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How to Check If a College is Registered OR AICTE Approved?

How to Check If a College is Registered OR AICTE Approved?

Let’s Know about the Process of How to Check If a College is Registered OR AICTE Approved? From here!! Each college in our country offers various facilities with good education but for a bright and secure future you all must know whether the college you are choosing to spend your precious years, is AICTE approved or not.


“What is AICTE?” or “How to Check If a College is Registered OR AICTE Approved?” Such type of questions may be knocking the door of your mind. Open the doors of your mind and let such questions come out. Here we have some solutions to your questions.

Steps to Check If a College is Registered OR AICTE Approved?

After justifying the college in every matter, AICTE provide an approval letter to the college with an approval number mention in it.

You can demand for an approval letter to check the same or you can also follow the steps mentioned below to check that the college is registered or not.

Step1: Visit to the official websites of the college in which you are admitting.

Step2: Check their approval letter on their websites and can demand for their approval number if it is not mentioned.

Step3: You can also visit to the official website of the AICTE & search the name of a college in which you are thinking to take admission.

Step4: You can also pay your visit to the official website of UGC & check the name of the college.

Step5: UGC also update the list of fake institutions of India every year, you can go through that also and check the name of colleges.

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Question: How Can We Major That a College is Registered OR AICTE Approved?


  • An approval letter is given by AICTE to the college with an approval number by which you can check whether the college is registered or not.
  • Every year an approval letter is provided to the registered colleges with the validity of 1 year.
  • You can also check it by visiting to their official website and University Grant Commission (UGC) also provides the list of registered and unregistered colleges of India.
  • So, you can check it on UGC also.

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Question: What Are The Problem You May Face in Joining Non-AICTE Approved Institute?


If you have taken admission without checking the affiliated status of the college and that particular college is not registered or AICTE approved, then you may face some of the difficulties after or during your course. Following are the common difficulties faced by the students of non-approved colleges:

  • Average Quality of Education
  • Less Value of the Certificate
  • You will face ignorance in the Job Market
  • Bank will not approve Study Loan for the Course
  • Less significance of the course and the College

Question: Where you can check for registered or AICTE Approved Colleges?


  • Visit to the official website of AICTE
  • Pay your visit to official website of UGC

What is AICTE?

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is an advisory body which provides an approval to the colleges or universities if they are qualified to run it. They approve an Institute after justifying the building infrastructure, faculty members, faculty qualification & experience, Labs etc.

Objectives of AICTE

  • Promotion Of Quality In Techniques Of Education
  • Planning And Coordinated Development In The Technical Education System
  • Regulations and Maintenance of Norms and Standards

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Authorization by NBA

National Board of Accreditation (NBA) also gives approval to the standard colleges the same way as AICTE do& also accreditate the college department wise. NBA accreditate the CSE, ECE & IT streams for three years & ME & EE for five years in engineering colleges.

If NBA gives recommendation to different departments of college then it is known as a standard college. Make sure that before taking admission you verify the registrations, approvals & accreditation of that college. Don’t take admission in any college until & unless you are satisfied.

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Pay Attention!!

For a bright Career & secure future you must be careful in choosing your Colleges, Institutes & Universities because you may face problem in getting a job if not studied from a registered or approved College. So before investing your precious time & money gain as much as knowledge you can about a college & its approval.


Above Were Some Tips And Something You Must Necessarily Know About The College Before Taking Admission In It. This Is Very Important For You To Secure Your Future And In The Matter Of College You Must Check Whether The College Is AICTE Approved Or Not.

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