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Civil Engineer Salary In India – Pay Scale, Career, Job Profile 2023

Civil Engineer Salary

There are numerous candidates who want to become civil engineer, if you are one of them then must know about Civil Engineer Salary In India according to 2023 latest updates. Role of civil engineer includes designing, planning, and/or managing construction projects.

Well, their projects may range from small-scale projects to very large-scale . Civil engineers may work in many sectors, such as structural, environmental, and transportation. Check Civil Engineer Salary Structure In India 2023, Civil Engineer Career, Job Profile 2023 etc from below page.


Civil Engineer Salary In India – Pay Scale, Career, Job Profile 2023

Highest paying cities in India for Civil Engineers

Bhubaneshwar, Orissa ₹24,702 per month
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh ₹23,466 per month
Hyderabad, Telangana ₹22,529 per month
Bengaluru, Karnataka ₹21,742 per month
Mumbai, Maharashtra ₹21,649 per month
Delhi, Delhi ₹20,646 per month
Pune, Maharashtra ₹20,410 per month
Noida, Uttar Pradesh ₹19,411 per month

Civil Engineer Salary

Average Civil Engineer Salary in India is Rs. 310,434/-

Civil Engineer Job Profile in India 2023:

  • Civil engineers design & supervise infrastructure like roads, highways, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, pipelines & sewage systems.
  • Civil engineering is one of the oldest types of engineering and involves modalities like design, construction, research and training.
  • Specialties within civil engineering are vast, some of which are structural, environment, and transportation related.
  • Researches and analyzes maps, blueprints, photos, charts, and other data to plan projects.
  • Gathers information to prepare and present reports on project topics.
  • Manages and directs staff at project site.
  • Performs engineering duties; plan, design and oversee the construction and maintenance of buildings, bridges, and other structures.

Civil Engineer Salaries by Company

Company Name Average Annual Salary
Larsen & Toubro Limited 1-10 yrs exp ₹ 5.0L (₹ 2.3L – ₹ 8.0L)
Megha Engineering & Infrastructures 2-7 yrs exp ₹ 3.7L (₹ 2.8L – ₹ 4.9L)
L&T Construction 1-8 yrs exp ₹ 4.5L (₹ 2.4L – ₹ 7.1L)
Shapoorji Pallonji 1-10 yrs exp ₹ 4.3L (₹ 2.1L – ₹ 6.3L)
Tata Projects 2-10 yrs exp ₹ 4.5L (₹ 3.0L – ₹ 7.2L)
Sobha 1-6 yrs exp ₹ 3.4L (₹ 2.8L – ₹ 4.5L)
Site Engineering 1-6 yrs exp ₹ 2.4L (₹ 0.3L – ₹ 4.2L)
ITD Cementation India 2-8 yrs exp ₹ 4.7L (₹ 3.1L – ₹ 6.0L)
KEC International 2-9 yrs exp ₹ 5.5L (₹ 3.0L – ₹ 7.8L)
Nagarjuna Construction Company 1-9 yrs exp ₹ 4.0L (₹ 2.3L – ₹ 6.1L)

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Civil Engineer Salaries in India 2023:

Civil Engineer Average Salaries Structure

Job Title/ Designation Name Civil Engineer Salary In Hand
Civil Engineer – Larsen and Toubro Ltd. Rs 245,559 – Rs 893,047
Civil Engineer – Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd. Rs 182,461 – Rs 838,377
Civil Engineer – Lodha Group Rs 268,584 – Rs 707,497
Civil Engineer – ITD Cementation India Limited Rs 288,000 – Rs 420,000
Civil Engineer – Sobha Developers Ltd Rs 305,209 – Rs 516,000

Government Civil Engineer Salary in India Per Month: Based on Experience

EXPERIENCE Civil Engineering Starting Salary In India ANNUAL AVERAGE
Less than a year (Junior Civil Engineer Salary in India Per Month) INR 118,669 – INR 591,330
1-4 years INR 152,836 – INR 534,581
5-9 years INR 216,388 – INR 853,257
10-19 years INR269,049 – INR 1,223,515
20 years or more (Senior Civil Engineer Salary in India Per Month) INR292,701 – INR 1,834,723

Civil Engineer Salary Government: Based on Cities

Pune, Maharashtra INR 177,539 – INR 844,299
Bangalore, Karnataka INR 175,927 – INR 745,725
Civil Engineer Salary in Delhi, New Delhi INR 203,472 – INR 1,000,000
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh INR 192,707 – INR 932,818
Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 154,563 – INR 875,594

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Civil Engineer Salary in India: Based Degree or Certification

Technical Diploma, Civil Engineering INR 282,000 – INR 650,000
EIT or Engineer in Training INR 136,113 – INR 560,661
Associate’s Degree INR 176,410 – INR 710,042
Certified Professional Engineer or PE INR 181,085 – INR 867,369
Master of Engineering, Structural Engineering INR 325,449 – INR 732,503
Chartered Civil Engineer: MICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) INR 600,000 – INR 3,000,000
Bachelor Engineering INR 423,000 – INR 870,000
Higher National Diploma (HND), Civil Engineering INR 181,453 – INR 935,147
Diploma, Civil Engineering INR 179,399 – INR 699,508
Bachelor’s Degree INR 178,264 – INR 830,541
MBA or Master of Business Administration INR 530,623 – INR 1,623,714

