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Samsung Salary in India 2023| Software Engineer, R&D Bangalore/Noida Pay Structure

Samsung Salary

Check latest increment in Samsung Salary Structure from here. Candidates who’ve selected for Samsung Jobs and curious to know what is the Samsung Salary in India, are informed that they’re at right place to acquire updated details regarding Samsung Salary Package. Samsung R and D Bangalore Salary, Samsung Senior Software Engineer Salary Bangalore, Noida and of other locations for fresher’s as well as experienced candidates are given here.


Samsung Salary in India 2023| Software Engineer, R&D Bangalore/Noida Pay Structure

Samsung Salary

Salary Of Samsung Employees In India

Samsung Salaries of different job profiles is given here.

Samsung Senior Manager Salary India

(Rs. 31,06,661 – Rs. 46,63,056):

The work of Senior Manager in a company is to look over all the operations and profitability of an organization. They oversee the performance of employees; look over the budget of company. They make assure that the work is done in an efficient manner. They look over the working of a single division or of the entire organization.

The average Samsung Electronics Senior Manager salary is Rs. 43,11,812/-.

Samsung Director Salary India

(Rs. 0.1 Lakhs to Rs. 51.5 Lakhs):

The duty of Directors is to directly reports to the board members. They suggest various marketing strategies that will help in growth of business. Decision making responsibility is given to them. Directors meet up with the investors, prepares the budget and approval of budget responsibility is also in their hands.

Average Associate Director Salary in Samsung is Rs. 49.5 Lakhs annually.

Samsung Software Engineer Salary India:

The work of software engineer is to design, program and write code for software’s and operating systems. They work on investigating new technologies; analyze the requirement of users, create technical specializations. They work with the group of IT Specialists such as systems designers, systems testers and systems analysts.

The average salary for a Software Engineer at Samsung is Rs. 1100000/-.

Samsung Software Developer Salary:

The duty of a software developer is to research, design, implement and manage the software programs. They need to write, test and implement efficient codes. They have to work closely with other developers, needs to check out the areas of modifications in the existing programs.

The average salary for a Software Developer at Samsung in India is Rs. 10.7 Lakhs/-.

Lead Engineer Samsung Salary:

The Lead Engineer heads engineers and technicians team. They check out the maintenance and installation of new equipments. They check out whether smooth and efficient working is carried out on the operations or not. They assess the risks and manages them, so that equipment will work as per the requirement.

The Average Samsung Lead Engineer Salary is Rs. 14,58300/-.

Samsung Assistant Manager Salary

(Rs. 5,32,066 – Rs. 13,88,193):

The work of assistant manager is to generally help the manager of the company. They work on managerial tasks such as overlook on the employees and oversee the customer service. The main responsibility of them is to take over the responsibility of Manager at the time of its absence.

The Average Samsung Electronics Assistant Manager Salary is Rs. 7,84,661/-.

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Samsung R and D Salary

Samsung R&D Salary For Freshers as well as experienced candidates is given here.

Samsung R&D Bangalore Salary:

Senior Software Engineer Rs. 12,20,975/yr
Software Engineer Rs. 10,45,755/yr
Lead Engineer Rs. 14,04,364/yr
Technical Lead Rs. 17,55,517/yr
Intern – Monthly Rs. 41,268/mo
Chief Engineer Rs. 25,60,000/yr
Internship – Monthly Rs. 42,459/mo
Technical Manager Rs. 26,56,412/yr
Senior Chief Engineer Rs. 34,40,392/yr
Student Trainee – Monthly Intern Rs. 50,000/mo
Software Developer Rs. 10,60,121/yr
Tech Lead Rs. 17,15,929/yr
Lead Software Engineer Rs. 16,00,172/yr
Senior Technical Manager Rs. 38,12,714/yr
Software Development Engineer Rs. 11,66,081/yr
Senior Lead Engineer Rs. 19,63,098/yr

Samsung R&D Noida Salary:

Title Experience Annual Salary
Senior Development Manager 11yrs Rs. 17.0 lakhs
Lead Engineer 6yrs Rs.15.0 lakhs
Senior Management Engineer 9yrs Rs.20.0 lakhs
Lead Engineer 5.8yrs Rs.13.2 lakhs
Lead Engineer 4yrs Rs.11.7 lakhs

