office HelperRs.126k – Rs.370k
Office ManagerRs.416k – Rs.2m
Maintenance SupervisorRs.212k – Rs.1m
Operations SupervisorRs.310k – Rs.2m
Operations OfficerRs.301k – Rs.2m

Air India Pilot Salary & Pay Scale Per Month:

The annual salary for an international pilot of a large jet is an impressive $121,408(Rs.78 lakhs). Pilot earns between Rs. 300,000 and Rs. 800,000 per month in India. Air India Pilot earnings also depend on level of experience.

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Air India Pilot Salary

Air India Pilot Salary In India

Job position Air India Pilot Pay Amount(Rs.)
Air India Pilot Salary Per Month40,000/-
Cabin Crew Per Year902,800/-
Aeronautical Engineer3,60,000 per year
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer48K – 111K
Flight Attendant34K – 40K
Trainee Pilot99K -124K
Operations358K – 405K
Pilot124K – 260K
Operations Manager76K – 83K
Dy Gen Manager28K – 30K
Network Engineer10K – 10K
Manager27K – 29K
Senior Manager(Comml)62K – 67K
Deputy General Manager2,472K – 2,686K
Trainee29K – 31K
Flight Attendant38K – 42K
Operations Manager1,025K – 1,094K
Manager (Personnel)1,462K – 1,589K
Flight Attendant737K – 811K

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What is the monthly salary of pilot in India?

Entry-level pilots can earn up to Rs 1.5 lakh per month while senior pilots earns up to Rs 5 lakh upwards per month. Besides this, airline pilots in the United States earn $60,000 annually.

Air India Pilot Salary Structure:

One of the most exciting professions is to be a part of aircraft i.e. pilot. Salary is not a big issue for aspirants looking forward to the thrill of flying as a pilot. Air India Pilot Salary In India is Rs.40,000/- per month.

Air India Pilot Benefits:

  • Good Pay Package
  • Medical Facilities
  • Good Working Environment

Air India Pilot Pay Scale In India:

Type of AircraftAir India Pilot Salary Scale
Airbus A-300/ A-310/ A-320
Captain/Pilot In CommandRs.350,000 – 600,000/-
First Officer/Co PilotRs.225,000 – 300,000/-
Second Officer/Flight EngineerRs.90,000 – 150,000/-
Airbus A-340
Captain/Pilot In CommandRs.400,000 – 650,000/-
First Officer/Co PilotRs.250,000 – 325,000/-
Second Officer/Flight EngineerRs.100,000 – 180,000/-
Boeing 737-900
Captain/Pilot In CommandRs.400,000 – 650,000/-
First Officer/Co PilotRs.225,000 – 350,000/-
Second Officer/Flight EngineerRs.100,000 – 210,000/-
Cargo International/Domestic
Captain/Pilot In CommandRs.300,000 – 600,000/-
First Officer/Co PilotRs.175,000 – 400,000/-
Second Officer/Flight EngineerRs.80,000 – 200,000/-
Courier Flight
Captain/Pilot In CommandRs.200,000 – 325,000/-
First Officer/Co PilotRs.90,000 – 150,000/-

What is the average salary of an airline pilot?

As per Air India Pilot Pay Structure, pilots earns up to $130,059. Salaries range from a low of $112,657 to as much as $146,834.

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Air India Pilot Salaries based on Experience:

CategoryAir India Pilot Salary
Less than a yearRs.60,000 – 130,000/-
1-4 yearsRs.100,000 – 300,000/-
5-9 yearsRs.250,000 – 450,000/-
10-19 yearsRs.400,000 – 700,000/-
More than 20 yearsRs.500,000 – 1,000,000/-

Air India:

It is among the 3rd largest airline in India after IndiGo and Jet Airways in domestic market share. This enterprise is owned by Air India Limited. It operates fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft serving various domestic and international airports.

To choose career as pilot seems to be fascinated & like traveling all over the world. Candidates who want to build career as pilot must check all details about salary structure of Pilot in India from this page.


This is all about Air India Pilot Salary Structure In India, Starting Salary of Pilot in Air India, Air India International Pilot Salary. Keep connected with us for knowing more updates about latest exam notification & many more.

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