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Sports Quiz 2021 GK Ques & Ans, Sports & Games Trivia, Online Test

Sports Quiz

Get aware about all latest news with regard to sports and games trivia through Sports Quiz 2021. Scroll down the page to view GK Ques & Ans and prepare for online test. Additionally, download GK Sports & Games Trivia quiz pdf from this page.

 Sports Quiz

The following Sports Online Test contains important Questions and Answers related to the field of Sports which are frequently asked in the general awareness section of various Competitive Exams. Each question has four alternative answers; you have to identify the right option.

Question 1: In Australian football, what is the maximum number of players allowed on the field at a time?

  1. 40
  2. 14
  3. 36
  4. 28

Answer: 3

Question 2: Which player was the first to win five straight Wimbledon tennis titles?

  1. Bjorn Borg
  2. Roger Federer
  3. Arthur Ashe
  4. Andre Agassi

Answer: 1

Question 3: In polo, what is a period of play called?

  1. half
  2. quarter
  3. set
  4. chukka

Answer: 4

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Question.4: Who is the highest wicket taker in Test cricket?

  1. Shane Warne
  2. Brian Lara
  3. Courtney Walsh
  4. Muttiah Muralitharan

Answer: 4

Question.5: What is the middle name of Rahul Dravid?

  1. Naren
  2. Sharad
  3. Srivatsav
  4. Shyam

Answer: 2

Question.6: Where did India play its 1st one day international cricket match?

  1. Lords
  2. Headingley
  3. Taunton
  4. The Oval

Answer: 2

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Question.7: Jeev Milkha Singh is associated with which sports?

  1. Volleyball
  2. Golf
  3. Athletics
  4. Hockey

Answer: 2

Question.8: How many players are there in Kabbadi team?

  1. 11
  2. 9
  3. 5
  4. 7

Answer: 4

Question.9: ‘Popping Crease’ is associated with which game?

  1. Swimming
  2. Cricket
  3. Water polo
  4. Lawn Tennis

Answer: 2

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Question.10: Ben Johnson, the well-known athlete belongs to which of the following countries?

  1. South Africa
  2. Canada
  3. Germany
  4. Cuba

Answer: 2

Question.11: How many players are there in Water Polo team?

  1. 4
  2. 5
  3. 6
  4. 7

Answer: 4

Question.12: In which city the Asian Games first took place?

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Tokyo
  3. New Delhi
  4. Kuala Lampur

Answer: 3

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Question.13: In which country was golf invented?

  1. Australia
  2. Ireland
  3. Germany
  4. Scotland

Answer: 4

Question.14: What is the length of each stump in cricket?

  1. 35 inches
  2. 22 inches
  3. 28 inches
  4. 33 inches

Answer: 3

Question.15: The term ‘Chukker’ is used in

  1. Polo
  2. Horse racing
  3. Wrestling
  4. Rifle shooting

Answer: 1

Question.16: First Olympic Games were held in

  1. 876 BC
  2. 798 BC
  3. 776 BC
  4. 898 BC

Answer: 3

Question.17: Which Indian batsman made three consecutive centuries in his first three Test matches?

  1. Vinoo Mankad
  2. Azaruddin
  3. M. Gavaskar
  4. R. Viswanath

Answer: 2

Question.18: The Olympic museum was opened at which of the following places?

  1. Lausanne
  2. Istanbul
  3. Athens
  4. Rome

Answer: 1

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Question.19: Susi Susanti, held the Grand Slam title in which of the following games?

  1. Lawn Tennis
  2. Tennis
  3. Badminton
  4. Volley Ball

Answer: 3

Question 20: Who was the man of the match of the 1983 World Cup Final?

  1. Kapil Dev
  2. Roger Binny
  3. Sunil Gavaskar
  4. Amarnath

Answer: 4

Question 21: Former Australian captain Mark Taylor has had several nicknames over his playing career. Which of the following was NOT one of them?

  1. Tubby
  2. Stodge
  3. Helium Bat
  4. Stumpy

Answer: 4

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Question 22: Which was the 1st non Test playing country to beat India in an international match?

  1. Canada
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. East Africa

Answer: 2

Question 23: Track and field star Carl Lewis won how many gold medals at the 1984 Olympic Games?

  1. Two
  2. Three
  3. Four
  4. Eight

Answer: 3

Question 24: Which county did Ravi Shastri play for?

  1. Glamorgan
  2. Leicestershire
  3. Gloucestershire
  4. Lancashire

Answer: 1

Question 25: Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title?

