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GNM Syllabus Nursing 2023 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year (FULL) Syllabus Download PDF

GNM Nursing Syllabus

GNM Syllabus: To score well in General Nursing & Midwifery Training (GNM) Exam, it’s important to study from updated GNM Nursing Syllabus 2023. GNM nursing exam is to choose uniform standard of training for nurses, Midwives, and health visitors. So, candidates can easily crack their exam with the assistance of GNM Nursing1st, 2nd, 3rd Year (FULL) Syllabus. Download GNM nursing syllabus PDF from here.


GNM Nursing Syllabus 2023

GNM Nursing Syllabus 2023 Details

Authority Name Indian Nursing Council
Course Name GNM Nursing
Category GNM Entrance Exam Syllabus
Official Website www.indiannursingcouncil.org

General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) is a 3½ year diploma course with an internship period of six months. The objective behind this course is to prepare the nurses that will deal in different health sectors. So, if you want to make your career in this paramedical field of education, then check out जन्म नर्सिंग सिलेबस / GNM 3 year course syllabus along with internship details from this page.

GNM Syllabus

GNM Nursing First Year Syllabus

S. No. Subject of GNM Nursing 1st Year Syllabus Theory (Hours)
I Biological Sciences
  1. Anatomy & Physiology
  2. Microbiology
  • 90
  • 30
II Behavioral Sciences
  1. Psychology
  2. Sociology
  • 40
  • 20
III Fundamentals of Nursing
  1. Fundamentals of Nursing
  2. First Aid
  3. Personal Hygiene
  • 175
  • 20
  • 20
IV Community Health Nursing
  1. Community Health Nursing
  2. Environmental Hygiene
  3. Health Education & Communication Skill
  4. Nutrition
  • 80
  • 20
  • 20
  • 30
V English 30
  Total Hours of First Year 575

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Detailed GNM Nursing Syllabus for First Year

Topic Description
Anatomy and Physiology
  • Introduction to anatomical terms
  • Organization of body cells, organs, tissues, etc.
  • Skeletal systems
  • Muscular systems
  • Cardio-vascular systems
  • Introduction and Scope of Microbiology
  • Micro-organisms
  • Infection and its transmission
  • Immunity
  • Introduction to Laboratory Techniques
  • Introduction
  • Psychology of Human Behaviour
  • Learning
  • Observation
  • Intelligence
  • Personality
  • Concept, Scope, and Nature of Sociology
  • The Individual
  • The Family
  • The Society
  • The Community
  • Economy
Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Introduction to Nursing
  • Nursing care of patient / client
  • Basic Nursing care and needs of a patient
  • Assessment of patient
  • Therapeutic nursing care
  • Introduction to Pharmacology
First Aid
  • Importance of First-Aid
  • First-Aid in emergency situations
  • Community Emergencies
Personal Hygiene
  • Concept of Health
  • Maintenance of Health
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health

GNM Nursing Second Year Syllabus

S. No. Subject in GNM Nursing 2nd Year Syllabus Theory (Hours)
I Medical Surgical Nursing – I (Including Pharmacology) 140
II Medical Surgical Nursing – II (Specialties) 120
III Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing 70
IV Computer Education 30
  Total Hours of Second Year 360

Detailed GNM Nursing Syllabus for Second Year

Topic of GNM Nursing Syllabus Download Description
Medical-Surgical Nursing I
  • Introduction
  • Nursing Assessment
  • Patho Physiological Mechanism of Disease
  • Altered Immune Response
  • Clinical Pharmacology
Communicable Diseases
  • Assessment
  • Review of infection, how it spreads and its control
  • Reparation, care and administration of antisera and vaccines
  • Isolation- review of epidemiology and control measures
  • Management of various infectious diseases
Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Assessment of the functions of ear, nose, and throat.
  • Disorders and diseases of the ear, nose, and throat.
  • Management of disorders and diseases of ear, nose, and throat
  • Nursing Management of Patients with abnormal cell growth
  • Classification of cancer
  • Detection and prevention
Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing
  • Introduction
  • History of Psychiatric
  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Community Mental Health
  • Psychiatric Nursing Management
  • Mental Disorders
Community Health Nursing
Computer Education
  • Introduction to computers and disk operating systems
  • Introduction to word processing
  • Introduction to database
  • Graphics and use of Statistical packages
  • Computer aided teaching and testing

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GNM Nursing Syllabus for Third Year

S. No. Subject Theory (Hours)
I Midwifery and Gynecology 120
II Community Health Nursing – II 100
III Pediatric Nursing 70
  Total Hours of Third Year 290

