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BU Bhopal Syllabus 2022 (UG, PG) MBA, BA, MA, B.SC, M.Com PDF Download

BU Bhopal Syllabus

BU Bhopal Syllabus 2022 for each course such as (UG, PG) MBA, BA, MA, B.SC, M.Com is notified by Barkatullah University Bhopal on their website. Download BU Bhopal Syllabus PDF through online mode from this page.

BU Bhopal Syllabus 2022: Overview

University NameBarkatullah University Bhopal
Post Name(UG, PG) MBA, BA, MA, B.SC, M.Com
Category NameBU Syllabus Bhopal
Exam typeSemester / Annual

 BU Bhopal Syllabus Download PDF

Under Graduate (UG) Syllabus (Annual Pattern)

BU Bhopal BA 1st Year Syllabus, BU Bhopal Bsc 1st Year Syllabus, BU Bhopal BA 2nd Year Syllabus, Barkatullah University Bcom 2nd Year Syllabus, BU Bhopal B.Com 3rd Year Syllabus, BU Bhopal BSC Syllabus and for other UG courses is given below.

B.A. Applied PsychologyDownload
BU Bhopal Syllabus BSc –Aquaculture and EnvironmentDownload
B.A ArabicDownload
B.A Home ScienceDownload
Bachelor of Social WorkDownload
B.A EducationDownload
B.Com HonoursDownload

PG Syllabus

Barkatullah University MBA Syllabus and for other courses is given here.

M.Com Syllabus BU Bhopal First SemesterDownload
M.Com Second SemesterDownload
M.Com Third SemesterDownload
M.Com Fourth SemesterDownload
M.Ed All SemesterDownload
B.P.E.S All SemesterDownload
M.Ped All SemesterDownload
BU Bhopal MBA Syllabus First SemesterDownload
BU Bhopal MBA 2nd Sem SyllabusDownload
BU MBA Syllabus Third SemesterDownload
MBA 4th Sem Syllabus BU BhopalDownload

Faculty of Arts

M.A. Philosophy First SemesterDownload
M.A. Philosophy Second SemesterDownload
M.A. Sanskrit First SemesterDownload
M.A. Sanskrit Second SemesterDownload
M.A. Urdu First SemesterDownload
M.A. Urdu Second SemesterDownload

Faculty of Social Science

Defence and Strategic Studies Fourth SemesterDownload
M.A. Economics First SemesterDownload
M.A. Economics Fourth SemesterDownload
M.A. Economics Second SemesterDownload
M.A. Economics Third SemesterDownload
M.A. Geography First SemesterDownload
M.A. Geography Fourth SemesterDownload
M.A. Geography Second SemesterDownload
M.A. Geography Third SemesterDownload
M.A. History First SemesterDownload
M.A. History Fourth SemesterDownload
M.A. History Second SemesterDownload
M.A. History Third SemesterDownload
M.A. Political Science First SemesterDownload
M.A. Political Science Fourth SemesterDownload
M.A. Political Science Second SemesterDownload
MA Political Science Syllabus BU Bhopal- Third SemesterDownload
M.A. Psychology First SemesterDownload
M.A. Psychology Fourth SemesterDownload
M.A. Psychology Second SemesterDownload
M.A. Psychology Third SemesterDownload
M.A. Public Administration First SemesterDownload
M.A. Public Administration Fourth SemesterDownload
M.A. Public Administration Second SemesterDownload
M.A. Public Administration Third SemesterDownload
M.A. Social Work First SemesterDownload
M.A. Social Work Fourth SemesterDownload
M.A. Social Work Second SemesterDownload
M.A. Sociology First SemesterDownload
M.A. Sociology Second SemesterDownload

Syllabus of PhD. Entrance (All Subjects)

Faculty of Arts

Drawing & PaintingDownload

Faculty of Social Sciences

Political ScienceDownload
Defence StudiesDownload
Womens StudyDownload

Faculty of Home Sciences

Home ScienceDownload

Faculty of Science

Computer ScienceDownload

Faculty of Life Sciences

Environmental ScienceDownload
Bio ScienceDownload

Faculty of Law


Faculty of Commerce


Faculty of Education

Yogic ScienceDownload

Faculty of Physical Education

Physical EducationDownload

 Faculty of Management Studies

Business AdministrationDownload

 BU Bhopal Syllabus (बू भोपाल सिलेबस) of Ph.D. Course Work

Advanced Course in Applied AquacultureDownload
Commerce FinalDownload
Computer ScienceDownload
Economics FinalDownload

Press Here: Download Barkatullah University Syllabus 2022 Course Wise

BU Bhopal Syllabus

BCA 1st Semester

Paper Code: BCA 101 Computer Fundamentals Max Marks: 35

UNIT 1 – Introduction of Computers

Computer System, System Characteristics and capabilities, Types of Computers: Analog, Digital (Micro, Mini, Mainframe & Super Computers), Generation of Computers.