  1. GeetSethi
  2. Wilson Jones
  3. Michael Ferreira
  4. Manoj Kothari

Answer: 2

Question 26: Who is the first Indian woman to win an Asian Games gold in 400m run?

  1. L.Valsamma
  2. T.Usha
  3. KamaljitSandhu
  4. Malleshwari

Answer: 3

Question 27: Which two counties did Kapil Dev play?

  1. Northamptonshire & Worcestershire
  2. Northamptonshire & Warwickshire
  3. Nottinghamshire & Worcestershire
  4. Nottinghamshire & Warwickshire

Answer: 1

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Question 28: When was Amateur Athletics Federation of India established?

  1. 1936
  2. 1946
  3. 1956
  4. 1966

Answer: 2

Question 29: Who did Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestle at the 1998 edition of “Over the Edge”?

  1. Cactus Jack
  2. Mankind
  3. Dude Love
  4. Mick Foley

Answer: 3

Question 30: Ricky Ponting is also known as what?

  1. The Rickster
  2. Ponts
  3. Ponter
  4. Punter

Answer: 4

Question 31: How long are professional Golf Tour players allotted per shot?

  1. 45 seconds
  2. 25 seconds
  3. 1 minute
  4. 2 minutes

Answer: 1

Question 32: Which NBA player scored 8 points in the final 7 seconds of a game to lead his team to victory?

  1. Baron Davis
  2. Kevin Garnett
  3. Stephon Maurbury
  4. Reggie Miller

Answer: 4

Question 33: In the match between India and Pakistan at Jaipur on 02-10-1983, which new rule was introduced?

  1. Limit of overs was reduced to 50 overs
  2. The rule of field restriction was taken.
  3. Over throw runs were batsman’s score
  4. No-balls & wides were debited to bowlers analysis

Answer: 4

Question 34: The first hang gliders to be flown were flown in…?

  1. 1600s
  2. 1700s
  3. 1800s
  4. 1900s

Answer: 3

Question 35: Which two counties did Anil Kumble play for?

  1. Nottinghamshire & Lancashire
  2. Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire
  3. Northamptonshire& Leicestershire
  4. Northamptonshire& Lancashire

Answer: 3

Question 36: The nickname of Glenn McGrath is what?

  1. Ooh Ahh
  2. Penguin
  3. Big Bird
  4. Pigeon

Answer: 4

Question 37: Mark Waugh is commonly called what?

  1. Afganistan
  2. Junior
  3. Tugga
  4. Julio

Answer: 2

Question 38: India won its first Olympic hockey gold in…?

  1. 1928
  2. 1932
  3. 1936
  4. 1948

Answer: 1

Question 39: How many times did Geet Sethi win the IBSF World Billiards title?

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. 5

Answer: 2

Question 40: In which year did Milkha Singh win the first National title in the 400 m race?

  1. 1955
  2. 1956
  3. 1957
  4. 1970

Answer: 3

Some Latest Sports Quiz Facts:

  • The International Cricket Council (ICC) is responsible for the formation of code of conduct for cricket.
  • First Indian Fencer to Qualify Olympics – Bhavani Devi
  • First Indian Woman Cricketer To Score 10K International Runs – Mithali Raj
  • Wrestler Bajrang Punia Regains Top Position
  • Vinesh Phogat Won Gold in Ukraine Wrestling Event
  • Manika Batra won the 82nd National Senior Table Tennis Championship
  • Ministry of Sports included Gatka, Kalaripayattu in Indigenous games and sports

Sports Trivia Questions and Answers

General Awareness and General Knowledge section plays a vital role in achieving high scores in any Competitive Exam. These Sports GK Questions and Answers will help you to gain more knowledge about Games and Sports which will increase your Sports Trivia.

Here in this page, we have provided the Sports General Knowledge Quiz to make you aware of interesting facts related to Sports which are frequently asked in the GK section of various Competitive Examinations. To excel in these exams, you need to prepare the Sports GK MCQ Questions and Answers.

GK Question and Answer PDF – Download 

The various Sports General Knowledge Questions in the Sports Online Quiz provided above serves you a great platform to gather latest updates of different Sports Affairs. Answering these Sports GK Questions and practicing more and more Sports Quizzes will boost your confidence. Sports Trivia Online Quiz is the best way to brush your brain and to learn new things, facts about sports you didn’t know before.

Along with the Sports Quiz 2021, one can also download Sports GK Question and Answer PDF related to Indian Sports, Football, Olympics, etc. through direct links facilitated at the top of this page. Answer as many as Sports Quiz Questions and Answers in order to strengthen your Sports General Knowledge.


We hope you are satisfied with the info given on this page about Sports Quiz 2021

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