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Bharathidasan University Syllabus 2023 Revised-Pre Revised BCA/MCA/MCOM Exam

Bharathidasan University Syllabus

Students should download the Bharathidasan University Syllabus 2023 from here. The university is going to conduct BCA/MCA/MCOM examination, so students need to start their preparation. They can download the Bharathidasan University pre-revised syllabus by pressing the given link in the below section of this page.

Bharathidasan University Syllabus 2023
Bharathidasan University Syllabus 2023


Bharathidasan University Syllabus 2023
University Name Bharathidasan University
Courses Name BCA/MCA/M.com
Category Syllabus
Official portal www.bdu.ac.in

Bharathidasan University Syllabus

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Bharathidasan University Syllabus MCA:

Unit I What is Object Oriented Programming? – C++

Console I/O- C++ comments- Classes:

Some difference between C and C++ –

Introducing Function Overloading –

Constructor and Destructor Functions-

Constructors take parameters- Introducing

Inheritance – Object Pointers – In line

Functions – Automatic in lining.

Unit II Assigning Objects – Passing Object to

Functions – Returning Object from Functions

An Introduction to friend functions- Arrays

of objects – Using Pointers to Objects –

Using new & delete – More about new &

delete – references – Passing references to

objects – Returning references- Independent

References and restrictions.

Unit III Overloading Constructor Functions- Creating

and Using a Copy constructor- Using default

arguments- Overloading and ambiguity –

Finding the address of an overload function-

the basics of operator overloading- overloading

binary operators-overloading the relational and

logical operators- overloading a Unary operator –

using friend operator functions- a closer at the

assignment operator- overloading the subscript()


Unit IV Base class access control –using protected members-

Constructors, destructors and inheritance – multiple

inheritance- virtual bas classes- Some C++ I/O basics

formatted I/O using width(), precision () and fill() –

using I/O manipulators- Creating your own inserters-

creating extractors.

Unit V Creating your own manipulators- File I/O basics-

unformatted, binary I/O- more unformatted I/O

functions- random access- checking the I/O status-

customized I/O and files- Pointers and derived classes-

Introduction to virtual functions- more about virtual

functions- applying polymorphism- Exception handling.

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Bharathidasan University Syllabus BCA:

Unit I Introduction: Database-System Applications-

Purpose of Database Systems – View of Data —

Database Languages – Relational Databases –

Database Design –Object Based and Semi structured

Databases – Data Storage and Querying Transaction

Management -Data Mining and Analysis – Database

Architecture – Database Users and Administrators –

History of Database Systems.

Unit II Relational Model: Structure of Relational Databases –

Fundamental Relational Algebra Operations Additional

Relational-Algebra Operations- Extended Relational

Algebra Operations – Null Values – Modification of the


Unit III SQL: Data Definition – Basic Structure of SQL Queries –

Set Operations – Aggregate Functions – Null

Values – Nested Sub queries – Complex Queries –

Views -Modification of the Database – Joined

Relations – SQL Data Types and Schemas –

Integrity Constraints -Authorization – Embedded SQL

Unit IV Relational Languages: The Tuple Relational Calculus –

The Domain Relational Calculus – Query-by- Example.

Database Design and the E-R Model: Overview of the

Design Process – The Entity-Relationship Model – 3

Constraints – EntityRelationship Diagrams – Entity-

Relationship Design Issues – Weak Entity Sets –

Database Design for Banking Enterprise

Unit V Relational Database Design: Features of Good

Relational Designs – Atomic Domains and First

Normal Form – Decomposition Using Functional

Dependencies – Functional-Dependency Theory –

Decomposition Using Functional Dependencies –

Decomposition Using Multivalued Dependencies-

More Normal Forms – DatabaseDesign Process

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Bharathidasan University Syllabus M.com :

Unit I Banking – evolution – traditional functions –

Banking concepts – Commercial banks ; Central

banks; investment banks and recent developments –

merchant banking; leasing ; mutual funds.

Unit II Banking system – Branch banking – Unit banking –

Universal banking – co-operative banking – structure –

objectives – functions, difference between commercial

banking and co-operative banks.

Unit III Commercial banking – functions – credit creation

mechanism – limitations – portfolio management –

Balance sheet structure and analysis – priority sector

banking pressures and problems

Unit IV Financing of trade – domestic and foreign –

loans and advances – type – secured and unsecured –

securities – documentation – procedures syndicated

advance – participation – project financing.

Unit V Banking Nationalization – objectives – experience –

case for and against privatization – recent developments –

role of commercial banks in developing economies

Bharathidasan University Syllabus:

Bharathidasan University offers the various UG and PG courses to the students who are studying in this university. Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli was established since 1982 and this name of university was derived from the name of Bharathidasan the great Tamil poet & revolutionary.

Every year large number of students got admission in the BDU University. To get the good score in the examination, students need to download the Bharathidasan University Syllabus with the help of this page.

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How To Prepare For The BDU University Exam:

Students need to start their preparation after checking the Bharathidasan University Syllabus for B.Sc. They can make the proper time table for the study. While covering all the topics, students should also go through the previous year question papers. We have given BDU University syllabus 2023 in the form of PDF.

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