UNIT 2 – Computer Organization

  • Block Diagram of Computer and its functional units.
  • INPUT DEVICES – KeyBoard, Scanner, Mouse, Light Pen, Bar Code Reader, OMR, OCR, MICR., Track ball, Joystick, Touch Screen etc.,
  • OUTPUT DEVICES: Monitors – Classification of Monitors based on Technology (CRT Monitor & Flat panel LCD Monitor), Printers – Dot Matrix Printer, Ink Jet Printer, Laser Printer and Plotters, Types of Plotters – Drum Plotter and Flat Bed Plotters, LCD Projectors.
  • STORAGE DEVICES: Magnetic tapes, Floppy Disks, Hard Disks, Compact Disc – CD-ROM, CD-RW, VCD, DVD, DVD-RW.

UNIT 3 – Programming Languages

History, Classifications – Low Level, Assembly & High Level languages, Advantages & Disadvantages Programming Languages.

UNIT 4 – Types Of Software

  • System Software – Translators(Compilers, Interpreters, Assemblers), Operating System, Linkers, Libraries & Utilities, Application Software – Packaged & Tailored Softwares.
  • OPERATING SYSTEMS: Introduction, Types of O.S. – Single User, Multi User – Multi Programming, Multi Tasking, Real Time, Time Sharing, Batch Processing, Parallel Processing, Distributed Processing.

UNIT 5 – Program Planning

Purpose of Program Planning, Steps in Program Development, Characteristics of a Good Program, Algorithms, Flow Charts through examples.

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Paper Code: BCA 102 PC Software Max Marks: 35

UNIT I – Microsoft Disk Operating System

  • Introduction, History and Versions of DOS, Fundamentals of DOS, Booting Process, Intern al DOS Commands, Files and Directories, Elementary External DOS
  • Commands : Scandisk, Format, DiskCopy, Tree, Deltree, Fdisk, More, Edit, Mem, Creating Batch Files.
  • Introduction to Windows: Control Panel & Accessories.

UNIT II – Introduction to Word Processing (MS Word)

Advantages of Word Processing, Introduction and Installation, Editing a File, Using Paragraph Styles, Coping a block to another File, Newspaper Style Columns, Using Macro.

UNIT III – Advanced Word Processing

Headers And Footers, Finding Text, Setting Up Printers, Printing & its formatting, Mail Merge And Other Applications, Mathematical Calculations.

UNIT IV – Introduction To Spreadsheet (Excel)

  • Definition And Advantages of Electronic Worksheet, Working on Spreadsheets, Range & Related Operations, Setting, Saving And Retrieving Worksheet File, Inserting, Deleting, Copying And Moving Of Data Cells, Inserting And Deleting Rows & Columns, Erasing The Worksheet.
  • Print preview of Worksheet, Page Margins, setting & adding headers & footers before printing, removing grid lines from printout, printing the title rows.

UNIT V – Functions and Other Features

Classification And Usage Of Various Built-In-Functions In Worksheet, Passwords, Protecting A Worksheet Or Range, Transferring Data To And From Non Worksheet Files, Database Handling, Creating, Naming & Executing Macros In Worksheet Using @ If To Make A Formula, Default Settings.

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Paper Code: BCA 103 Digital Computer Electronics Max Marks: 35


Representation of information, Number System: Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal, Conversions from one base to another base, Binary Arithmetic, Unsigned binary number, signed magnitude number, 2’s complement representation, 2’s complement arithmetic, ASCII Code, BCD Code, EBCDIC Code, Excess-3 Code and Gray Code.


  • Basic logic designs: Logic gates – AND, OR, NOT, NOR, NAND, XOR gates and their Truth Tables, Boolean algebra, Minimization techniques, Karnaugh map, SOP and POS forms,
  • Combinational circuit design with gate: multiplexers & demultiplexers, Encoder-Decoder, Adders and Subtractors,
  • Flip flops : RS, JK, Master slave flip flops, Introduction to counters and registers.


  • Memory: Memory cell, Primary memory—RAM, ROM, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, Cache memory, Secondary Memory and its types, Introduction to physical memory and Virtual memory
  • Memory accessing methods: serial and random access.


  • Buses, Word Length of a Computer, Processing speed of a computer, Microprocessor, User Interface, Hardware, Software and Firmware concepts, General architecture of CPU, Instruction Format, Data transfer instructions, Data Manipulation instructions, Program control instructions.
  • Types of CPU organization: Accumulator based machine, Stack based machine and general-purpose register based machine
  • Addressing modes: Direct, indirect, immediate, register and relative addressing modes.


Data transfer schemes:

  • Programmed data transfer– synchronous, asynchronous and interrupt driven data transfer scheme,
  • Direct memory access data transfer.

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Paper Code: BCA 104 Communications And Management Max Marks: 35


  • Communication – Definition, Nature, Objectives, Importance to Managers, Communication Theories and Processes.
  • Symbiotic Interactionism. Information Theory, Transaction theory, Elements of Communication. Importance of Feedback.


  • Dimensions of Communication & Directions of Communication, Media/
  • Means of Communication – Verbal (oral & written), Non-verbal Oral Communication, Effective Listening, Principles of Effective Communication.


