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Cricket Quiz 2021 Questions & Answers, Cricket GK Trivia, Online Test

Cricket Quiz

Go through Cricket Quiz 2021 strengthen the knowledge of Cricket amateur and professionals for upcoming competitive examination. Take Online Test find out GK Questions and Answers / Trivia on cricket.


Cricket is immensely popular in England, Australia, India and many other British Commonwealth countries too. Since originated, as far back as from 13th century, cricket has long history and own literacy.

Cricket Quiz

Cricket GK Trivia/ Questions & Answers highlights the more obscure and humorous which extremely difficult to explain. Test your knowledge and know how much you know about historic sport.

Cricket GK Questions & Answers

Answers for these questions are available at the end.

Question 1: What colour of caps are worn by the Australian national cricket team?

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Blue
  4. Azure gray

Question 2: Which county plays at home at the St. Lawrence Ground?

  1. Glamorgan
  2. Yorkshire
  3. Warwickshire
  4. Kent

Question 3: What kind of fruit is depicted on the badge of Worcestershire County Cricket Club?

  1. Pear
  2. Apple
  3. Mango
  4. Grapes

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Question 4: Who among the following is the highest wicket taker in all formats of cricket?

  1. M Muralitharan
  2. SK Warne
  3. A Kumble
  4. GD McGrath

Question 5: Which king declared cricket illegal in 1477?

  1. Charlie II
  2. Edward IV
  3. Charles I
  4. Edward V

Question 6: Which country won the first Cricket World Cup in 1975?

  1. Australia
  2. West Indies
  3. India
  4. South Africa

Question 7: What connects the badges of Hampshire, Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire?

  1. All depict a fruit
  2. All Depict a rose
  3. All are northern counties
  4. None of the above

Question 8: Which county did Graham Gooch represent throughout his cricket career?

  1. Yorkshire
  2. Hampshire
  3. Warwickshire
  4. Essex

Question 9: Who among the following is the highest wicket taker of Ashes Series?

  1. Mike Grating
  2. Ian Border
  3. Graham Gooch
  4. Shane Warn

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Question 10: Which of the following cricketer entitled Dazzle as his autobiography?

  1. Adam Gilchrist
  2. Darren Gough
  3. Allen Border
  4. Steve Waugh

Question 11: How much did Sunil Gavaskar score for India in its very first World Cup match played against England in 1975?

  1. 36 off 174 balls
  2. 79 off 99 balls
  3. 36 off 36 balls
  4. 111 off 100 balls

Question 12: Which cricketer has made the highest individual score at the World Cup ?

  1. Rahul Dravid
  2. Saurav Ganguly
  3. Sachin Tendulkar
  4. Kapil Dev

Question 13: Kapil Dev did NOT play for India during the World Cup tournament held in

  1. 1975
  2. 1979
  3. 1983
  4. 1987

Question 14: Who was the captain of the Indian team during the first World Cup in England in 1975?

  1. Venkataraghavan
  2. Abid Ali
  3. Sunil Gavaskar
  4. Gundappa Vishwanath

Question 15: Which Cricketer has scored the most runs at the World Cup ?

  1. Sachin Tendulkar
  2. M Azharuddin
  3. Saurav Ganguly
  4. Rahul Dravid

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Question 16: Against which country did India score their highest total at the World Cup?

  1. Bermuda
  2. Kenya
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. Namibia

Question 17: Against which country did India score their lowest total at the World Cup ?

  1. West Indies
  2. England
  3. New Zealand
  4. Australia

Question 18: Who was the highest wicket taker for India during the historic 1993 Prudential World Cup held in England?

  1. Ravi Shashtri
  2. Kapil Dev
  3. Sandeep Patil
  4. Roger Binny

Question 19: Who was the wicket-keeper of the Indian Cricket Team during the World Cup 2003 tournament?

  1. Parthiv Patel
  2. Nayan Mongia
  3. Rahul Dravid
  4. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Question 20: Who was the Indian player who never represented India in any international game but still got selected for a World Cup?

