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Postal Assistant Salary 2023 after 7th CPC with Grade Pay – Increments

Postal Assistant Salary 2023

Postal Assistant Salary 2023: After the 7th Pay Commission, there have been changes in the Postal Assistant Salary. There has been around 22% to 24% hike in the SSC CHSL Postal Assistant Salary. Here in this page, we have given detailed Analysis of the Postal Assistant Salary 2023 after 7th CPC with Grade Pay and Increments.


Postal Assistant Salary

SSC Postal Assistant Salary

The full form of PA is Postal Assistant. It is a clerical post in the post office. You can also say Postal Assistant means post office clerk. Postal Assistant Salary 2023 comprises of House Rent Allowances (HRA), Transport Allowance categories and Dearness Allowance paid by the employer after their promotion according to their skills.

PA Salary Calculator [pm]

By the help of a calculator, you can check the Postal Assistant total salary / Postal Assistant Salary Slip 2023. Just check an example to calculate the actual salary of PA in the post office.

Postal Assistant Salary 2023 [Calculator]
Postal Assistant Basic Salary 25500/-
DA @ 31% 7905/-
HRA @ 8% 2040/-
TPA 1800/-
DA on TPA 558/-
Gross Total 37803/-
NPS deduction 3341/-
Cash in Hand PA Salary 2023 34462/-

Example: If an employee working as a PA in any post office then Postal Assistant Salary per month will be like this-

Basic Pay- 25500

DA @ 31% – 25500x 31%=7905

HRA @ 8%- 25500x 8%= 2040


DA on TPA @ 31%- 1800x 17%=558

Postal Assistant Salary

Postal Assistant Salary 2023 after 7th Pay Commission is well mentioned below. So have a look…

Pay Scale 5200 – 20200 + Grade pay 2400, then Pay in Pay band is Rs.7510
Basic Postal Assistant Pay scale Rs. (7510 + 2400) = Rs.9910.00

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Postal Assistant Salary Structure

Postal Assistant – Monthly 14K – 15K
Postal Assistant 285K -304K

Postal Assistant Salary Calculator

With the help of calculator you can check total amount of Postal Assistant Salary in hand per month have a look

If GP is Rs. 2400, then Pay band is Rs.7510
Basic Pay will be Rs. (7510 + 2400) = Rs.9910.00

Now add HRA House Rent Allowances

HRA @ 30% of basic pay

So, HRA @ 30% of Rs.9910 = Rs.2973.00
(HRA rate in X (earlier A1) city = 30%, Y (earlier A, B1 &
B2) City = 20% and Z (earlier C) city = 10%)

Now add Dearness Allowance-

DA @ 35% of basic pay
DA @ 35% Rs. 9910 = Rs.3468.50

Addition of TA in basic pay

Since 7th pay commission has been introduced Pay band is above Rs.7400.00 and GP is Rs.2400.00

Therefore, TA will be (Rs.1600.00 + DA), i.e., (Rs.1600.00 +
Rs.(1600.00 * 35%) = Rs.2160.00 in X grade city, where as in
rest it will be (Rs.800 + DA).

Salary in X grade city would be = Rs.(9910.00+2973.00+3468.50+2160.00) = Rs.18511.50 or (rounded off) Rs. 18512.00

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Now, the deductions will be as follows in basic pay

GSLI = Rs. 200.00
Professional Tax (varies from state to state) = Rs.200.00 – Rs.250.00 CPF (contributory provident fund) or NPS (new pension scheme), 10% of Basic salary + DA) =Rs.(9910.00+3468.50)*10%= Rs.1337.85 or Rs.1338.00So, total deduction is about Rs. 1738.00. Therefore net salary in grade X city is about (more or less a Rs.100.00 depending on Professional tax rate) Rs. 16774.00.

Postal assistant in Metro City

9840*1.65=16236(including D.A & H.R.A)
16236+2160=18396(T A)

So the final salary including all allowances is: 18396 after deducting 10% for pension fund it would be: Rs.16556/-

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PA Salary after 7th CPC

You can check Postal Assistant Salary after 7th CPC from below:

Calculations City – X City – Y City – Z
Pay Scale 5200 – 20200 5200 – 20200 5200 – 20200
Grade Pay 2400 2400 2400
Basic Pay 9910 9910 9910
CPC Fitment Factor 25468.7 25468.7 25468.7
HRA 6112.488 4074.992 2037.496
Transport Allowance 3600 1800 1800
Gross Pay (Postal Assistant Average Salary) 35181.188 31343.69 29306.2
NPS 991 991 991
CGEGIS 1500 1500 1500
CGHS 125 125 125
Total Deductions 2616 2616 2616
Net Salary 32565.188 28727.69 26690.2

PA Salary Promotion

After the introduction of 7th pay commission, all the government enjoys better salary and time to time hike as per their skills or promotion. Increment in Salary will be done upon experience, ability and time period along with stipulated percentage.

After promotion to Postal Assistant Post, not only salary will increased but along with Postal Assistant Salary authority and responsibility will also be increased.

Postal Assistant Job Profiles

  • PAPO (Postal Assistant in Post Offices)
  • PASBCO (Postal Assistant in Savings Bank Control Organization)
  • PACO/RO (Postal Assistant in Circle/Regional Offices)
  • PARLO (Postal Assistant in Returned Letter offices)
  • PAMMS (Postal Assistant in Mail Motor Services)
  • PAFPO (Postal Assistant in Foreign Post Organization)
  • SARMS (Sorting Assistant in Railway Mail Service)

Career Growth

After you have completed Five years working as Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant in India Postal Department, you will be eligible to appear in exam to apply for the Inspector of Posts/Post Master post. If you appear in Inspector Post Exam, Your career growth will be as follows:

  • Postal Assistant
  • Inspector of Post
  • Superintendent of Post Offices
  • Superintendent of Post Offices
  • Senior Superintendent of Post Offices

Salary of postal assistant

Indian Post in not only one of the largest department of Central Government of India but also is the major employers in India. There are lakhs of people working under India Postal Department.

Postal Assistant Salary after 7th Pay Commission

Staff Selection Commission is responsible for hiring candidates for the Postal / Sorting Assistant (PA / SA) post under Commission Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) Exam. You can check the Indian postal assistant salary from this page.


For more information and updates about Postal Assistant Salary 2023 / Postal Assistant Salary after 5 years, stay connected with us on this page.

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