Detailed GNM Nursing Syllabus for Third Year

Topic of GNM Nursing Syllabus 3rd Year Description
Midwifery and Gynaecological Nursing
  • Introduction
  • Reproductive System
  • Nursing Management of pregnant women
  • Nursing Management of women in Labour
  • Complications of pregnancy and its management
Community Health Nursing – II
  • Health System in India
  • Healthcare services in India
  • Health planning in India
  • Specialized Community health services
  • Vital health statistics
Paediatric Nursing
  • Concept in child healthcare
  • The Newborn
  • The Healthy child
  • Children with various disorders and diseases
  • Welfare of children

Internship Period

S. No. Subject Hours
I Educational Method & Media For teaching in practice of Nursing 45
II Introduction to Research 40
III Professional Trends & Adjustment 40
IV Administration and Ward Management 45
V Health Economics 20
  Total Hours of Internship 190

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Detailed GNM Internship Syllabus 2023

Educational Methods and Media for teaching in practice of Nursing:

Unit-I Introduction

  • Aim and Purpose of the Education
  • Meaning and Teaching and Learning
  • Principles of Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching Responsibilities of a Nurse
  • Methods of Teaching and Clinical Teaching
  • Preparation of Teaching Plan

Unit-II Media

  • Definition, Purposes, and Types of Media
  • Preparation and Use of Audio-Visual Aids, Graphic Aids, Printed Aids, Three Dimensional Aids, and Projected Aids
  • Limitations, Advantages, and uses of different types of media.

Practical Work

  • Students have to organize teaching in the wards/clinic using the nursing process approach
  • Prepare a variety of Audio-Visual Aids to implement their teaching either individually or in groups.
  • Students will also have to submit a teaching plan to the concerned teacher of that selected clinical area.

Introduction to Research:

Unit-I Introduction

  • Meaning of Research
  • Steps in Scientific Research
  • Need for Nursing Research
  • Characteristics of Good Research

Unit-II Introduction to Research Process

  • Statement to Research Problem
  • Statement to Purposes and Objectives
  • Definition of Research Terms
  • Review of Literature

Unit-III Introduction to Research Approaches

  • Types, Methods, and Advantages and Disadvantages of each method

Unit-IV Introduction to Data Collection Process

  • Data Collection
  • Instruments of Data Collection
  • Characteristics of Data Collection
  • Techniques of Data Collection

Unit-V Introduction to the Analysis of Data

  • Tabulation
  • Classification and Summarization
  • Presentation and Interpretation and Data Using Descriptive Statistics

Unit-VI Writing of Report

Unit-VII Introduction to the Statistics

Unit-VIII Application and Utilization of Research in Nursing Practice

Practical Work

  • Students have to do research literature in the Library and participate and assist in the conduction of scientific investigation in any health care setting with the help of the teacher.
  • Submit a report of the investigation in a group of five and six to the respective teacher of the selected clinical area.

Professional Trends and Adjustment

Unit-I Introduction to Nursing as a Profession

  • Definition and Criteria as the Nursing Profession
  • Evolution of Nursing Profession in India.
  • Educational Preparation
  • Qualities/Role and Characteristics of Professional Nurse

Unit-II Professional Ethics

  • Meaning and Relationship of Professional Ethics
  • Codes of Ethics for the nurses, Nightingale Pledge
  • The procedure of Employment – Locating a Position, Applying and Accepting a Position etc.

Unit-III Personal and Professional Growth/Development

Unit-IV Legislation in Nursing

Unit-V Professional and Related Organizations

Administration and Ward Management

Unit-I Introduction

  • Meaning and Philosophy of Administration and Management and their significance.
  • Elements and Administration

Unit-II Planning Aims, Principles, Methods, and Types

Unit-III Organization, Command, Co-ordination and Control, Delegation, Staffing, and Budgeting.

Unit-IV Administration of a Hospital Unit or a Ward

Practical Work

  • The student will work in the ward/health center with Ward Sister/Public Health Nurse.
  • Preparation of Duty Roster and Solving Problems.
  • The students will also get the experience of working in the Hostel Kitchen, Clinics and Camps organized by the Hospital.

Group Project

  • The Project has to be taken by an Individual/Group of Students in related fields on selected topics or problems.
  • The student will also have to submit a written report to their respective teachers in the selected clinical area.
  • This experience may be planned as a part of the experience in various clinical areas with a proper experience record should be maintained.

