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List Of Important Days 2017 National Festivals, Important Dates of India

List Of Important Days

India, a country where every day has its own significance and every festival has its own excitement. In this country, there is a proper List of Important Days that includes both National Festivals and Important Dates. But to remember each is a difficult task. Therefore, to resolve this we have created this page and here we have mentioned all the Important Dates of India and also given all the National Festivals of India.

Importance Of Important Events For Students

Candidates who are preparing for competitive level examinations well also find this page helpful as many times it happens that questions related to important days appears in exams, so this information will also help the candidates who are studying.

Students who are going to appear in Competitive Exams, they can also take the help from here. We gather this recorded information and include List of Important Dates in India after verified from different resources. You can obtain more information about List of Important Days, National Festivals, and Important Dates of India from this web page which is well created by the team of

How to Remember Important Days

In the above section we were discussing that these days and events play an important role in student’s life also. Nut remembering all the days is not an easy task. To make it easier here in the below section we have given some easy tricks to remember important dates and days easily.

Here is the list of all Important Dates and National Festivals of India,. We have mentioned all the events month and date wise so it will be very easy for the candidate to understand. Please take a look…

List Of Important Days

Important Days in January

DatesWhy Remember
January 01 Global family day
January 09 NRI Day
January 10 World laughter day
January 12 National Youth Day
January 15 Army Day
January 23 Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose birthday
January 26 India’s Republic Day
January 26 International Customs day
January 28 Lala Lajpat rai birthday
January 28 Data protection day
January 30 Martyrs’ Day
January 30 World leprosy eradication day

Tricks to remember important days in January:

9 NRI’s took part in an occasion called “10 min’s LAUGH” planned by 12 NATIONAL YOUTHS. The event was protected by 15 ARMY men. The occasion happening, 24 GIRL CHILD got 25 VOTE (VOTERS) each for their performance. This was held on 26th REPUBLIC DAY at INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMS office to celebrate 30 MARTYR’S AND LEPROSY ERADICATORS of the country.

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Important Days in February

DatesWhy Remember
February 04 World Cancer day
February 06 International day against female genital mutilation
February 12 Darwin day
February 12 World day of the sick
February 13 Sarojini Naidu’s birthday
February 14 Valentine’s day
February 20 World day of social justice
February 21 International mother language day
February 22 World scout day
February 23 World peace and understanding day
February 24 Central Excise Day
February 28 National Science Day

Easy way to remember important events of february:

4 CANCER patients walkout for 20 recent SOCIAL JUSTICE and disagree with the enclosure of 21 INTERNATIONAL languages as MOTHER LANGUAGE. The administration decided to withdraw the enclosure as per the CENTRAL EXCISE ACT‐24 judgment in this concern taken on 25th SUSTAINABLE ENERGY meeting and will be put into action on 28th NATIONAL SCIENCE day.

Important Days in March

DatesWhy Remember
March 4 National Security day
March 8 International Women’s Day
March 13 World kidney day
March 15 World Disabled Day
March 15 World consumer right day
March 20 World day of theater for children and young people.
March 20 International day for Francophonie
March 20 World Sleep day
March 21 World Forestry Day
March 21 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
March 22 World water day
March 23 World Meteorological Day
March 24 World T.B. day
March 24 International day for achievers
March 25 International day of remembrance
March 27 World Drama day

Simple method to remember March days:

8 INTERNATIONAL LITERATE/WOMEN biological scientists collectively invented a new cure for all 13 KIDNEY issues, 15‐(CONSUMER RIGHT) DISABLE PERSONS employed in shaft and 18th grade ORDNANCE FACTORY workers. On 20th MAR captain SPARROW  and  the scientists are together in a ship, when the ship sailing away 21 nautical miles from a FOREST, a scientist took 22 litres of WATER down the sea. When the water endures 23 METROLOGICAL tests, a strange kind of chemical element is found that can heal TUBERCULOSIS in 24 days.

