BARC Previous Year Question Paper Solved PDF for ECE, EEE, ME, CSE, Civil

BARC Previous Year Question Paper

Download BARC Previous Year Question Paper from here! Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) conducts ECE, EEE, ME, CSE, Civil and other recruitment exams regularly to fulfil the vacant vacancies in the Center.

Individuals preparing for Upcoming BARC Recruitment Exam can get BARC Solved Question Paper PDF from this page start preparation accordingly.

BARC Previous Year Question Paper

BARC Previous Year Paper PDF

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BARC Question And Answers

Ques 1. A non-living component of living cell is:

  1. Ribosome
  2. Mitochondria
  3. Vacuole
  4. Endoplasmic reticulum

Answer: Option 3

Ques 2. Who was the Agricultural scientist who gave leadership to the Green Revolution?

  1. Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
  2. Jagadeesh Chandra Bose
  3. Dr. Chandrasekhar
  4. Dr. Khorana

Answer: Option 1

Ques 3. The Scientist who arranged elements to their increasing atomic weight is:

  1. Dalton
  2. Avogadro
  3. Mendeleev
  4. Mendel

Answer: Option 3

Ques 4. The name given to the instrument sent to Mars, in 1997, for investigations, by moving around is:

  1. Orbiter
  2. Viking
  3. Mariner
  4. Sojourner

Answer: Option 4

Ques 5. The law by which people are asked to submit to Government accounts of dealings in foreign currency is:

  1. FREA
  2. Customs law
  3. Income-tax law
  4. TADA

Answer: Option 1

Ques 6. The friction experienced by a body, when in motion, is known as

  1. rolling friction
  2. dynamic friction
  3. limiting friction
  4. static friction

Answer: Option 2

Ques 7. Three forces acting on a rigid body are represented in magnitude, direction and line of action by the three sides of a triangle taken in order. The forces are equivalent to a couple whose moment is equal to

  1. area of the triangle
  2. twice the area of the triangle
  3. half the area of the triangle
  4. none of these

Answer: Option 2

Ques 8. The unit of energy in S.I. units is

  1. dyne
  2. watt
  3. kg-m
  4. joule

Answer: Option 4

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Ques 9. The angle of inclination of the plane at which the body begins to move down the plane, is called

  1. angle of friction
  2. angle of repose
  3. angle of projection
  4. none of these

Answer: Option 1

Ques 10. Two balls of equal mass and of perfectly elastic material are lying on the floor. One of the ball with velocity v is made to struck the second ball. Both the balls after impact will move with a velocity

  1. v
  2. v/2
  3. v/4
  4. v/8

Answer: Option 2

Ques 11. Aerobic bacterias

  1. flourish in the presence of free oxygen
  2. consume organic matter as their food
  3. oxidise organic matter in sewage
  4. All the above.

Answer: Option 4

Ques 12. The rate of accumulation of sludge in septic tanks is recommended as

  1. 30 litres/person/year
  2. 25 litres/person/year
  3. 30 litres/person/month
  4. 25 litres/person/month.

Answer: Option 1

Ques 13. The ratio of shearing stress to shearing strain within elastic limit, is known as

  1. modulus of elasticity
  2. shear modulus of elasticity
  3. bulk modulus of elasticity
  4. tangent modulus of elasticity
  5. all the above.

Answer: Option 2

Ques 14. The method of design of steel framework for greatest rigidity and economy in weight, is known as

  1. simply design
  2. semi-rigid design
  3. fully rigid design
  4. none of these.

Answer: Option 3

Ques 15. The effective length of a compression member of length L held in position and restrained in direction at one end and effectively restrained in direction but not held in position at the other end, is

  1. L
  2. 67 L
  3. 85 L
  4. 5 L
  5. 2 L

Answer: Option 1

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Ques 16. Unit Hydrograph theory was enunciated by

  1. Merril Bernard
  2. W. Horner
  3. Le-Roy K. Shermen
  4. Robert E. Horten.

Answer: Option 3

Ques 17. Hydrology helps in

  1. predicting maximum flows
  2. deciding the minimum reservoir capacity
  3. forecasting the availability of quantity of water at reservoir site
  4. predicting the effects on the river water level on completion of dams
  5. all the above.

Answer: Option 5

Ques 18. Pick up the correct statement from the following :

  1. Rivers, lakes, oceans and springs get water from the rains
  2. Rain water is obtained by evaporation from rivers, lakes and oceans
  3. Water remains in atmosphere as vapours
  4. Hydrologic cycle is a continuous process of evaporation and precipitation of water in atmosphere
  5. all the above.

Answer: Option 5

Ques 19. Which capacitor-store higher amount of energy?

  1. Air capacitor
  2. Paper capacitor
  3. Mica capacitor
  4. Plastic film capacitor

Answer: Option 3

Ques 20. In paramagnetic materials

  1. permanent magnetic dipoles exist but the interaction between neighbouring dipoles is negligible
  2. permanent magnetic dipole do not exist
  3. permanent magnetic dipoles exist and the interaction between neighbouring dipoles is very strong
  4. permanent magnetic dipole moment may or may not exist

Answer: Option 1

Ques 21. Assertion (A): Atomic number of sodium is 11.

Reason (R): Sodium has a body centred cubic lattice.

  1. Both A and R are true and R is correct explanation of A
  2. Both A and R are true but R is not correct explanation of A
  3. A is true but R is false
  4. A is false but R is true

Answer: Option 2

Ques 22. Which of the following statement is false?

  1. The zener diode is uses as a constant voltage source
  2. The SCR is a silicon rectifier with a gate electrode to control when current flows from cathode to anode
  3. The gate electrode in the FET corresponds to the collector in a bipolar transistor
  4. None of the above

Answer: Option 4

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Ques 23. Which of the following places has contributed to a famous variety of goats?

  1. Malappuram
  2. Kasaragod
  3. Thalasseri
  4. Kozhikkode

Answer: Option 1

Ques 24. In a CE amplifier circuit, the output voltage

  1. is very small
  2. is always constant
  3. depends on β
  4. none of the above

Answer: Option 3

Ques 25. Lacquer paints

  1. are generally applied on structural steel
  2. are less durable as compared to enamel paints
  3. consist of resin and nitro-cellulose
  4. contain alcohol as thinner
  5. all the above.

Answer: 5

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BARC Previous Year Question Paper

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