  1. Bharath Reddy
  2. SunilKirti Azad
  3. Eknath Solkar
  4. Sunil Valsan

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Question 21: When were the first widely accepted laws of cricket brought out?

  1. 1741
  2. 1742
  3. 1743
  4. 1744

Question 22: Till 1889 how many balls an over used to be bowled?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

Question 23: In which country was an eight-ball over in vogue till lately?

  1. Australia
  2. England
  3. West Indies
  4. India

Question 24: When was overarm bowling accepted as legal?

  1. 1861
  2. 1865
  3. 1864
  4. 1868

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Question 25: How many teams took part in the championship in the inaugural year?

  1. 12
  2. 15
  3. 18
  4. 19


Ans1) 2 Ans10) 2 Ans19) 4
Ans2) 4 Ans11) 1 Ans20) 4
Ans3) 1 Ans12) 2 Ans21) 4
Ans4) 1 Ans13) 1 Ans22) 4
Ans5) 2 Ans14) 1 Ans23) 1
Ans6) 2 Ans15) 1 Ans24) 3
Ans7) 2 Ans16) 4 Ans25) 2
Ans8) 4 Ans17) 4  
Ans9) 4 Ans18) 4  

Cricket Online Test 2021

Individuals, who love Cricket Game and are crazy about this game, solve Cricket Quiz so as to analyze the acquaintance and experience.  On this page we have provided Cricket GK Quiz and Cricket Questions & Answers/ Cricket GK Trivia.

Q1) When and where was the First Cricket world cup held?
Ans) 1975 in England

Q2) The First Player who took the Hat-Trick and then one more Wicket in next ball (4 Ball- 4 Wickets)?
Ans) Lasith Malinga (Sri Lankan Player) against South Africa in 2007

Q3) Name of the First Captain of India ODI Team?
Ans) Ajit Wadekar

Q4) The first Indian cricketer to score a double century in Tests match?
Ans) Polly Umrigar, 223 against New Zealand

Q5) Who is the only Indian player to score two triple century in Test matches?
Ans) Varinder Sehwag

Q6) The first batsman to complete 10,000 runs in Test cricket?
Ans) Sunil Gavaskar

Q7) The first cricketer to score 100 hundreds in Test and ODI combined
Ans) Sachin Tendulkar

Q8) Where is the headquarters of the International Cricket Council (ICC), the supreme body of cricket Located?
Ans) Dubai

Q9) Who is the highest wicket-taker in the history of Test cricket?

Ans) Muthiah Muralidharan (Sri Lanka)

Q10) Cricket is the national sport of which country.
Ans) England, Australia

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Q11) Deodhar Trophy is related to which game?
Ans) Cricket

Q12) Which game is called crease, duck, and driver word related to?
Ans) Cricket

Q13) Whose book is “Sunny Days”?
Ans) Sunil Gavaskar

Q14) Which cricketer is known as “Rawalpindi Express”?
Ans) Shoaib Akhtar

Q15) Which Indian cricketer has led the team in most Test matches?
Ans) Mahendra Singh Dhoni 53 matches

Q16) The first Indian woman to score a double century in the cricket Test match
Ans) Mithali Raj [against England, 214 runs]

Q17) Which player was honoured by the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2007?
Ans) Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Q18) What is the Test Cricket Series between England and Australia called?
Ans) Ashes

Q19) Till 1889 how many balls an overused to be bowled?
Ans) Four

Q20) Which is the oldest cricket club in the world?
Ans) M.C.C. (Marylebone Cricket Club), London

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Cricket Quiz Questions with Answers:

In Cricket Online Test, questions includes regarding IPL (Indian Premier League). Well, with the help of this page you can increase your knowledge about Indian Premier League. For this you have to solve Cricket GK Quiz and Cricket GK Questions.

The International Cricket Council is the worldwide governing body for cricket. Question based on cricket are very significant for the candidates preparing for the competitive exams like; UPSC, PSC, SSC and other one day exams.

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