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Important Days in April

DatesWhy Remember
April 2 World autism day
April 5 National Maritime Day
April 7 World Health Day
April 17 World hemophilia day
April 18 World Heritage Day
April 22 Earth Day
April 23 World book and copyright day
April 25 World Malaria day
April 29 International Dance day

Important days remembering tricks for April

“TO 2 the WORLD of AUTISM (Neural development Disorder)” is the topic of the 5th NATIONAL MARITIME DAY Seminar. 7 WORLD class HEALTH organizations involve 17 HEMOPHILIA (Genetic Disorders) and took 18 minutes of traditional (HERITAGE) type of sessions to the 21 SECRETARIES attended. Around 22% in the EARTH still facing 23 BOOK COPYRIGHT issues to release the seminar books, a statistical report released by 24th PANCHAYATI RAJ on the 25th WORLD MALARIA DAY.

Important Days in May

DatesWhy Remember
May 1 International Labour Day (Workers Day)
May 3 Press Freedom Day
May 4 Coal miner’s day
May (2nd Sunday) Mother’s Day
May 8 World Red Cross Day
May 9 Victory day
May 11 National Technology Day
May 12 International Nurses day
May 14 World Migratory day
May 15 International Day of the Family
May 17 World Telecommunication Day (Information society day)
May 21 Anti-terrorism day

Memorize all the important dates of May, just by doing this:

Someday a 1 WORKER went to 3 PRESS MEDIA along with 4 COAL MINERS to appear in an interview about the illicit activities of 8 best WORLD RED CROSS societies. This news became common in 11 minutes due of the NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY. By seeing this 12 NURSES got HYPER‐TENSED and they come along against this with 17 TELECOMMUNICATION WORKERS. They said 21 CULTURAL DIVERSITIES and 22 BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITIES or ANTI‐TERRORISM are the main causes. After that 31 NO TOBACCO use people gave their opinion too.

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Important Days in June

DatesWhy Remember
June 4 International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
June 5 World Environment Day
June 7 International level crossing awareness day
June 8 World ocean day
June 12 World day against child labor
June(2nd Sunday) Father’s Day
June 14 World blood donor day
June 17 World day to combat desertification and drought
June 20 World Refugee day
June 21 Father’s day, World Music day
June 23 United Nation’s public service day
June 23 International Widow’s day
June 27 World Diabetes Day

Want to learn June events by heart, try this once:

The 1st WORLD MILK day was observed in‐line with 5 ENVIRONMENTAL and 8 OCEAN clean policies. 12 CHILD LABORS ‐DONATED 14 liters of BLOOD to see the MUSIC‐21 in those patients who are all caught by 26 DRUG ABUSE or ILLICIT TRAFFICKING

Important Days in July

DatesWhy Remember
July 1 National Doctor’s day
July 6 World Zoonosis Day
July 11 World Population Day
July 18 Nelson Mandela International day
July 28 World Nature conservation day

Easy way to consider July important events:

According to 11th POPULATION census Each 1 DOCTOR will treat 6 ZOONOSIS and 28 HEPATITIS patients based on 17th INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE Law at the 29 TIGER hospital branches.

Important Days in August

DatesWhy Remember
August 2 International Friendship Day
August 3 Independence day of Niger
August 5 Independence day of upper volta
August 6 Hiroshima Day
August 9 International day of World’s indigenous people
August 9 Quit India Day and Nagasaki Day
August 12 International Youth day
August 15 Independence Day of India
August 23 International day for the remembrance of the slave trade and its abolition
August 29 National Sports Day

Way to get masters on August important events:

In 2014, 3 INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS of 8 SENIOR CITIZENS took the oath for nuclear‐free world on 69th HIROSIMA‐NAGASAKI DAY. They gathered 19 PHOTOGRAPHS of the massive disaster which was displayed on 29th NATIONAL SPORTS DAY.