  • Non –Verbal Communication – Gesticulation, sign language / Visual and audio elements
  • Channels of Communication—Formal, Informal/ Grapevine, Barriers to communication, Oral Business Communication – Speeches, Interviews, Group Discussions, Conference.


  • Written Business Communication –Concept, Advantages, Disadvantages and Importance, Need of business letters
  • Kinds of business letters, Writing Skills, Essentials of an effective business letter, structure of a business letter, Enquiries, Replies
  • Orders, Credit and Reference letters, Supply letters, Dunning letters, Sales letters, Circular letters.

UNIT V          

  • Drafting –Official letters, D.O. letters, application for jobs. Report Writing –Importance of reports, Types of Business reports, Chairman’s Speech, Reports of Committees.
  • Modern Forms of Communication—fax, E-Mail, Video Conferencing, (International Communication Adapting to Global business).

Paper Code: BCA 105 Practical’s List


  • Use DOS commands for the following purpose from the root directory:
    • Create a directory ‘College’
    • Go to the college directory
    • Copy all document files from root directory to college directory
    • Delete the ‘College’ directory
  • Create a text file and type your name and address in 3 lines and save it using DOS prompt.
  • Create a batch file to execute MS Word application.
  • Use specific DOS commands for the purpose as mentioned below:
    • View the files stored in the root directory
    • List the complete details of all the files in ascending order
    • View the files according the file type
    • Rename all ‘.txt’ files with extension ‘.axt’
  • Create a Path command from the root directory to run a batch file stored in your working directory.

MS Word

  • Design your College Banner.
  • Write your syllabus of PC Software using formatting & Editing properties as mentioned in your syllabus – Cut, Copy, Paste, Bold, Underline, Indentation, Font Size, Paragraph line spacing.
  • Write an appointment letter for Marketing Executive of ‘ABC Company’ using the company’s letterhead.
  • Using ClipArt & WordArt, insert images in your document and design it with text special effects and background effects.
  • Write your bio-data using formatting tools – colors, numbers/bullets, alignment, border.
  • Write a birthday invitation to your friends using mail merge.
  • Create a macro to print the College name ‘Sri Sathya Sai College for Women, Bhopal’.
  • Design your Timetable using Table and its formatting features.

MS Excel

  • Design your class Time Table.
  • Prepare a Mark Sheet of your class subjects.
  • Prepare a Salary Slip of an employee.
  • Prepare a bar chart & pie chart for analysis of Election Results.
  • Prepare a generic Bill of a Super Market.
  • Work on the following exercise on a Workbook:
    • Copy an existing Sheet
    • Rename the old Sheet
    • Insert a new Sheet into an existing Workbook
    • Delete the renamed Sheet.
  • Prepare an Attendance sheet of 10 students for any 6 subjects of your syllabus. Calculate their total attendance, total percentage of attendance of each student & average of attendance.
  • Create a worksheet on Students list of any 4 faculties and perform following database functions on it.
    • Sort data by Name
    • Filter data by Class
    • Subtotal of no. of students by Class.

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Barkatullah University M.Sc Botany Syllabus

Sem. I

  • Phycology
  • Microbiology
  • Plant Anatomy and Developmental Biology
  • Cell Biology and Bio-molecules
  • Bryophytes, Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms

Sem. II

  • Mycology and Plant Pathology
  • Taxonomy of Angiosperms
  • Palaeobotany and Palynology
  • Genetics and Genomics

Sem. III

  • Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
  • Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
  • Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  • Microbial Biotechnology

Sem. IV

  • Computer applications and Bioinformatics

How To Download BU Bhopal Syllabus 2022?

Step 1: Visit to the official site that is

Step 2: From the home page go to convocation section to get syllabus/ syllabus.

Step 3: Thereafter select suitable “Syllabus of BU Bhopal” option

Step 4: Now choose the course for which you want BU Bhopal Syllabus 2022.

Step 5: Then BU Bhopal Msc Chemistry Syllabus PDF / BU Bhopal Syllabus Bsc 6th Sem and for other courses will be displayed on screen.

Step 6: Check MBA Syllabus BU Bhopal / BU Bhopal MSc Maths Syllabus PDF and for other courses to start preparation accordingly.

Official Website – Barkatullah University Bhopal

Syllabus BU Bhopal

Barkatullah University Bhopal offers various under graduate and Post Graduate Programmes such as MBA, BA, MA, B.SC, and M.Com to their enrolled students. University conducts semester and annual examination for each course to test the knowledge of applicants.

BU Bhopal Syllabus 2022 PDF

Those who are pursuing MBA, BA, MA, B.SC, and M.Com 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year and planning to appear for exam must prepare with given Barkatullah University Bhopal Syllabus. Download UG & PG Syllabus PDF and get prepare well for exam.

University has made available complete BU Bhopal Syllabus 2022 PDF on the official site. Students who are going to appear for exam must download syllabus through online mode. BU Bhopal MA Hindi Syllabus, MA English Syllabus BU Bhopal, MSc Maths Syllabus BU Bhopal, BU Bhopal MA English Syllabus and other courses are available on this page.

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