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Mumbai University Fees Structure 2022 For M.Com, Law, PhD, MCA Courses

Mumbai University Fees Structure

Looking for M.Com, Law, PhD, MCA and other Courses fee structure of Mumbai University? Check here updated Mumbai University Fees Structure 2022 for the regular as well as distance education courses. Scroll down the page to view MU fee structure.


The University of Mumbai, also known as Mumbai University, one of India’s oldest colleges, situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The MU, Mumbai, was named the University of Bombay at the time of its formation.

It is the university at the state level, with one campus in Suburban Mumbai and the other two campuses in Mumbai Kalina. There are 56 departments in MU, along with 781 affiliated colleges.

Mumbai University Fees Structure 2022


University Name Mumbai University
Short Name MU
Approved by UGC, NAAC
Established 1857
Type Of University State University
Location (Fort Campus) Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400032
Location (Kalina Campus) Vidya Nagari, Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098.
Website mu.ac.in

Mumbai University Fees Structure 2022-23:

Course Duration Fee
BA (Ancient Indian History & Archaeology) 4 years Rs 1,50,408
BA (Computer Science) 4 years Rs 1,50,906
BBA (Mass Media and Communication) 3 years Rs 38,500
BBA Banking 3 years Rs 38,704
BPharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 3 years Rs 41,508
BA (Computer Application) 3 years Rs 25,105

Mumbai University Fees Structure for Distance Education courses 2022:

Course Fees for General Category Per Year Fees for Reserve Category
F. Y. B.A Rs. 3680/- Rs. 380/-
S. Y.B. A Rs. 3460/- Rs. 380/-
T. Y. B. A Rs. 3710/- Rs. 630/-
F.Y.B.Com Rs. 3680/- Rs. 380/-
S. Y. B.Com Rs. 3460/- Rs. 380/-
T. Y. B.Com Rs. 3710/- Rs. 630/-
F.Y.B.Sc. (I. T.) Rs. 16940/- Rs. 380/-
S.Y.B.Sc(I.T.)* Rs.16, 490/- Rs. 330/-
T.Y.B.Sc. (I. T.) Rs.17, 820/- Rs. 580/-
F.Y.B.Sc. (Computer Science) Rs. 12680/- Rs. 380/-
S.Y.B.Sc. (Computer Science) Rs.14,195/- Rs. 330/-
T.Y.B.Sc. (Computer Science) Rs.16,360/- Rs. 580/-
M.A. (Education) Part I Rs. 8000/- Rs. 380/-
M.A. (Education) Part II Rs. 6900/- Rs. 630/-
M.Com Part – I Rs. 6025/- Rs. 380/-
M.Com Part – II Rs. 5250/- Rs. 630/-
M.A/M.Sc. (Mathematics) Part – I Rs. 5925/- Rs. 380/-
M.A/M.Sc. (Mathematics) Part – II Rs. 5250/- Rs. 630/-
M. Sc. [Information Technology] Part – I Rs. 12,525/- Rs. 380/-
M. Sc. [Information Technology] Part – II Rs. 11,750/- Rs. 630/-
M. Sc. [Computer Science] Part – I Rs. 12,525/- Rs. 380/-
M. Sc. [Computer Science] Part – II Rs. 11,750/- Rs. 630/-

Mumbai University Fee Structure 2022:

Stream Fees Structure
Commerce Rs. 10,600 To Rs. 43,200
Design Rs. 38,000 To Rs. 1,59,100
Fine Arts Rs. 2,800 To Rs. 1,53,300
Foreign Language Rs. 2,500 To Rs. 1,60,600
Indian Language Rs. 2,500 To Rs. 1,57,700
IT & Computer Rs. 2,800 To Rs. 1,51,800
Management Rs. 40,400 To Rs. 1,60,600
Medical Science Rs. 40,400 To Rs. 1,59,100
Social Science Rs. 2,700 To Rs. 1,60,600
Area Studies Rs. 2,800 To Rs. 1,48,900
Education Rs. 2,800 To Rs. 1,53,300
Law Rs. 3,000 To Rs. 31,300
Science Rs. 2,700 To Rs. 1,44,500
Agriculture Rs. 1,60,600 To Rs. 1,60,600
Journalism & Mass Communication Rs. 11,700 To Rs. 1,46,000
Religious Studies Rs. 1,51,800 To Rs. 1,51,800
Library & Information Science Rs. 8,900 To Rs. 28,500
Cultural Studies Rs. 11,100 To Rs. 11,100
Physical Education Rs. 46,200 To Rs. 46,200
Arts Rs. 1,38,600 To Rs. 1,57,900