Health Economics

Unit-I Introduction to the Economics

  • Definition and Meaning, Dimensions of the Economics, Positive and Normative Economics

Unit-II Introduction to the Health Economics

  • The concept of the Health Economics
  • Focus on the Health Economics
  • Areas of the Health Economics
  • Causes of Health Problems in India

Unit-III Costs of Health Care

  • Concepts of Costs, Types of Costs
  • Opportunity Cost, Total Fixed and Variable Cost, Average Marginal and Sunk Costs.
  • Cost Benefits and Cost-Effectiveness

Unit-IV Demand and Supply in Health Care

  • Concept and Demand, Need, Supply Input, Output
  • Production Function
  • Industry and Market
  • Structure of the Healthcare Care Industry
  • Characteristics of the Healthcare Services Market
  • Demand Side and Supply Side

Unit-V Financing of Health Care in India

  • Financing System and Allocation
  • Sources of Financing of the Healthcare Services
  • Health Plans and Outlays, the relative role of the State and the Central Government on Financing of the Health Care Services
  • Factor’s influencing the state’s ability to finance health care services.

Download: GNM Nursing Syllabus In English

Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery Employment Areas

  • TV & News
  • Forensic Jobs
  • Anganwadi Programme
  • Teaching and Education
  • Travel and Tourism Nursing Jobs
  • Material Purchase Logistics Jobs
  • Hospitality Jobs

Diploma in GNM Course

  • AIIMS Nursing Entrance Exam
  • BHU Nursing Entrance Exam
  • JIPMER Nursing Entrance Exam
  • PGIMER Nursing
  • KIMS University Nursing Entrance
  • MCD Nursing Admission
  • MGM CET Nursing
  • RUHS Nursing Entrance Exam
  • Uttarakhand Nursing Admission

Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery Job Types

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Legal Nurse Consultant
  • Forensic Nursing
  • Madam, In-charge & Helper
  • Teacher & Junior Lecturer
  • Travelling Nurse
  • Receptionist & Entry Operator
  • Brand Representative & Hyper
  • Sale-purchase Assistant
  • Emergency Room Nurse & Midwife Nurse

Candidates are advised to download GNM Syllabus 2023 from this page to prepare for the better preparation. Aspirants may go through the direct links given on this page to get GNM Syllabus PDF. Applicants are advised to take print out copy of GNM Nursing Exam Syllabus for further requirement.

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Subjects of Study in GNM Syllabus

Biological Sciences Medical-Surgical Nursing I
Anatomy and Physiology Medical-Surgical Nursing
Microbiology Pharmacology
Behavioral Sciences Medical Surgical Nursing II (Specialties)
Psychology Communicable Diseases
Sociology Orthopedic Nursing
Fundamentals of Nursing Ear, Nose and Throat
Fundamentals of Nursing Oncology/Skin
First Aid Ophthalmic Nursing
Personal Hygiene Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing
Community Health Nursing- I Community Health Nursing
Community Health Nursing Computer Education
Environmental Hygiene Introduction to Research
Health Education and Communication Skills Professional Trends and Adjustment
Nutrition Administration and Ward Management
English Health Economics
Midwifery and Gynecological Nursing Educational Methods and Media for Teaching in Practice of Nursing
Community Health Nursing – II Pediatric Nursing

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Preparation Books for GNM Nursing Exam

Candidates who are searching best books for GNM Exam are suggested to go through the below given links. These links are related to best books of GNM Nursing Syllabus.

Aspirants who are not able to purchase books from the market, they can download these GNM Nursing Books PDF from this page and can start preparation from now to score highest marks.

Preparation Books for GNM Nursing Exam

General Nursing And Midwifery Download Here
Textbook on First Aid and Emergency Nursing Download Here
Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Nursing for the NCLEX-RN Download Here
The Pearson Guide to the B.SC Download Here
Pitman Shorthand Instructor And Key Download Here
Textbook of Nursing Foundations Download Here
Nursing Research and Statistics Download Here
Textbook on First Aid and Emergency Nursing Download Here

Contenders who will complete Indian Nursing Council GNM course, they will be eligible to apply for, Legal Nurse Consultant, Forensic Nursing, Clinical Nurse, Emergency Room Nurse, Travelling Nurse, Receptionist & Entry Operator, Brand Representative, Sale-purchase Assistant, Midwife Nurse, In-charge & Helper, Teacher & Junior Lecturer etc Vacancies.

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The Indian Nursing Council is an Autonomous Body under the Government of India Ministry of Health & Family Welfare established by the Central Government under section of the Indian Nursing Council Act 1947.

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