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Amazon Interview Questions 2022- Top 20 Technical, HR Interview Questions

Amazon Interview Questions

Now days, competition has become tough in terms of getting job in top companies like amazon. But with the help of Amazon Interview Questions 2022, aspirants can crack the interview and got placed in this reputed company. Here we have designed Top 20 Technical, HR Interview Questions with answers that must be check by the aspirants to get selected.


Amazon Interview Process:

  • Online Application
  • Assessment
    • Work Style Assessments [Time to complete: 10-20 minutes]
    • Work Sample Simulations [Time to complete: 20 minutes-1hour]
  • Phone Interview
  • In-Person (Virtual or On-Site) Interview

Amazon Interview Questions

To help all the contenders in cracking the Amazon Interview, here we have provided Amazon Interview Questions for Freshers/ Experienced etc. Go through the below provided Top 20 Amazon Interview Questions to crack Interview easily.

Amazon Technical Interview Questions

Question-1) What are the different storage classes in C ?

Answer: There are four types of storage classes in C. They are extern, register, auto and static

Question-2) How do you print an address?

Answer: Use %p in print f to print the address.

Question-3) What is an object?

Answer: Object is a software bundle of variables and related methods. Objects have state and behavior

Question-4) What are the 4 basics of OOP?

Answer: Abstraction, Inheritance, Encapsulation, and Polymorphism.

Question-5) What is spaghetti programming?

Answer: Spaghetti programming refers to codes that tend to get tangled and overlapped throughout the program.

Question-6) What is the use of a \0′ character?

Answer: It is referred to as a terminating null character, and is used primarily to show the end of a string value.

Question-7) What is database?

Answer: A database is a collection of information that is organized. So that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated.

Question-8) What is an operating system?

Answer:  An operating system is a program that acts as an intermediary between the user and the computer hardware.

Question-9) What is dead lock?

Answer:  Deadlock is a situation or condition where the two processes are waiting for each other to complete so that they can start. This result both the processes to hang.

Question-10) What is the most important feature of Java?

Answer: Java is a platform independent language

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Amazon Interview Tips 

  • Update Your Resume
  • Research
  • Be Ready to Answer Unexpected Questions
  • Be Ready to Tell What You Would Do Differently
  • Seek Clarification and Ask Questions
  • Plan Your Answers Using the STAR Method
    • S – What was the Situation?
    • T – What was your Task?
    • A – What Action did you take?
    • R  – Explain the Result or outcome of your actions
  • Get Familiar with Amazon’s Leadership Principles
Customer Obsession Think Big
Ownership Bias for Action
Invent and Simplify Frugality
Are Right, A Lot Earn Trust
Learn and Be Curious Dive Deep
Hire and Develop the Best Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit
Insist on the Highest Standards Deliver Results

Amazon HR Interview Questions 2022

Question 1. Tell me about yourself?


  • It is the most often asked question in interviews and also the trickiest question. Start by telling why you are well qualified for the position.
  • Remember, always match your educational & experience qualification to what the interviewer is looking for.
  • In other words you should give information what the interviewer is looking for. Be careful that it should not seem rehearsed.

Question 2. Assuming that you are selected, what will be your strategy for next 60 days?


  • If I am selected for this position, i will use my initial 60 days in understanding my role carefully in terms of the contribution to the business and increasing the overall profitability.
  • I will sit with my line manager and other juniors to understand what has already been done and what its impact has been.

Question 3. Don’t you think, you are overqualified for this position?


  • You might feel that I possess more degrees than you require for this position.
  • But, I believe that I grow every day when I talk to my staff, customers and superiors.
  • So, basically the learning process continues throughout the life, so I don’t think I am over qualified.

Question 4. Can you tell us something about your previous boss?


  • All my bosses possessed some skills worth learning.
  • I have always tried to learn something new from them including my previous boss.

Question 5. Why did you leave your last job?