Mumbai University Fees Courses Wise

MU B.Com & BEd Specializations Fees:

Course Name Specialization Fee
BCom Accounting & Finance Rs 3,760
BCom Banking & Insurance Rs 3,780
BCom Financial Marketing Rs 27,265
BCom General Rs 3,740
BEd (FullTime) Rs 27,685
BEd (PartTime) Mentally Retarded Hearing Impairment Rs 27,705
BEd (Special Education) Rs 27,725
BEd (Special Education) Autism Spectrum Disorders) (ASD) Rs 27,745
BEd (Special Education) Learning Disability) (LD) Rs 27,765

MU BSc Specializations Fees:

Course Name Specialization Fee
BSc Aviation Rs 27,405
BSc Avionics Rs 27,445
BSc Biotechnology Rs 27,365
BSc Computer Science Rs 27,325
BSc Forensic Science Rs 27,545
BSc General Rs 27,285
BSc Home Science Rs 27,305
BSc Hospitality Rs 27,385
BSc Hospitality Studies Rs 27,525
BSc Information Technology Rs 27,345
BSc Maritime Rs 27,485
BSc Mechanical Rs 27,465
BSc Nautical Science Rs 27,425
BSc Sports Management Rs 27,505

MU BA & BFA Specializations & Fees:

Course Name Specialization Fee
BA Film, Television & New Media Production Rs 3,680
BA General Rs 3,700
BFA Applied Art Rs 27,285
BFA Ceramics Rs 27,405
BFA Interior Decoration Rs 27,385
BFA Metal Work Rs 27,345
BFA Painting Rs 27,305
BFA Sculpture Rs 27,325
BFA Textile Design Rs 27,365

MU BE Specializations & Fees:

Course Name Specialization Fee
BE (Lateral Entry) Rs 50,360
BE (PartTime) Chemical Rs 50,480
BE (PartTime) Civil Rs 50,380
BE (PartTime) Computer Science Rs 50,400
BE (PartTime) Electrical Rs 50,420
BE (PartTime) Electronics Rs 50,440
BE (PartTime) Mechanical Rs 50,460
BE(FullTime) Automobile Engineering Rs 50,000
BE(FullTime) Bioinformatics Rs 50,300
BE(FullTime) Biomedical Rs 50,340
BE(FullTime) Biomedical Engineering Rs 50,020
BE(FullTime) Biotechnology Rs 50,320
BE(FullTime) Chemical Engineering Rs 50,040
BE(FullTime) Civil Engineering Rs 50,060
BE(FullTime) Computer Engineering Rs 50,080
BE(FullTime) Construction Engineering Rs 50,100
BE(FullTime) Electrical Engineering Rs 50,120
BE(FullTime) Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Rs 50,160
BE(FullTime) Electronics Engineering Rs 50,140
BE(FullTime) Information Technology Rs 50,240
BE(FullTime) Instrumentation Engineering Rs 50,180
BE(FullTime) Marine Engineering Rs 50,260
BE(FullTime) Mechanical Engineering Rs 50,200
BE(FullTime) Printing & Packaging Technology Rs 50,280
BE(FullTime) Production Engineering Rs 50,220

MU UG Courses & Fee Structure 2022-23:

