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CUCET Syllabus 2020 Download PDF UG/PG/Integrated Programmes Exam Pattern

CUCET Syllabus 2020

CUCET Syllabus 2020 is prescribed by the Central Universities to test the knowledge of students for providing admission to integrated courses UG/PG/Research Program or any other general courses.

Those who are going to participate in Central Universities Common Entrance Test 2020 must prepare well with CUCET Syllabus to secure qualifying marks.

CUCET Syllabus

University NameCentral University of Rajasthan
Exam NameCentral Universities Common Entrance Test
Category NameCUCET Syllabus
Application Starting dateMarch 16 , 2020
Last date for applicationsApril 11 , 2020 extended to April 25, 2020
Exam dateMay 30 & 26 , 2020 and June 06 & 07, 2020
Admit Card Available DateMay 18 , 2020
June 26 , 2020
Exam ModeOffline

CUCET Exam Pattern 2020

  • Mode of Exam: The exam will be held through offline mode.
  • Duration: Each paper will be of about 2 hours.
  • Type of Questions: Multiple choice questions will be asked in the exam.
  • Number of Questions: 100 questions will be asked in the exam.
  • Marking Scheme: 1 mark will be allotted for one correct answer.
  • Negative Marking: There is a provision of negative marking. 0.25 marks will be deducted for each incorrect response.
  • Parts: Part-A will contain the English Language, general awareness, mathematical aptitude and analytical skills of 25 MCQs. Part-B contains Domain Knowledge which will be comprised of 75 MCQs. This part may consist of one/two/three sections of 25 questions each.

CUCET 2020 Question Paper Pattern

CUCET Question Paper Pattern for UI and PG ProgrameGet Here
CUCET Question Paper Pattern for RP ProgrameGet Here

CUCET Syllabus PDF Download

Name of Course & Test paper codesCUCET Syllabus
CUCET UG Syllabus
B. Tech, B.Sc Integrated M.Tech, B.Sc B.Ed, B.Sc M.Sc,
Integrated M.Sc
Press Here
BBA, BA, Integrated MA, BA B.Ed, BA LLB, Integrated
M.Sc, Integrated MA, B.Voc, BPA, Diploma
Press Here
B.Voc (Interior Design)Press Here
CUCET RP Syllabus
Research ProgrammePress Here
CUCET PG Syllabus
B.Ed. – PGQP01Press Here
L.L.M/ Master of Law(LLM)/ Tribal and Customary
Law – PGQP02
Press Here
M.A. (Education)/ Education/ M.Ed. – PGQP03Press Here
English/ English and comparative Literature/ English
Studies – PGQP04
Press Here
Linguistics and Language Technology/ Linguistics – PGQP05Press Here
Hindi and Comparative Literature – PGQP06Press Here
Malayalam PGQP07Press Here
Punjabi PGQP08Press Here
Classical Tamil PGQP09Press Here
Urdu PGQP10Press Here
Kannada PGQP11Press Here
History – PGQP12Press Here
Human Rights and Conflicts Management – PGQP13Press Here
Music – PGQP14Press Here
Fine Arts – PGQP15Press Here
Theatre/ Theatre Arts – PGQP16Press Here
Tribal Law and Governance – PGQP17Press Here
Folkloristic and Tribal Studies/ M. A. (Folkloristic) PGQP18Press Here
Geography PGQP19Press Here
Applied Geology & Geo-informatics PGQP20Press Here
Social Work/ Sociology PGQP21Press Here
Genomic Science
Animal Science
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Life Sciences (specialization in Animal Sciences)
Life Sciences (specialization in Biochemistry)
Life Sciences (specialization in Bioinformatics)
Life Sciences (specialization in Human Genetics)
Life Sciences (specialization in Microbial Sciences)
Life Sciences (specialization in Molecular Medicine)
Life Sciences (specialization in Plant Sciences)
Plant Science
Nutrition Biology
Press Here
Pharmaceutical Sciences (Medicinal Chemistry)
Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacognosy and
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Press Here
Chemical Sciences (Medicinal Chemistry )
Chemistry (Computational Chemistry)
Press Here
Computer Science/ Master of Computer Applications
Press Here
Geo-informatics PGQP26Press Here
M.Sc. Tech. Mathematics – 3 Yrs.
MA/MSc Applied Mathematics
MA/MSc Mathematics
Press Here
Physics (Computational Physics)
Press Here
Statistics PGQP29Press Here
Sports Science PGQP30Press Here
Computer Science & Engineering
Information Technology
Computer Science and Technology
Computer Science and Technology (Cyber Security)
Press Here
Environmental Science and Technology
Environmental Science
Press Here
Atmospheric Science PGQP33Press Here
Material Sciences PGQP34Press Here
Material Sciences and Technology PGQP35Press Here
Food Technology PGQP36Press Here
M.Com. PGQP37Press Here
Master of Business Administration
MBA (Human Resource Management)
Supply Chain Management
MBA (Tourism and Travel Management)
Master of Tourism & Travel Management
Press Here
M. Lib. & Information Science PGQP39Press Here
Psychology PGQP40Press Here
Master of Journalism and Mass Communication
Convergent Journalism Culture and Media Studies
Mass Communication and New Media
Mass Communication
Press Here
National Security Studies PGQP42Press Here
International Relations and Political Science
Political Science
Public Policy and Public Administration
Public Admin & Policy Studies
Public Policy, Law and Governance
Press Here
Comparative Religion PGQP44Press Here
Public Health PGQP45Press Here
Hotel Management & Catering Tech. PGQP46Press Here
Environmental Economics
Applied Qualitative Finance
Financial Economics
General Economics
Actuarial Economics
Press Here
Geology PGQP48Press Here
Cyber Forensics and E-governance
Information Security and E-governance
Press Here