  • Always answer in a positive manner regarding reason. Never talk negatively or badly about your previous organization.
  • If you do, you will cut a sorry figure. Give suitable reasons for leaving last job.

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Question 6. Why do you consider yourself a suitable candidate for this position?


  • The answer to this question lies in the preparation you did before the interview.
  • It is extremely important that you research the requirements of the position well and match them with your skills.

Question 7. Can you perform under pressure?


  • Most of the times, the job of software development is that of working under pressure.
  • Sometimes, it will be the pressure of delivering on time while it can be that of a bug that has sprung all of a sudden in your code.

Question 8. Do you know anyone who works for us?


Offer some one’s name if they really know you well and can offer a positive feedback about you.

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Question 9. What irritates you about co-workers?


  • The purpose of this question is to see how well you can fit into a team.
  • Basically, you should not have a problem with a person, although you can have a problem with the style of working.

Question 10. Is there any particular kind of person you cannot work with?


  • For the reason given in the above questions, the answer to this question should be a No.
  • This is basically a different way of putting up the last question.

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Top 20 Amazon Interview Questions

Q1. You’re given a Boolean 2D matrix; can you find the number of islands?

Q2. Given an array of strings, find if the given strings can be chained to form a circle. A string X can be put before another string Y in circle if the last character of X is same as first character of Y.

Q3. Tell us an efficient data structure for minimizing the following operations if we have an array arr[0 . . . n-1].

Q4. Add a value x to array from index l to r where 0 <= l <= r <= n-1

Q5. Find the value of a specified element of the array arr[i] where 0 <= i <= n-1

Q6. Is {a, n, d} a palindrome? If you are given a random string, is it a palindrome or not?

Q7. Given a linked list, reverse K nodes in it.

Q8. Search for an element in an array which has elements who’s values are first increasing and then decreasing. (Use modified binary search)

Q9. Find the second largest element in an array.

Q10. Given a sorted array which can have repeated elements, find the occurrence of an element. (Most optimal solution is O(log n) – Using binary search to find start and end occurrence)

Q11. Make a data structure and implement an algorithm to print all the files in a directory. (The root directory can have sub-directories too.)

Q12. Convert a BST into a DLL and DLL to BST in place.

Q13. Vertical traversal of a Binary Tree.

Q14. Lowest Common ancestor in a Binary Search Tree and Binary Tree.

Q15. Implement a stack with push(), pop() and min() in O(1) time.

Q16. In Facebook, find an efficient way to find the mutual friends between you and one of your given friends. Hint: hashing, dictionary data structure implementation

Q17. For two very long numbers given, find the product of these numbers in an efficient way. Hint: using binary multiplication effectively.

Q18. Given a number n, find the number just greater than n using same digits as that of n.

Q19. Convert Binary tree to linked list.

Q20. Rotate a matrix by 90 degrees.

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Main Amazon benefits:

  • Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world.
  • Amazon is also “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world” and one of the world’s most valuable brands (source: com).
  • Great work culture and work environment.
  • Learning program.
  • Numerous opportunities to grow and develop (Amazon Career Choice Program).
  • Time off (paid and unpaid).
  • Employee Assistance Program.
  • Saving plans and Amazon Restricted Stock Units (RSUs).
  • Special Amazon.com Employee Discount.

How do I prepare for an Amazon interview?

  • Research the company.
  • Choose an appropriate outfit.
  • Plan the route and be sure to arrive on time.
  • Prepare a short presentation about yourself.
  • Practice your answers to the most common Amazon interview questions.
  • Prepare your own list of questions

Amazon Interview Questions and Answers 2022:

Amazon, a Fortune 500 corporation based in Seattle Washington, is the global leader in e-commerce. To be a part of this world famous company, individuals need to qualify all selection stages.

Amazon Interview Questions can be of wide range starting from your introduction, Qualification, Experience, Industry specific experience. To help all the contenders in cracking the Interview, here we have provided Amazon Interview Questions and Answers.

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