Course Name Specialization Fee
BArch General Rs 45,620
BArch Interior Design Rs 45,640
BPharm Rs 45,660
BTech Chemistry Rs 45,480
BTech English Rs 45,540
BTech Mathematics Rs 45,520
BTech Physics Rs 45,500
BText Rs 45,600
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Rs 45,580
Bachelor of Chemical Technology Rs 45,560
B Li Sc Rs 27,605
BMus Rs 27,465
BPEd Rs 30,000
BHM Rs 27,665
BMM Rs 27,645
BMS Rs 27,565
BMS+MBA Rs 27,585
BPA Dance Rs 27,425
BPA Music Rs 27,445
BSW Rs 27,625
Integrated (BA+MA) German Rs 3,720
Integrated (BA+MA) Russian Rs 3,700
LLB Rs 30,020
LLB (Five years) Rs 27,265
LLB (Three years) Rs 30,00

Mumbai University PG Courses & Fee Structure:

Course Name Specialization Fee
Integrated (BSc+MSc) Bioanalytical Science Rs 46,855
Integrated (BSc+MSc) Computer Science Rs 46,875
Integrated (BSc+MSc) Physics, Life Science, Mathematics, Chemistry Rs 46,835
LLM Rs 11,686
LLM (By Research) Rs 6,025
MCom ECommerce Rs 6,045
MCom General Rs 6,025
MEd Rs 6,526
MEd (Hearing Impairment) Rs 6,526
M Li Sc Rs 4,61,035
MMus Rs 6,225
MPEd Rs 11,686

MU MSc Specializations & Fees:

Course Name Specialization Fee
MSc (By Research) Biochemistry Rs 46,895
MSc Applied Biology Rs 46,915
MSc Bioanalytical Rs 4,61,035
MSc Bioanalytical Instrumentation Rs 4,61,075
MSc Biochemistry Rs 46,895
MSc Bioinformatics Rs 46,955
MSc Biophysics Rs 46,875
MSc Biotechnology Rs 46,935
MSc Computer Science Rs 4,61,115
MSc Environmental Science Rs 4,61,155
MSc Food Processing & Preservation Rs 46,995
MSc Herbal Science Rs 4,61,055
MSc Home Science Rs 46,975
MSc Information Technology Rs 4,61,095
MSc Life sciences Rs 46,855
MSc Molecular Biology Rs 46,835
MSc NanoTechnology Rs 4,61,135
MSc Nutraceuticals Rs 4,61,175
MSc Sports Nutrition Rs 4,61,015

Mumbai University MA Specializations & Fees:

Course Name Specialization Fee
MA (Hons.) Politics Rs 34,625
MA (Hons.) Public Policy Rs 34,645
MA (Hons.) Sociology Rs 34,605
MA in Communication & Journalism Rs 34,485
MA Education Rs 34,445
MA Electronic Media Rs 34,545
MA Entertainment, Media and Advertising Rs 34,465
MA Film Studies Rs 34,565
MA Film, Television & New Media Production Rs 34,525
MA General Rs 34,405
MA in German Studies Rs 34,585
MA Numismatics & Archaeology Rs 34,425
MA in Public Relations Rs 34,505

Mumbai University ME Fee Structure 2022-23:

Course Name Specialization Fee
ME (FullTime) Biomedical Rs 30,240
ME (FullTime) Chemical Rs 30,260
ME (FullTime) Civil Rs 30,040
ME (FullTime) Computer Science Rs 30,200
ME (FullTime) Electrical Rs 30,100
ME (FullTime) Electronics Rs 30,120
ME (FullTime) Electronics & Telecommunication Rs 30,140
ME (FullTime) Information Technology Rs 30,220
ME (FullTime) Instrumentation Rs 30,160
ME (FullTime) Instrumentation & Control Rs 30,180
ME (FullTime) Mechanical Rs 30,060
ME (FullTime) Plastic Engineering Rs 30,000
ME (FullTime) Power Electronics & Drives Rs 30,020
ME (FullTime) Production Rs 30,080
ME (PartTime) Electronics Rs 30,340
ME (PartTime) Production Rs 30,360
ME (PTDC) Civil Rs 30,280
ME (PTDC) Electrical Rs 30,320
ME (PTDC) Mechanical Rs 30,300