Press Here For: CUCET Official Webiste

CUCET 2020 Syllabus

Syllabus of CUCET 2020 for UG /Integrated Courses

SubjectCUCET Syllabus PDF Download
CUCET Syllabus Chemistry

Atomic Structure, Redox Reactions, Chemical Bonding, Chemical Equilibrium and Kinetics, Electrochemistry, Acid-Base Concepts, Catalysis,  Colligative Properties of Solution, Colloids, Periodic Table, Thermo-chemistry, Preparation and Properties, Reaction intermediates, General Organic Chemistry, Isomerism, Carbohydrates, Polymers, Solid State and Petroleum, Preparation and Properties

CUCET Syllabus Physics

Measurement, Laws of Motion, Motion in one dimension, Motion in two dimensions, Work, Power and Energy, Rotation of a rigid body about a fixed axis, Linear Momentum & collisions, Gravitation, Oscillatory motion, Heat and thermodynamics, Mechanics of solids and fluids, Wave, Electrostatics, Magnetic Effect of Current, Current Electricity, Matter, Ray Optics and optical instruments, Electromagnetic induction, Wave Optics and Modern Physics.

CUCET Syllabus Mathematics

Probability, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Co-ordinate Geometry, Vectors, Dynamics and Statics

CUCET Syllabus Biology


Origin of Life, Mechanism of Organic Evolution, Organic Evolution, Human Genetics and Eugenics, Mammalian Anatomy (Eg. Rabbit), Applied Biology, Animal Physiology and Comparison between Periplanata and Blatta


Plant Cell, Ecology, Protoplasm, Ecosystem, Seeds in angiospermic plants, Genetics, Fruits, Cell differentiation Plant Tissue, stem and leaf, Anatomy of Root, Important phylums, Soil and Photosynthesis.

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CUCET Syllabus for Integrated MA/BBA/ Integrated BA LLB (Hons)/ Integrated M.Sc/ B.Voc/ Diploma programmes

For L.L.M (Master of Law) programme:

  • General Principles of Contracts
  • Constitution
  • Criminal Law-Indian Penal Law
  • Family Law-Hindu Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Property Law
  • Company Law
  • Jurisprudence
  • Human Rights Law and Practice
  • Banking Law
  • Right to Information
  • Law of Evidence
  • Principles of Legislation

CUCET Syllabus 2020 for MCA Programme

  • Basic Mathematics: Set theory, Algebra and linear algebra, Real and complex analysis, Combinatorics and Probability and statistics.
  • Digital Logic: Combinational logic circuits, Switching theory, and Sequential m/c model.
  • Basics of Programming: Basic concepts of programming including the concepts in any one of the languages: C, C++ or Java.

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CUCET PG Syllabus 2020


CUCET B. Ed Syllabus

Test Paper Code: PGQP01

The paper is of two hours divided into three sections: A candidate has to answer a total of 100 questions. The questions will be based on objective types answerable on OMR sheets.

Sec A: General awareness is compulsory for all (25)
Sec B: Teaching Aptitude is also compulsory for all (35)
Sec C: Exercise of the choice of the group according to his/her eligibility qualifications is the responsibility of the candidate. Candidate appearing for the B.Ed Entrance Test will have to choose only one group and will have no option to change his subject group if once allotted.

Choosing subject group not commensurating with eligibility will disqualify the candidature at any stage. Choice once exercised is final. All the questions will be based on under graduate level of concerned subjects as per UGC.