Civil Engineer Salary in India: Based on Industry

Project Management Consulting INR 180,000 – INR 1,028,294
Civil Engineering Construction INR 122,281 – INR 723,462
Oil & Gas INR 179,598 – INR 1,107,378
Residential Building Construction INR 147,902 – INR 722,863
Real Estate Development INR 120,805 – INR 821,114
Civil Engineering Services INR 184,878 – INR 1,193,477

Civil Engineer Salary in India: Based on Skills

SKILLS Annual Civil Engineer Salary Per Month In India
Autocad 2000i INR 174,640 – INR 683,976
Project Management INR 186,684 – INR 850,209
Microsoft Excel INR 175,319 – INR 730,790
AutoDesk INR 145,969 – INR 587,228
Microsoft Word INR 158,943 – INR 709,192
Project INR 195,546 – INR 730,640
Engineering Design INR 175,874 – INR 1,200,182

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Civil Engineer Salary in India: Based on Employers

Government INR 177,539 – INR 877,065
Company INR 174,697 – INR 861,151
Contract INR 139,620 – INR 3,973,172
College or University INR 98,043 – INR 1,174,457
Others INR 139,620 – INR 621,879

Civil Engineer Salary in India: Based on Gender

GENDER ANNUAL AVERAGE Civil Engineering Job Salary
Female INR 147,949 – INR 571,625
Male INR 177,248 – INR 893,522

Large cities of developing countries such as China, Malaysia, Singapore, & the Gulf (UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia) will have a greater need for competent civil engineers. Countries with poor economies may not have such bright opportunities.

Salary of Civil Engineer In Other Countries:

Civil Engineering Salary In Dubai

  • Average Monthly Salary in Dubai for Civil Engineer: 15,458 AED i.e. Rs.268224.96
  • Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in Dubai for Civil Engineer/ Civil Engineering Jobs in Dubai for Freshers Salary will be around 3000 AED
Civil Engineering Jobs In Dubai Salary
MaximumCivil Engineering Salary In Dubai 39,000 AED Rs.676722.30
Average 15,458 AED Rs.268224.96
Median 12,000 AED Rs.208222.24
Minimum 3,000 AED Rs.52055.56

Civil Engineering Jobs In Canada Salary

Average Monthly Salary in Canada for Civil Engineer: 5,650 CAD i.e. Rs.290243.33

Civil Engineering Jobs In Canada Salary
Maximum 10,833 CAD Rs.556496.63
Average 5,650 CAD Rs.290243.33
Median 5,000 CAD Rs.256852.50
Minimum 2,500 CAD Rs.128426.25

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Civil Engineering Salary In USA

Average Monthly Salary in United States for Civil Engineer: 6,362 USD

Civil Engineering Jobs In USA Salary
Maximum 14,167 USD Rs.903040.00
Average 6,362 USD Rs.405529.78
Median 5,167 USD Rs.329357.50
Minimum 2,417 USD Rs.154065.62

Civil Engineering Jobs In Kuwait Salary

Average Monthly Salary in Kuwait for Construction / Building / Installation: 923 KWD i.e. Rs.195898.47

Civil Engineering Jobs In Kuwait Salary
Maximum 5,417 KWD Rs.1149709.67
Average 923 KWD Rs.195898.47
Median 550 KWD Rs.116732.57
Minimum 250 KWD Rs.53060.26

Civil Engineering Jobs In Australia Salary

Average Monthly Salary in Austria for Civil Engineer: 2,500 EUR i.e. Rs.195554.50

Civil Engineering Jobs In Australia Salary
Maximum 2,500 EUR Rs.195554.50
Average 2,500 EUR Rs.195554.50
Median 2,500 EUR Rs.195554.50
Minimum 2,500 EUR Rs.195554.50

Singapore Civil Engineering Jobs Salary

Average Monthly Salary in Singapore for Civil Engineer: 7,391 SGD i.e. Rs.357062.91

Civil Engineering Jobs In Singapore Salary
Maximum 84,000 SGD Rs.4058082.00
Average 7,391 SGD Rs.357062.91
Median 5,500 SGD Rs.265707.75
Minimum 1,000 SGD


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Top Skills at Larsen & Toubro Limited for Civil Engineers

Civil Engineering Construction
External Audit Field Testing
Inspection Internal Audit
Material Testing Project Documentation
QA Quality Control Management
Bridges Building Construction
Civil Civil Construction
Civil Design

Civil Engineering Vs Architecture Salary:

An ordinary fresher architect in India gets a salary around Rs. 20,000. An ordinary fresher civil engineer in India gets a salary around Rs. 30,000. What Is The Starting Salary For Civil Engineering? The Starting salary of Civil Engineer in India Per Month or we can say the Civil Engineering Salary in India per Month for fresher is approx. INR 30,000.

Civil Engineer Salary Other Benefits

The comprehensive range of benefits listed below makes the overall bucket of perks quite impressive for the civil engineers:

  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Room and Board
  • Life Insurance/ Disability
  • Private Medical Insurance (PMI)
  • Company car
  • Paid holiday

What is the Best Job for Civil Engineer (Civil Engineer Career in India)?

Applicants who gain experience by participating in a co-op program while in college will have the best opportunities. Therefore those who enter the occupation with a graduate degree will likely have better prospects.

  • Architects
  • Civil Engineering Technicians
  • Construction Managers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Landscape Architects
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Urban and Regional Planners
Civil Engineer –wikipedia

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In all fields of engineering, civil engineering the only branch which has the longest and broadest work field and that is also a reason that the Civil Engineer Pay Scale is also high. Check Civil Engineer Salary 2023 In India from here.

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