Mumbai University MTech Specializations & Fees:

Course Name Specialization Fee
MTech (FullTime) Bioprocess Technology Rs 60,120
MTech (FullTime) Fermentation Technology Rs 60,100
MTech (FullTime) Fibers and Textile Processing Technology Rs 60,060
MTech (FullTime) Food Technology and Engineering Rs 60,080
MTech (FullTime) Green Technology Rs 60,000
MTech (FullTime) Intermediates and Dyestuff Technology Rs 60,020
MTech (FullTime) Oils, Oleochemicals and Surfactants Technology Rs 60,140
MTech (FullTime) Paints Technology Rs 60,180
MTech (FullTime) Perfumery and Flavour Technology Rs 60,040
MTech (FullTime) Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals Technology Rs 60,160
MTech (FullTime) Polymer Technology and Engineering Rs 60,200
MTech (Parttime) Green Technology Rs 60,220

MU MPharm & MText Specializations & Fees:

Course Name Specialization Fee
MPharm Bio Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics Rs 22,440
MPharm Clinical Pharmacy Rs 22,400
MPharm Medicinal Chemistry Rs 22,300
MPharm Medicinal Natural Product Rs 22,420
MPharm Pharmaceutical Analysis Rs 22,380
MPharm Pharmaceutics Rs 22,340
MPharm Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry Rs 22,360
MPharm Pharmacology Rs 22,320
MPharm Quality Assurance Rs 9,130
MText Rs 60,240
MText (By Papers) Rs 22,240
MText (By Research) Rs 22,260
Master of Chemical Engineering Rs 22,280

MU MArch & MCA Specializations Fees:

Course Name Specialization Fee
M.Arch (By Research) Rs 9,150
MArch (FullTime) Architectural and Urban Conservation Rs 9,210
MArch (FullTime) Landscape Rs 9,190
MArch (FullTime) Project Management Rs 9,250
MArch (FullTime) Urban and Regional Planning Rs 9,230
MArch (FullTime) Urban Design Rs 9,170
MArch (Parttime) Landscape Rs 9,270
MCA Rs 9,290

MU D.Litt, DSc & MPhil Fee Structure 2022-23:

Course Name Specialization Fee
D Litt Rs 15,040
DSC Rs 15,000
DSC (By Thesis) Rs 15,020
MPhil Arts Rs 10,943
MPhil Commerce Rs 10,983
MPhil Law Rs 1,01,003
MPhil Nano Science & Nano Technology Rs 1,01,023
MPhil Science Rs 10,963

Mumbai University Ph.D. Fees:

Course Name Specialization Fee
Ph.D. Audiology and Speech Language Pathology Management Rs 21,780
Ph.D. Education Rs 21,720
Ph.D. Occupational Therapy Rs 21,740
Ph.D. Other Disciplines Rs 21,800
Ph.D. Physical Therapy Rs 21,760

Check Mumbai University Fee Structure 2022

  • Students can check Mumbai University Fee Structure for all of the courses through guidelines tuned here.
  • Visit official website of university www.mu.ac.in/
  • Then go to student tab and then Admission section from the drop down list and press on it.
  • Then select the broacher and the appropriate course and check the fee structure.

Press Here For: MU Official Link

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Mumbai University UG/PG Courses Fee Structure:

Fee structure will be varies according to the courses, so students need to check the fee structure of Mumbai University courses wise. Along with fee structure For M.Com, Law, PhD, MCA Courses, we have given distance courses fees details also on this page.

Mumbai University offers many undergraduate courses for candidates who are interested in taking admission in this University. So students can check out fee for the related course in which they need to take admission, as it is very necessary & important.

Final Words:

We are here to answer these questions & clear your doubts regarding fee. Yes, fee is charged by state government, bus & hostel charges will have to bear their expense by self- financing & deposition of fee is to be made in the month of August & January in each year of the programme.

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