 (i) Social Science (40) (HistoryGeography, political science, economics)
(ii) Language (40) (English, Hindi, Sanskrit)
(iii) Physical Science and Mathematics (40) (physics, chemistry, mathematics)
(iv) Life Sciences (40)(botany, zoology)

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CUCET M Ed Education M.A Education Syllabus

Test Paper Code: PGQP03

M.Ed. / Education / M.A. Education

1) Education & Philosophy:

Nature & Meaning of Education, Relationship between Philosophy & Education

2) Major Philosophies of Education:

Naturalism; Idealism; Pragmatism

3) Educational Thinkers & their Contribution in developing Principles of Education:

M.K. Gandhi: Basic Education; Tagore, John Dewey: Learning by doing,

4) Culture & Social Change:

Concept & Dimensions of Culture; Relationship between Culture & Education with special reference to conservative and creativity roles; Concept of social change and Roles of Education for social change.

5) Psychology & Educational Psychology:

Nature & Meaning of Psychology; Nature, Meaning and functions of Educational Psychology.

6) Learning & Motivation:

Concept of learning & Motivation; Factors of influencing learning – Personal & Environmental, Techniques of enhancing learner’s motivation; S‐R Theory of Learning (Thorndike), Classical conditioning (Pavlov), Operant Conditioning theory of learning (Skinner) and Gestalt theory of Learning (Kohler et al), Cognitive theory (Piaget), Social development theory (Vygotsky), Behaviourism, Constructivism and Eclectic approach

7) Growth and Development:

Concept, Stages of development, Role of hereditary and environment in the development of individual

8) Intelligence:

Nature & Meaning, Measurement of Intelligence – Concept of I.Q, Verbal, Non‐verbal & Performance tests; Two‐factor Theory (Spearman); Multifactor Theory (Thurston); Structure of intellect (Guilford), Multiple Intelligence (Gardner)

9) Personality:

Meaning & nature and Development of Personality – biological & socio‐culture determinant a brief overview of Trait‐theory of Personality (Allport), Factor‐theory of Personality (Cattell), Psycho analytical theory of Personality (Freud), Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and their
Educational implication

10) Current issues:

Universalization of Elementary Education with special reference to Sarva Siksha Abhyan; Education of children with special needs, Women’s Education, Education of Weaker Sections, Right to Education Act 2009

11) Teaching Process:

Concept of teaching; Characteristics & Functions of teaching; Principles & Maxims of teaching

12) Techniques of Teacher‐Preparation:

Microteaching Nature & Meaning, Main proposition, Phases, Steps, Merits & Limitations; Simulated  ‐  Nature & Meaning, Teaching Role Play ,Advantages & Limitations; Programmed learning‐ Meaning & Characteristics, Learning  ‐ Principles & Development of the Programmed instructions. ‐ Types. ‐ Merits & Demerits.

13) Taxonomy of Educational Objectives & Lesson Planning:

Bloom’s Taxonomy of instructional objectives: ‐ Cognitive, Affective & Psychomotor domains; Meaning & Significance of lesson planning, Preparation of Lesson planning, Lesson plan in constructivist approach

14) Methods of Teaching:

Play Way Method; Project Method; Discussion method, Heuristic Method, Activity method, Cooperative learning.

15) ICT:

Basics in ICT, Multimedia approach, Use of ICT in teaching learning process

16) Assessment:

Concept of CCE, Grading, Achievement test, Blue print, diagnostic test, Quantitative analysis, Descriptive statistics, Qualitative analysis

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CUCET Research Program Syllabus 2020

Candidates who are in search of Research program syllabus are advised to visit the official website of the organization and move your cursor towards syllabus tab which is located at the menu bar of the home page.

Then press Research program tab from the drop down list select ‘Research program’ tab and you will get your complete syllabus on your system screen. Our visitors can also get the same by pressing the direct link

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CUCET Entrance Exam Syllabus 2020 PDF

Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET 2020) will be organized by eleven central universities. CUCET 2020 is National Level Entrance Test conducted with the motive to provide admission to various courses offered by these central universities. CUCET offers admission to UG/Integrated, PG & Research courses.

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Central Universities Common Entrance Test Syllabus PDF

CUCET Syllabus contains two parts that is Part A and Part B. Part A will contain total 25 MCQs from English Language, General Awareness, Mathematical Aptitude, and Analytical Skills and Part B consist of questions relating to candidate’s Domain Knowledge / Subject specific questions.

CUCET Syllabus PDF of CUCET UG / PG / MBA Programmes in available at official site. Applicants can download the CUCET Entrance Test Syllabus PDF through online mode from official site and start preparation accordingly.

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