Kolhan University Syllabus 2022, PDF Revised (BA, BSc, B.com, MA & Others)

Kolhan University Syllabus

One of the known state universities set up in 2009 grants plethora of UG, PG & research programs. Get detailed Kolhan University Syllabus 2022 PDF Revised for all courses as BA, BSc, B.com, MA & Others & begin studies for semester exams.


Kolhan University Exam 2022:

Educational InstituteKolhan University
CategoryKolhan University Syllabus 2022
CoursesBA, BSc, B.com, MA, MSc & Others
Exam held inMay, June & October, November 2022
Official Portalwww.kolhanuniversity.ac.in

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Kolhan University Syllabus 2022

Kolhan University BSc Syllabus 2022:

Core 1: Basic Statistics and Probability Syllabus:

Concepts of a statistical population and sample from a population, quantitative and qualitative data, nominal, ordinal and time-series  data, discrete and continuous data. Presentation of data by tables and by diagrams, frequency distributions for discrete and continuous  data, graphical representation of a frequency distribution by histogram  and frequency polygon, cumulative frequency distributions (inclusive  and exclusive methods) added in Kolhan University UG Syllabus
Measures of location (or central tendency) and dispersion, moments, measures of skewness and kurtosis, cumulants. Bivariate data: Scatter diagram, principle of least-square and fitting of polynomials and exponential curves. Correlation and regression. Karl Pearson coefficient of correlation, Lines of regression, Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient, multiple and partial correlations  (for 3 variates only) added in Kolhan University Syllabus 2022
Random experiment, sample point and sample space, event,
algebra of events, Definition of Probability – classical, relative
frequency and axiomatic approaches to probability, merits
and demerits of these approaches (only general ideas to be
given). Theorem on probability, conditional probability,
independent events. Baye’s theorem and its applications

Core 2: Statistical Methodology Topics:

Random variables: Discrete and continuous random variables,
p.m.f., p.d.f. and c.d.f., illustrations of random variables and
its properties, expectation of random variable and its properties.
Moments and cumulants, moment generating function, cumulants  generating function and characteristic function. Bivariate  probability distributions, marginal and conditional
distributions; independence of variates (only general idea
to be given). Transformation in  univariate and bivariate distributions.
Point (or degenerate), Binomial, Poisson, Geometric,  Negative Binomial, Hypergeometric, Normal, Uniform, Exponential, Beta and Gamma distributions added in  Kolhan University Syllabus 2022
Markov inequality, Chebychev’s inequality, WLLN  and SLLN: Statements and applications, Central  limit theorem (CLT) for i.i.d. variates, and its  applications added in Kolhan University Syllabus 2022

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Core 3: Theory of Statistical Inference

Definitions of random sample, parameter and statistic,  null and alternative hypotheses, simple and composite hypotheses, level of significance and probabilities of  Type I and Type II errors, power of a test and critical  region. Sampling distribution of a statistic, sampling  distribution of sample mean, standard error of sample mean
Large sample tests for single mean, difference of means, standard deviation and difference of standard deviations. Sampling distributions of chi-sq, t and F: definitions,  properties and relationships between them. Tests of  Significance based on Chi-square (goodness of fit  and independence of attributes), t distribution and  F- distribution using classical and p-value approach  added in Kolhan University Syllabus 2022
Estimation: Parameter space, sample space, point  estimation, requirement of a good estimator,  consistency, unbiasedness, efficiency, sufficiency,  Minimum variance unbiased estimators. Cramer- Rao inequality: statement and application, Methods
of estimation: maximum likelihood, least squares  and minimum variance, statement of Rao-Blackwell  theorem and Lehmann-Scheffe theorem. Properties  of maximum likelihood estimators (illustration). Interval Estimation: confidence intervals for the parameters of normal distribution, confidence intervals
for difference of mean and for ratio of variances.  Neyman-Pearson lemma and MP test: statements  and applications.

Core 4: Survey Sampling and Design of Experiments

Sample Surveys: Basic concepts of sample survey: concept of
sampling, need for sampling, complete enumeration v/s. sampling, principles of sampling theory, principal steps in a
sample surveys, planning and organization of a sample survey,
sampling and non-sampling errors.Simple random sampling
(srswr and srswor), Stratified random sampling Systematic
sampling added in Kolhan University Syllabus 2022
Analysis of variance: one-way and two-way classified data
with one observation per cell only. Design of experiments:
Principles of Design of experiments, uniformity trails,
completely randomized, Randomized block and Latin  square designs. Missing plot technique
Indian Official Statistics: Present Official Statistical
System in India relating to census of population, agriculture,
industrial production, and prices; methods of collection of
official statistics, major publications, their reliability and
limitations. Agencies responsible for the data collection-  C.S.O., N.S.S.O., Office of Registrar General: historical  development, main functions and important publication  added in Kolhan University Syllabus 2022

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Kolhan University Syllabus 2022 Revised For UG & PG:

Students will be happy to know Kolhan University Syllabus 2022 is available for all undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs.

Hit on above links & download Kolhan University BSc Syllabus, Kolhan University B.com Syllabus, Kolhan University MA Syllabus or others.

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Are you aware about Kolhan University?

Being set up in 2009, this institute is affiliated to University Grants Commission. Its main motto is to offer quality education to students in terms of theoretical & practical.

Those pursuing any course as BA, BSc, B.com, MSc & others may check out detailed Kolhan University Syllabus 2022 & plan studies accordingly.

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This is all for Kolhan University Syllabus 2022. To get good marks, plan your preparation by referring detailed syllabus from upper section.

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