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Important Days in September

DatesWhy Remember
September 5 Teachers’ Day (Dr. Radhakrishnan’s birthday)
September 5 Forgiveness day
September 8 World Literacy Day
September 14 Hindi day, World first aid day
September 16 World Ozone Day. Engineer’s day in India
September 21 Alzheimer’s Day, International day of peace
September 25 Social justice day
September 26 Day of the Deaf
September 27 World Tourism Day

Want the important dates of September on tips, do this:

5 TEACHERS organized classes for 8 LITERATE persons. A query was raised, then the teachers referred 14 HINDI books and found that, there are 15 ENGINEERING facts which are responsible for the 16 OZONE layer Holes.

Important Days in October

DatesWhy Remember
October 1 International day of the Older person
October 2 Mahatma Gandhi birthday, International day of non-violence
October 3 World Habitat Day, World nature day
October 4 World Animal Welfare Day
October 5 World Teacher’s day
October 8 Indian Air Force Day
October 9 World Post Office day
October 10 National Post Day
October 11 International girl child day
October 12 World Arthritis day
October 13 UN International Day for National disaster reduction
October 14 World Standards Day
October 15 World White Cane Day( guiding the Blind)
October 16 World Food Day
October 17 International day for the eradication of poverty
October 20 World statistics day

Want to remember important dates in October, take a look below:

1 OLD AGED man and 2 NON VIOLENT youngsters went to a biological park, there they seen 3 HABITAT of 4 ANIMALS (WELFARE). The boys are jobseekers. Amid the old man said about different AIR FORCE recruitment. Application will be received at 10 NATIONAL POST OFFICES with 9 rupee WORLD POSTAL stamps. The job requires 14 physical STANDARD. To clear the tests the boys worked UN‐itedly for 24 DAYS.

Important Days in November

DatesWhy Remember
November 1 World vegan day
November 5 World Radiography day
November 9 World services day
November 14 Children’s Day in India, Jawaharlal Nehru birthday
November 16 International day for Endurance
November 17 World Student day, National Journalism day
November 18 World Adult day
November 19 World Citizen day
November 20 Africa Industrialization Day, Universal children day
November 21 World Television day, World Fisheries day
November 25 World Non-veg day
November 26 Law day
November 29 International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People
November 30 Flag day

Amazing method of remembering November important dates:

A sum of 9 LEGAL SERVICES was initiated to prevent 14 DIABETES diseases on CHILDREN17 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS are voluntarily involved as the service providers. They previously volunteered on 25th VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN DAY and 26th NATIONAL MILK DAY. All of them signed a total of 27 ORGAN DONATION forms.

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Important Days in December

DatesWhy Remember
December 1 World Aids Day
December 2 World Computer literacy day, International day of abolition of slavery
December 3 International day of People with disabilities, World conservation day
December 4 Navy Day
December 5 International volunteer day for economic and social development
December 7 Armed Forces Flag Day, International civil aviation day
December 9 The International day against corruption
December 10 Human Right Day
December 11 International Mountain day
December 14 International Energy day
December 18 International Migrants day
December 19 Goa’s liberation day
December 20 International Human solidarity

Easy way to get the December important days in mind:

A (1) bee HIVe like logo was created by 3 HANDICAPPED people, which got 4th INDIAN NAVY prize for best creation. The logo was printed in 7 INDIAN ARMED FORCE FLAGS10 HUMAN got RIGHTS to use the logo to imprint in the book titled “18 PENSION schemes’’ dedicated to all 23 year old INDIAN FARMERS.

The age-old custom of planning new resolutions for the upcoming year is a widespread view, so you can clutch the list of dates from here on this web portal and plan to rejoice accordingly as a good Life is the Collection of Moments.  List of National Festivals of India and important days will let you know what that day is for. Take a moment to read this page to acquire the information about the upcoming dates and days of 2017.

Important date:

With the help of given information about National and International Important Days/ Dates of the whole year candidates can easily be updated about the happenings and scheduled happenings. We hope this information will definitely proved to be helpful for the candidates in preparing for their examination such as RRB, IBPS, SSC, and others.

Interested and eligible candidates need to check this page for gathering information about the results, recruitment, admit card, syllabus etc. You can also bookmark this page through Ctrl+D for getting more Information about List Of Important Days 2017. You can join us on Face book and Google Plus to obtain more upcoming career related notification.

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