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Latest GD Topics 2022 With Answers On Current Affairs/ Interview/Bank

Latest GD Topics

Group Discussion being an important part of the selection process for any recruitment is not difficult to crack if you have Latest GD Topics 2022 with answers on current affairs. Here you will get Group Discussion Topics for any Interview related to Bank and other streams.


There can be different types of Group Discussion Topics which we have classified below on this page under four broad fields. Those who are going to appear in Group Discussion they can check Latest GD Topics with Answers 2022 here.

Latest GD Topics

Top B-schools, institutions, MNC’s and many other organizations use several types of Group Discussion topics to test the candidates before finalizing their merit lists and offering admission/ Jobs.

Latest Group Discussion Topics

  • Business & Economy
  • Current Affairs
  • Social Issues
  • Abstract

GD Topics on Current Affairs

  • Coronavirus: Impact on Global Economy
  • COVID 19: Importance on spending on Public Health
  • Is social distancing the new world order?
  • Nationwide lockdown to flatten the COVID 19 curve: Dent on Economy
  • Citizenship Amendment Act – What and Why
  • Should there be a limit to Media Freedom?
  • Is Trump creating World Trade War?
  • Discuss about Union Budget India ?
  • Is India ready for electric vehicles?
  • Will fake news kill Social Fiber of India if unchecked?
  • Is it still too early for India to have bullet trains?
  • Implication of State Assembly elections at the national level?
  • Modicare: Will it be an affordable healthcare project?
  • Importance of Statue of Unity
  • COVID 19: How India fared in fighting coronovirus compared to developed countries
  • Online education, work from home: Have we arrived in virtual world
  • Coronavirus and lockdow has exposed social inequality in modern India
  • How will Abrogation of Article 370 improve situation in Kashmir
  • Why Individual Data Privacy is important?
  • Will companies benefit from the Companies Amendment Bill?
  • Discounts on E-commerce website are harmful in the end
  • Is preponing the presentation date of General Budget a good decision?
  • Will De-Nuclearisation Instill World Peace?
  • Can India afford spending a fortune on projects like Mission to MARS?
  • Making Aadhaar mandatory is not a good idea- for or against
  • Is banning of Pakistani artists from India justified?
  • Global warming

GD Topics on Business & Economy

  • Will reduced Goods & Services Tax (GST) help the Indian economy in growing faster?
  • How capable in India of leading Solar Energy, Wind Energy revolution?
  • Is MBA necessary to be Successful in Business?
  • Can India become a $5 trillion economy by 2024?
  • Views on Bitcoin/CryptoCurrency
  • Ways in which Technology is impacting the Banking sector
  • How can we control banking frauds to reduce NPAs?
  • Is Globalization an Opportunity or a Threat?
  • Will India be able to double Farmers’ Income in the next 5 years?
  • India V/s China: Will India remain way behind China?
  • Make in India campaign
  • Will RERA restore the trust of homebuyers?
  • Demonetization: Discuss its Success & failures
  • Is Corruption in Economy the root cause for Indian Economic slowdown?
  • Statue of Unity – Symbol of Pride or Wastage of Public Money?
  • How is the falling rupee impacting the Indian economy?
  • Cashless Economy – Is India ready for it?
  • Should the Indian economy be privatized?
  • Blockchain Technology – Pros & Cons
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail sector good for India- agree or disagree?
  • Agriculture Vs Manufacturing Industry in India
  • Minimum Support Price: Is it a Political gimmick?
  • How will the deal between Walmart and Flipkart impact the Indian Economy?
  • Is ‘Startup India’ Boosting Entrepreneurship
  • How beneficial is the merger of Public Sector Banks?
  • High Deficit Financing V/s high interest rates: Can both go together?
  • Should Business Lobbying be made legal in India?
  • Views on YONO
  • Views on Merging the General & Railway Budget
  • Will Automation and Artificial Intelligence reduce or increase Jobs?
  • Surcharge on Income Tax (IT) for the Super-Rich

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GD on Abstract Topics

  • Hard Work Vs Smart Work
  • Work-Life Balance is a Myth
  • Change is the only constant
  • Friends, Enemy or Frenemies?
  • Ethics or Profit?
  • Thoughts on Me Too Campaign
  • Can failures teach you important lessons in life?
  • How important is it to be patient in Business and Management?
  • Building strategies Vs Execution
  • Leader Vs Follower
  • Innovation Vs Invention
  • Freedom: A Myth?
  • Do we need more entrepreneurs than managers?
  • Women are better multi-taskers- agree or disagree?

GD Topics on Social Issues

  • Success of Swachh Bharat Mission
  • Social Media: A boon or a bane for the society?
  • Will Beti Bachao Beti Padhao abolish the orthodox mindset?
  • Views on Retirement Homes
  • Does Browsing at Workplace affect productivity?
    India needs a uniform civil code- For or against?
  • Smart City Project – How useful will they be?
  • Is Net Neutrality essential to make India Digital?
  • Crime against women
  • Views on Climate Change Summit
  • Should national anthem be played in cinema halls?
  • Give views on the present system of education in our country

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You may prepare for your Group discussion and enhance your communication skills with the help of these topics. Check all the Latest GD Topics With Answers through this page which is well furnished by the unit of recruitmentresult.com

Latest Group Discussion Topics with Answers 2022

GD Topics with Answers

Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

Digital India is really beneficiary for all of us. Infact it makes our work so easy that within a fraction of time you could send money anywhere with help of internet and mobile phone. But the only problem is that we are still in developing zone so the area of the country is not so developed to implement because in most of the place either they don’t know how to use or they don’t have proper resources for it. Even, it helps in the irradiation of corruption to a certain extent because all the transaction has been recorded in the database and difficult for tax evader in minimising their tax by illegal methods.

Merits and Demerits of Cashless Economy

Positive aspects:

  • Reliable and time saving for the transaction of money from one user to another user accounts.
  • Transparency at the governance and individual level ex: many government schemes or fund benefit can be directly put into the beneficiary account.
  • Control on corruption to some extent.
  • Mitigation in the environmental issue (use of paper to print money or some time metal also).
  • Availability of money transfer system for 24 * 7 hrs.
  • Increment in the Security causes decreament in the risk.Negative aspects:
  • Many people are not aware about cashless economy so they are unable to use it.
  • Literacy is a major factor because it is the primary need to operate it.
  • Chances of failure of transaction and will take more time in refunds create unwanted annoyance in people, But it happens sometime.
  • Less probability of hacking of data.
  • Unavailability of internet connection create a barrier in cashless economy.

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Latest Group Discussion Topics

GD Topics on Business & Economy: It includes current trends in business and economy, major policy initiatives, latest business trends, and their impact globally and nationally.

GD Topics on Current Affairs & Politics: The GD topics on Current affairs may be based on national or international political development, Policies and issues which are highly debated in media.

GD topics on Social Issues: Issues which have a social implication, either positive or negative are covered in GD topics on Social issues.

GD Topics on Abstract Topics: These are the topics which have multiple interpretations and candidates can show their creativity and smart thinking.

Wrapping Up!!!

We wish ALL THE BEST to the candidates who are going to appear for the Group Discussion session.

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