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Delhi University Entrance Exam Syllabus 2016 Sample Question Paper

Delhi University Entrance Exam Syllabus

Candidates, who are going to appear in the Delhi University Entrance Exam for admission in various undergraduate and post graduate courses, are at right place to fetch the Delhi University Entrance Exam Syllabus. From below section of this page, contenders can get the sample question papers to prepare themselves for examination and score good marks. Be the first to know latest news related to Delhi University Entrance Exam Syllabus 2016 by our portal.  

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Delhi University Entrance Exam Syllabus

Syllabus for MCA Entrance Examination:

Entrance Exam will be having the following components – Mathematical Ability, Computer Science, Logical Reasoning and English Comprehension and its full description as shown below.

Subjects Name Topics To Be Covered
  • B.Sc. level Mathematics,
  • Introduction to Computer Science,
  • Data representation,
  • Boolean circuits and their simplification, Basics of combination circuits;
  • C – programming,
  • Modularity use of functions, scope, arrays.
 Computer Science
  • Representation of characters
  • Binary and hexadecimal representations etc.
  • Organization of a computer
  • Floating point representation of numbers
  • Data structures
  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • Integers and fractions
  • Boolean algebra
  • Input/output devices
  • Venn diagrams
  • Computer memory
  • Computer Organization
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Binary arithmetic
  • C Language
  • Truth tables
  • Structure of instructions in CPU
Logical ability & English Comprehension
  • Problem-solving using basic concepts of arithmetic,
  • Geometry,
  • Algebra and data analysis.
  • Correct the incorrect English Language and Reading comprehension.

Syllabus for the M.Sc. (Computer Science) Entrance Test 

Subjects Name Topics To Be Covered
Discrete Structures
  • Sets,
  • Relations,
  • Functions,
  • Counting;
  • Generating Functions,
  • Recurrence Relations And Their Solutions; Growth Of Functions,
  • Algorithmic Complexity And Asymptotic Notations.
Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Data Types,
  • Functions/Modules,
  • Control Structures,
  • OOPs concepts, etc.
  • Basic data structures such as stacks, queues, linked list, trees, BST, AVL and B+ trees;
  • Sorting,
  • Order Statistics,
  • Searching,
  • Graph Algorithms,
  • Greedy And Dynamic Algo.
Computer System Architecture
  • Boolean algebra and Computer Arithmetic, Flip-Flops,
  • Design Of Combination And Sequential Circuits,
  • Instruction Formats,
  • Addressing Modes,
  • Interfacing Peripheral Devices,
  • Types of Memory and Their Organization, Interrupts and exceptions.

Delhi University Sample Question Paper

Ques 1: What difference does the 5th generation computer have from other generation computers?

A. Technological advancement

B. Scientific code

C. Object Oriented Programming

D. All of the above

Ans: A

Ques 2: A hall is 15 m long and 12 m broad. If the sum of the areas of the floor and the ceiling is equal to the sum of the areas of four walls, the volume of the hall is:

A. 720

B. 900

C. 1200

D. 1800

Ans: C

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Ques 3: The time for which a piece of equipment operates is called

A. Seek time

B. Effective time

C. Access time

D. Real time

Ans: B

Ques 4: A program language:

A. defines the form of the instruction

B. is always machine dependent

C. is never machine dependent

D. All of the above

Ans: A

Ques 5: Which of the following symbol modes are used to input of graphics to General CAD system?

A. Live and Rectangle mode

B. Arc and Circle mode

C. Dimension and Alphanumeric mode

D. All of the above

Ans: D

Ques 6: Which technique enables the designer to mold and shape, rather than construct on object using a series of lines?

A. Solid modeling

B. Wire-frame modeling

C. Surface modeling

D. FEM (Finite Element Modeling)

Ans: A

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Ques 7: Which word does NOT belong with the others?

A. parsley

B. basil

C. dill

D. mayonnaise

Ans: D

Ques 8: Computer-based controllers:

A. should be built in a modular fashion wherever possible

B. are very difficult to change

C. are very flexible

D. (a) and (c) above

Ans: D

Ques 9: Flood guns bombard the phosphor surface of the tube in which one of the following types of CRT technology?

A. Direct view storage tube

B. Raster scan CRT

C. Refresh-vector CRT

D. Stroke CRT

Ans: A

Written Exam Techniques

Ques 10: Binary numbers need more places for counting because

A. They are always big numbers

B. Any no. of 0′s can be added in front of them

C. Binary base is small

D. 0′s and l’s have to be properly spaced apart

Ans: C


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