Samsung Company Salary In India

Samsung Salary Bangalore:

Samsung Bangalore Salary is given in below tabular form:

Senior Software Engineer Rs.12,96,667/yr
Software Engineer Rs.12,10,945/yr
Lead Engineer Rs.14,75,986/yr
Intern – Monthly Rs.42,005/mo
Technical Lead Rs.18,66,045/yr
Internship – Monthly Rs.40,627/mo

Samsung Noida Salary Package:

Lead Engineer Rs.15,00,161/yr
Software Engineer Rs.9,92,512/yr
Engineer Rs.9,88,341/yr
Senior Software Engineer Rs.11,45,578/yr
Software Engineer II Rs.9,60,103/yr
Software Engineer – Monthly Rs.50,155/mo
Chief Engineer Rs.22,96,650/yr
Senior Software Engineer II Rs.12,27,035/yr
Lead Software Engineer Rs.14,05,474/yr
Intern – Monthly Rs.29,761/mo
Software Developer Rs.11,36,644/yr
Chief Engineer – Monthly Rs.1,21,977/mo
R&D Engineer Rs.10,42,122/yr
Senior Executive Rs.5,29,299/yr
Assistant Manager Rs.12,46,363/yr
Senior Software Engineer-1 Rs.931K – Rs.1,265K
Engineer – Monthly Rs.55,000/mo
Staff Engineer Rs.1,880K – Rs.3,737K
Senior Software Engineer-1 – Monthly Rs.32K – Rs.58K
Lead Designer Rs.1,428K – Rs.1,555K

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Samsung Salary for Freshers:

Fresher salary in Samsung ranges between Rs. 0.1 Lakhs to Rs. 51.5 Lakhs with an average annual salary of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs.

Samsung Salary India (according to experience):

Designation Experience Annual Salary (in Lakhs)
Software Developer 3 8
Team Lead 7 12
Testing Engineer 3 5
Quality Assurance Quality Control 3.5 6
Project Manager -IT Software 11.5 20
Tech Lead 8 15
System Administrator 4 3
Technical Architect 10 20
Technical Support Engineer 3.5 3
Management Information Systems 3.5 2.5
Release Manager 4 6.5
Maintenance Engineer 2 2
System Analyst 4.5 5
Lead Software Engineer 7 11
Software Engineer 3 5
Senior Software Engineer 4+ 6 to 9
Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer 3+ 3.5 to 8.5

In India, Samsung has a perceptible existence in the area of electronics. Its enormous technological developments like Samsung’s plasma TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, cell phones as well as further electronic gadgets have by now turn out to be a part of Indian households. The Software Center of this company is situated in Noida, in the nationalized capital region. It recruits software professionals and is a devoted software development wing of Samsung Group.

Samsung Average Salary (With Minimum and Maximum Range):

Samsung India Salary is listed here:

Position name Minimum Payscale Maximum Payscale Highest Salary in Samsung India
Software Engineer 520k 850k 6,98,504
Senior Software Engineer 660k 1M 8,11,111
Lead Engineer 900k 1.35M 10,73,438
Software Engineer II 526k 800k 6,35,091
Senior Software Engineer II 765k 971k 8,49,316
Senior Manager 200k 2M 13,00,000
Area Sales Manager 800k 1.5 M 11,25,000
Assistant Manager 730k 1.3 M 10,10,000
R&D Engineer 750k 775k 7,66,667
Software Developer 520k 900k 7,40,000
Lead Software Engineer 1M 1.15M 10,83,333

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Some Important Facts About Samsung:

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is an international leader in technology, opening innovative possibilities for people the world over. Through insistent innovation and invention, Samsung is revolutionalising the world of TVs, smartphones, PCs, cameras, LTE systems, medical devices, LED solutions etc. Samsung provides engagement to 286,000 people across 80 countries through yearly sales of US$216.7 billion.

Samsung Group of Companies founded in South Korea about 70 years before and as then it has been persistently introducing its products and technologies and presenting the world the most excellent services in the areas of highly developed technology, electronics, plant manufacture, semiconductors, investment, hotels, fashion, medication etc.

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